Promote the idea of live debates of premier candidates on media database error

The thing I like most about United States presidential election is that the aspiring candidates take part in public gatherings and live debates. They face each other on media and public platforms for ensuring productive political repercussions. They present their viewpoint and heed to others. Although they are people like us, they know the power of the people. They are well aware of the fact that if people are not convinced with their agenda, they will never consider them. Curing favor with masses is the only agenda of aspiring candidates, unlike Pakistan where numerous forces including PML-N’s invented “ khalaiye mahlook,” assert their influence in the election process. Historically, the role of the national and international establishment is known to everyone and authenticates this fact.

Election plays the role of a filter which gives chance to masses to cast vote for the right person at the right position. If rulers become unable to fulfill the wishes and demands of the general public, the election gives them chance to denounce these self-proclaimed leaders. The election, on the other side, does not mean that the so-called leaders are free to go scot-free for their actions and projects they initiated during their respective regimes. Leadership is supposed to clarify its position with regard to the projects it initiated. Everyone should be accountable and trialed if found guilty of corruption or any other type of mismanagement.

It is the democracy which should be implemented in Pakistan in true letter and spirit. Nation favors this idea utterly, but unluckily, it could not gain the fruits it bears. The element of secrecy in public policies and decisions especially has never been prompted by stronger and liberal democracies around the world. Everything belongs to people and they should be made well acquainted with it.

In Pakistan, decisions are made overnight. This has been happening throughout the history. Therefore since its establishment in 1947 till 2018, people only got despair. The powerful will never let its power devolved to the lower level political representatives. People have been kept ignorant and ill-informed intentionally so that they could not form any decision based on rationally and logically. Furthermore, rhetorical statements and slogans have further added to the unconsciousness of the masses. Some of them are exploited in the name of religion while others on patriotism.

Facing media with other aspiring candidates will explore the policies of every federalist. It will serve varied purposes. It will help people even in understanding the communication skills of the candidate. Moreover, two-way communication is much better than one-way. Using media for conducting press conferences is nothing more than political point-scoring. It confuses everyone. Facing each other will explore the disposition and thoughts of candidates on the spot.

PTI’s 100-day plan should also have been explored at the same stage. Political parties, considering it futile, paid it no heed and termed it a joke. PPP even called it pre-poll rigging – with which logic, nobody knows. If the culture of live debates on media by aspiring candidates for PM-ship has been in existence in Pakistan, democracy could have been strengthened in real meanings. Dictators and political elite advertently rejected this phenomenon.

At the moment, PTI, PML-N, and PPP are major political parties which should announce respective premier candidates, and they, not their subordinates or secondary-tier leaders, should come on media and present their plan for the next five years. Pakistan is in a vicious circle because of the succeeding ineffective policies of political and dictatorial regimes. At this moment, keeping everything open and blunt is the need of the hour. Constructive live debates on media and other public platforms by premier candidates themselves will not only strengthen the democracy but also help to reduce complexity and haziness in comprehending their national policies.