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The Symbolary Selection Bank™, (SSB) is a real time, perpetually updated search engine used to build the universal one world language called JGist™ or JGisting™ (A Symbol System). Dayz database map It will accumulate commonly used symbol data worldwide gathering consensus of meaning among users in a continuously updated incoming and outgoing loop. Database website template The symbols, primarily visual or sound (and may include the other 3 human senses) are most commonly used by the largest number of users for a particular thought or message. 7 data recovery registration code The Symbolary Selection Bank™ will monitor all sponsors, subscriber partners and software application users with their permission.

7 databases in 7 weeks pdf This would then be available to the JGist™ Symbol selector App software being used in multi-screen devices 1 of the sender/receiver to craft and communicate their message. Database key definition 1 Any device used with the intent to communicate, view or watch an electronic communication. Database hierarchy Any visual communication device via state of the art technology, ie smart phone, laptops, tablets, internet TV, and any future technologies relaying any message or communication. Data recovery on mac This term also refers to any device with a screen capable of playing video content, such as a smartphone, laptop, tablet, computer and internet TV.

Referring now to FIGS. Data recovery kali linux 76-93, the knowledge engine is discussed in more detail. I card data recovery The knowledge engine is run on the search engine server 16 and acts as a real-time look-up engine to help a user select a symbol or mood. Database name It is important to note that the user will be introduced to the most popular symbols expressed by their ranking of their recognition of meaning, “gist”, when using a multi-screen device. Database quiz This is the most important factor in building the universal symbol system language. Database url The user can either use the wheel to select a mood (such as happy—a green background) or can allow the knowledge engine to suggest a mood based on context of the words of a message (as shown in FIG. Os x data recovery free 79). Fda 510 k database In FIG. Database research 86, a symbol is suggested based on the context of the message “Best thing since sliced bread!”. Graph database Each symbol in the knowledge base database is associated with key words and categories to allow for messages to be parsed and searched for relevant symbols. Data recovery android free In this example, a loaf of sliced bread is suggested (see FIGS. Database software 89 and 90). Database software definition Similarly, the Starbucks symbol is suggested in response to “Let’s meet at Starbucks”, using key words.

The above examples and disclosure are intended to be illustrative and not exhaustive. Database error 7719 at exe These examples and description will suggest many variations and alternatives to one of ordinary skill in this art. Data recovery nj All of these alternatives and variations are intended to be included within the scope of the claims, where the term “comprising” means “including, but not limited to”. Iphone 6 data recovery mac Those familiar with the art may recognize other equivalents to the specific embodiments described herein which equivalents are also intended to be encompassed by the claims. Database design tool Further, the particular features presented in the dependent claims can be combined with each other in other manners within the scope of the invention such that the invention should be recognized as also specifically directed to other embodiments having any other possible combination of the features of the dependent claims. H data recovery software For instance, for purposes of written description, any dependent claim which follows should be taken as alternatively written in a multiple dependent form from all claims which possess all antecedents referenced in such dependent claim.