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I need to a new C# Windows application to dynamically connect to REST web services. Database connection The objective of this application to allow an user to specify a REST Web Services, hen expose all the parameters for the user to fill in to complete a REST request. S memo data recovery For example;

Need someone to show a simple demonstration of wordpress built in capability of creating/displaying a bar graph by pulling data from a sample mysql table.

I will provide a sample mysql (mariadb) table and the task is for you to demonstrate how you would pull the data from the sample table, displaying it in a wordpress Page or Post.

Hi, I am provide complete wedding services. Database structure This would require knowledge of php that will allow the developer to create a responsive website.

I want to create a WordPress site where the user can select one or more webinar. Data recovery iso Also i want video as a backgroundThen they must register and be able to pay for the webinar. Iphone 6 data recovery software Meeting notices shall be sent by mail to the customer and reminder e-mail. Cpu z database After the webinar, the feedback message sent to the customer. Data recovery kickass I wish to divide this work in two parts. A database can best be described as 1. Os x database Discussion of tools, plug-ins, design, functi…

I want to develop a website for one of a leading restaurants , there will be 10-15 pages and all pages has to be dynamic and responsive , that is the user should be given a chance to add or modify the contents like , promotions , menu , news etc. Database field The main focus is on the look and quality and needless to say on the functioning and usability

I am building a PHP/MySQL website based on the Codeigniter MVC framework. Data recovery diy I have a half functional Login/Registration form. Database transaction I unfortunately do not have the time at the moment to finish it and as such I am looking for a PHP developer to finish it up for me.

I have written all the code so far and I am very familiar with it so the developer can ask me whatever questions he needs. Data recovery mac hard drive All the functions…

Setup of an iOS Swift App. H2 database tutorial User-Registration and basic frame. Database interview questions Designs are provided. R studio data recovery free download Access to address book and user-image upload needed. Data recovery bad hard drive 6 Views needed. Database field definition Server logic is done by us. Data recovery windows 7 App has to talk with the server via REST.

After security patches update. Nexus 4 data recovery Need to check Magento new user registration form in shopping cart and error processing your request in 5 magento with similar theme

After security patches update, need to be checked, Magento new user registration form in shopping cart and error processing your request in 5 back up magentos with similar theme and same products and similar issues.

The Aim of this project is to build an web application for the Automation of the manual registration for new or renewal of permits to operate of public motorcycle vehicles. Database version 706 Aside from automating the filling of forms with photo capturing of the vehicl…

Image registration aligns 2 images by applying geometric [url removed, login to view] should have knowledge of image processing and C programming. Cindia data recovery You must know how to make a decent GUI and a SW with short running time without template from me.

I have several rgb images and depth images from different perspectives, and I need you to write a code to generate 3D model for an object from these images. Database tutorial You can use any algorithm (kinfu/structure from motion/etc) in C/C++/Python. R database packages Half price will be paid if you succeed with one of my dataset, all price will be paid if your code can be used for different objects.