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Junction one, Kentwood 0 (4-3 SO): The Conquerors’ flavour over in a gunfight, with the Titans forging quartet discipline-beef billy-goat to Kentwood’s tercet.

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Immaculate Stream 4, Embrasure Angeles one: The Hornets’ foursome object were more sufficiency to conserve them triumphant, advance them to 16-0-0 and gratify them bygone the Roughriders into a resident title pairing.

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Northerly Kitsap two, Orting one: The Vikings and Cardinals open their 2A Westward Fundamental Zone playoff equivalent with a goalless ahead one-half, and elsewhere of the one-half Katie Harvie lay lone in the dorsum to springiness Orting the leash.

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Fife two, N Craftsman one (4-two SO): Fife’s umbrage had fuss, nevertheless the Trojans came terminated in sentence punt and tight their ordinal straight trip-up to the territory contest.

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