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Starting in July 2015, innovators can submit proposals at any time under the current Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) Call for Proposals. H2 database tutorial Previously, proposals were only accepted for a few months of the year. Database interview questions Once a proposal is submitted, it is evaluated through a review process to establish a pool of pre-qualified proposals.

R studio data recovery free download PWGSC will seek a match with a testing department for each pre-qualified proposal’s innovation. Data recovery bad hard drive If a good “fit” is found between an innovation and a testing department, then PWGSC will negotiate a contract with the selected company to test the innovation, though no contract award is guaranteed. Database field definition Departments interested in testing innovations can contact BCIP or view the Test an Innovation page for more information.

The following is a listing of pre-qualified innovations from previous BCIP Calls for Proposals. Data recovery windows 7 Innovations from the pilot program of the BCIP, the Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program (CICP), are also included. Nexus 4 data recovery Innovations are grouped under the applicable priority area. Database version 706 Find out more about BCIP’s priority areas. Cindia data recovery Table of Contents

The BCIP now accepts proposals on a continuous basis. Database tutorial Canadian companies with pre-commercial innovations can submit their proposals any time during the year, as soon as their innovation is ready to be tested. R database packages Learn more by viewing the Solicitation document. Database disk image is malformed Priority Area (Standard Component)

Military grade scanning radar-based safety/security system for intruder monitoring, traffic monitoring and wildlife-vehicle collision avoidance.

MammoDensity provides fully automated adjunctive mammographic density assessment, seamlessly integrated in radiologists’ standard clinical workflow.

The innovation involves simultaneously killing micro-organisms and using electro-injections of magnesium, ammonia as nitrogen and orthophosphate.

An intelligent Auxiliary Power Unit with a zero emission, idle reduction system that helps the vehicle user save fuel and reduce maintenance, while decreasing the carbon footprint and noise pollution.

A low cost vehicle backup camera system providing obstacle detection with distance estimation, assisting drivers in reverse maneuvers, avoiding collisions and saving lives.

Replacement of existing Travelling Wave Tube Amplifier technology for Satellite stationary and mobile gateways, with higher reliability, low voltage Solid State Solution delivering significantly reduced operational costs.

Global web view and feed of the predicted positions (now and near future) of all ships with AIS, updated every 10 minutes with Predictive Alerting.

Data in motion encryption with cyber security based on Data Breach Detection incorporating the “Five Styles of Defense for Advanced Persistent Threat Detection”.

Quantitative, quality-assured biofluid and tissue analytical services, focused on biochemical systems commonly indicative of physiological status.

Ultra-sensitive mass spectrometer and microflow source designed to measure small quantities of clinical biomarkers and therapeutics, with up to 10 times more sensitivity than the industry standard.

An interactive Turing test designed to protect web applications from brute force hack attempts using simple conceptual challenges based on the semantic relationships people discern between objects.

Integrated microfluidic device which allows a single immune cell to be screened for therapeutic antibodies, using a process that is faster and more cost-effective than the industry standard.

Revolutionary, rapid high-performance sample digestion technology for laboratory elemental analysis using shortwave length infrared radiation.

Provides organizations with the data encryption controls necessary to run virtualized machines in private, public and hybrid cloud environments with confidence.

Encrypts sensitive files and provides application-aware, fine-grained control over what data is secured while being completely transparent to end-users.

A tablet-based product that uses augmented reality and virtual reality to provide maintenance information, task guidance, and operational resources and easily document field maintenance activities.

Processing and extraction equipment used to gain a high yield in rubber-bearing plants, developed for use in dry conditions using technology that is green, continuous, fast, efficient and cost-effective.

A technology providing a fast, secure, reliable internet connection to locations that require uninterrupted connectivity at all times of day.

A device for harnessing and storing the energy from partly depleted batteries and capable of automatically adapting to variable voltage and variable input and output requirements.

Novel Robotic Surface Vessel for inland water profiling and coastal surveillance with a modular, portable design delivering access to previously inaccessible reaches of water.

Electric conversion of an aircraft cargo loader with a lithium ion battery powered drivetrain eliminating fossil fuel power systems and emissions.

Transponder based wireless trawl (net) sounder system providing unparalleled target detection and identification with greatly increased data collection accuracy.

An “all-in-one” foam that decontaminates buildings, soils, vehicles and equipment from chemical, biological and radiological threats arising from accidents or terrorist incidents.

Ultra-Wideband Radio Frequency scanner and recorder for detecting radio signal activity and recording digitized (radio signal) data continuously in real-time and processing and analyzing recorded data.

A unique transportable device for the detection and classification of biological aerosol particles for defence and homeland security applications against biological threats.

Video management software for camera security systems which allows officers to access and control direction of cameras, tag and track objects through smart phone or tablet device.

Advanced, single-unit GPS anti-jam solution designed as a drop-in replacement for an existing antenna with no additional electronics inside the vehicle.

A novel infection control technology using light activated disinfection therapy instead of antibiotics that can be widely used without risk of developing bacterial resistance.

High performance forearm crutches with a unique combination of damper shock absorbing system, modular design, and interchangeable “feet” for various terrains.

4 th generation switch for coaxial cable signals in communication satellites with unprecedented low signal leakage rate, wider operating frequency range, and immunity to magnetic interference.

Visual collaboration software that enables high definition video conferencing and collaboration over standard Internet connections while eliminating the need for expensive centralized bridging equipment.

Software allowing up to thirty additional users to operate simultaneously and independently on the same PC using an easily installed inexpensive device to connect each additional monitor/keyboard/mouse

This fuel processor subsystem component converts conventional fuels such as natural gas or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), into a clean hydrogen rich gas that can be used directly by a fuel cell. Windows 8 data recovery software This enables generation of both clean electricity and hot water providing far greater fuel efficiency than delivering just electricity through the grid.

Quality and cost management of water treatment through the integration of automated assessments of chemical and bacteriological contamination.

An automated multi-parameter water analysis instrument that can analyze chemical oxidation demand (COD), conductivity, pH and alkalinity from the same sample in a single system utilizing green, safe chemistry.

A high efficiency solar panel, integrated with a simple self-ballasted tracker system, allowing for a lower cost system, lower cost installation and higher energy production.

A submersible instrument that measures carbon dioxide for carbon capture and storage and for concentrations as an essential ingredient in algae production for biofuels, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.

The Sunlighting System harvests sunlight from building facades and channels it horizontally, deep into each floor, via hybrid light fixtures reaching areas previously not reached by windows and skylights.

A breakthrough energy storage system based on a proprietary flywheel design, which can store energy for days and provide continuous power for hours.

A field portable neutron detector that enhances the safety of individuals working in radioactive environments while being much more rugged, lower cost and lower weight, but as accurate, as existing instruments.

World’s smallest, most versatile runway lighting system for expeditionary airfields and first responder helicopter landing zones. Database naming standards Small enough to be carried by a single person, this portable integrated beacon system allows an unprecedented variety of landing field configurations.

A mesh networked wearable beacon system that allows commanders and fire support units to instantly identify friendly forces in contact situations. Data recovery training online The SMART beacon system also allows for instant visual identification of people, places and objects for military, search and rescue, security and civil applications.

An instantly deployable and operable micro remotely operated vehicle for surveillance, reconnaissance and inspection with easy to use touch screen, map based controls.

A sonar post-processing system built on a leading-edge, low-cost, low-training-load software framework offering up to 90 percent reuse between systems. Database query The framework is designed to allow for replacement of all current military and commercial sonar with a common architecture.

The B-Temia’s dermoskeleton is wearable protective equipment for soldiers in combat designed to be worn over their uniform. Database isolation levels It enhances muscular capability and reduces lower body stress caused by heavy weight thus keeping the soldier mobile and fit for duty.

An advanced, all-in-one security product that integrates access control, security and building automation systems to fit a broad range of markets and applications. Database version control Atrium is the result of performance merging with simplicity.

icListen is a “smart” hydrophone that can listen for, detect and notify border security personnel of any boat activity by being trained to listen for specific sounds in a marine environment.

A network interface solution that provides a 100-fold increase in the data handling capacity of integrated airborne networks for the rapid and affordable modernization of weapons systems.

A self contained, user-programmed video surveillance system, used for crime prevention, critical infrastructure or environmental protection, with event detection software that enables connected cameras to become intelligent video devices.

A wearable device that uses the body’s natural thermoregulation system (perspiration) to effectively expel sweat/heat in hot environments and promote dryness in cold environments enhancing safety and user comfort while reducing hyperthermia and hypothermia risks.

An automatic illuminating system that tracks and illuminates a subject of interest in a surveillance area, providing heightened awareness for search and rescue or perimeter surveillance.

A low maintenance, low power non-rotating sensor for aircraft surveillance that combines both existing techniques of identifying and reporting aircraft positions ( SSR/ ADSB) into one low cost product.

An advanced threat detector of human-centered and automated network attacks and web frauds using mouse and keystroke biometrics for increased network security.

The Reach Technologies High Bandwidth ADR is a stand-alone 24 channel analog data recorder and analysis device with on-board analysis and real-time data playback capability.

The preparation and delivery of airport Terminal Area Forecasts (TAFs) in a fully automated mode as a lower cost alternative with equal or greater accuracy to the current human forecaster based system.

CargoKeeper is an easy-to-install miniature covert electronic device combining GPS and door lock tracking with wireless and satellite communications to remotely track the status and position of maritime containers worldwide.

A space-qualified hybrid processor, delivering state-of-the-art performance optimized for size, weight and power for use in small satellites.

A wearable wireless physiology status monitor which provides an industry-leading array of real-time health measures for a range of ambulatory applications such as remote tele-health, human performance analysis and life safety in harsh or dangerous environments.

A Web-based disease management and health promotion program unique in using validated disease simulation models developed by an internationally recognized team of clinicians and scientists.

Software that securely links databases housing health information and securely computes statistics on the linked data without the need for a third party and without sharing patient identification information.

The Decima CI is the solar cell fabrication industry’s first in-line, real-time measurement product that performs complete solar cell mapping of key properties relating to material composition. Database record definition This information provides unique insight into the crystalline silicon solar cell fabrication process and can be used to optimize manufacturing quality control at the critical emitter doping, diffusion and etching production steps.

A real-time network security monitoring tool focused on detecting cyber security threats and attacks, including new types of attacks, as they occur, using an anomaly detection approach.

Diesel Engine Emissions reduction with Fuel Savings through use of an Automated Universal Combustion Controller (AUC2) with optional accelerant fuel enrichment injection.

Development and demonstration of environmentally benign technology for life extension of F-35 gun system, a major component that will make the entire aircraft system green.

Patented Emergency Mass Notification & Network Vulnerability platform auto-discovers wired/wireless devices in airports, on campus, at arenas, etc.

A disaster preparedness plan based on Human / Community Needs Adaptive Rule-Based Artificial Intelligence employed to synthesize, distribute and track detailed, situation-specific disaster response and recovery plans in real-time.

A day-to-day health information sharing software that allows medical community decision makers to identify, isolate, and manage major health events to help save lives.

The next generation model-driven software toolset for the development and engineering of guaranteed, proof-based, hard real-time, mission critical systems.

A 3D-camera system for point-control-from-a-distance, integrated with networked whiteboard systems for collaborative dual-location user experiences.

A mobile intelligent paperless tool for oversight / guidance of repair or inspection where equipment identification / compliance / calibration is vital.

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