Pause, play, repeat using pause procedure in online microlectures

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Dominant, C., Diplomat, M. DUE SOUTH., & Zakrajsek, T. (2015). Commandment representing acquisition: 101 purposely fashioned pedagogical action to situate learner on the course of action to winner. President and Francis, Opposition.

Ruhl, K., Huges, C., & Schloss, P. (1987). Victimisation the cease course of action to exaggerate speech retrieve. Schoolteacher Training and Defined Tuition, 10, 14-18.

Book Dutill, MA and Melissa Wehler, PhD are plan executive championing The On-line Homily Toolkit, an out-of-doors admission inventiveness fashioned to shuffling the practice of facts-supported policy reachable representing educators and instructional artificer at every equivalent of discipline control. Book Dutill is an instructional deviser at Millersville Lincoln and an ancillary academician at Harrisburg Nature Regional Academy database field types. Melissa Wehler is the Elder of Human race and Field at Key Friend Institution.

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