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I wanted to write a framework and GUI that allowed me to quickly write and use various sample data generators. Database life cycle I’m constantly writing small console applications to create random, but real-world sample data for pre-populating database applications during testing, or for writing unit-tests against. This method should setup the data generator ready to be called. Data recovery dallas For example, in the Names generator, Setup loads all the first and last names from resources; doing this every call to next would be a massive performance hit and un-necessary.

Data recovery usb This method is called before any calls to Next by the GUI framework, or if being called in code, Setup should be called before calling Next or Next(count). Database 4th normal form Teardown This method should clean-up memory and resources the data generator might have initialized in Setup. V database in oracle This method is called After any calls to Next by the GUI framework, or if being called from code, TearDown should be called when you no longer need the data generator. Data recovery tampa Next This is the main method that generates a single instance of sample data. R studio data recovery with crack The return type is of type , declared in the data generator class when compiled. Database uses Next(count) This method calls Next() in a for-loop count times and adds the result to a strongly-typed generic List. Database history This method is almost always as simple as: public List Next(T count) This method allows you to format and control how each data generator will return as a string value. Database b tree For example, in the Integer data generator this calls a .ToString() on the numeric type. Database optimization In almost all cases, this method will call ToString(), but in case you need to do further formatting based on a property exposed in the data generator, this is where you would write that code. Data recovery software reviews ToStringArray(List) Returns a string[] from a List. Cnet data recovery This is a helper method that will iterate the List and return a string array formatted using the ToString(value) method call. Database systems This method is always as simple as: public string[] ToStringArray(List values) By adhering to this interface, using a data generator follows the pattern call Setup, set properties, call Next(count), and when you are all done call TearDown. Data recovery for mac Here is an example calling the IntegerGenerator to create 100 int’s between 500 and 1000: public List Get100RandomInts() This might be useful for unit testing, but I also wanted to be able to easily run them from a graphical user interface application that allowed generators to be easily added. I have written a step-by-step document on how to write new plug-in Data Generators, which takes you through the process of building the IntegerGenerator from scratch, you can get it from my website here. Data recovery damaged hard drive The Sample Data Generator GUI Application My goal for the GUI application was to allow new generators to be discovered if I dropped their assembly into the same folder that the GUI application was running from. Database builder I didn’t want to have to edit config files. Data recovery cnet I also needed the GUI to dynamically handle different properties that customize the generation process. Database log horizon For example, when generating BirthDates, you need to specify the minimum and maximum age you want, or if you are generating people’s names, should they be male or female, etc. • Each .dll file is loaded and each Type is looped through using Reflection looking for a custom attribute we defined as DataGeneratorAttribute • As the user selects one of the generators from the list, we construct an instance of that type using Reflection, and this object is attached to .NET’s highly useful PropertyGrid control • When the user clicks Generate, we call Setup, then Next(count), then TearDown and write the results to a multiline TextBox in chosen formats There is actually very little code to all of this, mainly due to the fully featured PropertyGrid which is familiar from the Visual Studio IDE, but can be created and used in our own applications as well. Data recovery raid It also supports attributes which show documentation in a panel below the properties which really adds to the usability of the whole interface. To expose a class to the GUI harness, we simply add an DataGeneratorAttribute attribute to our class, best illustrated with an example from the simple IntegerGenerator: [DataGeneratorAttribute(Name = ” Integers”, ReturnType = The properties are mostly self-explanatory, Name is the name displayed in the listbox, ReturnType is the type that Next() would return, and Description is the tooltip that will be displayed in the listbox when this generator is chosen. Here is the code which finds all of the IDataGenerators in the same directory our GUI application is running from, adding them to a list which we simply bind to a listbox control: – private void findAllDataGenerators( string path) The code which creates an instance of our Data Generator once the user has chosen one and assigns it to a PropertyGrid control is as simple as: // construct the generator and connect it to the property grid The PropertyGrid control automatically displays any public Property for the selected object. Database design for mere mortals We use this feature by exposing properties on our Data Generators to allow specific control. Database hardening An example is MinAge and MaxAge on our birthdate generator. Data recovery linux distro The property grid will display these values and allow the user to change them. Data recovery key Validation is also handled by throwing an ArgumentOutOfRangeException exception which is trapped by the PropertyGrid control and forces the user to enter a value within range. Data recovery macbook We can also add documentation by decorating the property with a Description attribute. Data recovery los angeles An example of a properly decorated and validated attribute looks like: [Description( ” The minimum age allowed for the birthdate. The final step is to actually get the generators to do their job, create sample data and format it on the screen. Database yml Formatting is pretty crude at the moment, I’ve hard-coded a few common ways but think some kind of formatters might be useful here; off the top of my head I’d like it to generate database scripts, XML files, just to name a few. Database in excel VB support might also be useful, but for now, my needs are met. G info database I just need List‘s! The actual code to generate the data uses reflection to call methods on the current instantiated generator. Database book It isn’t pretty, reflection never is, but it looks like this: IEnumerable q; One point to note is that I wrapped the Next(count) call within a try/ finally, so we can be assured our clean-up code in TearDown is always called even if something fails. The GUI application makes heavy use of reflection, but the whole GUI main form is less than 200 lines. Q prime database The built-in support for databinding to list-boxes and property-grids made my job really easy. Top 10 data recovery tools Current Data Generators I now need to move all of my sample data generators into this new interface, but I have managed to do the first couple of big ones. Data recovery laptop I’m certain there will be more to come and I’d be interested in yours should you use this interface and framework. Data recovery flash drive Keep an eye on my blog and I’ll also post comments here. Birthdates (or any date really), you can specify a Format string (based on .NET DateTime class’ format string style), between a MinAge and MaxAge. People’s names. Data recovery cost The Name generator uses census data to build real world names and salutations, and by using a property called FormatString you can specify exactly how you want the resulting name to look. Data recovery galaxy s5 This makes it easy for me to build names quickly and efficiently in an
y style or capitalization. This generator is BIG because of the census data that gives real names to choose from. Database key field There is a size limit on code project, so you will need to download it from my blog here. Data recovery nashville History