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Amy cheney-seymour, the mother of two high school athletes, cited numbers from seethroughny, an online database sponsored by the empire center, a non-partisan think tank to provide taxpayers with information on how their money is spent. The data on seethroughny is collected from the state comptroller’s office, public employee retirement systems and other taxpayer funded entities. Cheney-seymour said the total budget numbers for girls and boys sports showed that the saranac lake central school district spends far more on football than on sports with high rates of female participation.

There is no girls’ football team. The highest paid girls sports coaches, according to the school district’s teachers contract, are the girls varsity soccer head coach ($4,069) and girls varsity volleyball coach ($3,549).Baseball modified

football coaches, of which there are seven (not counting a cheerleading advisor), begin at $2,982 for the grade 7 and 8 head coach and rise to $5,237 for the varsity head coach. The combined budget for football coaches was $27,053 versus $9,103 for all volleyball coaches, of which there are three.

Natalie leduc, a 90-year-old lifelong saranac laker well-known to everyone on the board and in the audience, expressed her disgust frankly: “I played in this school. I was athletic director. This doesn’t make any sense to me. When was title IX passed? You guys are no farther along than you were in 1972.”

Laura jean swanson also took to the podium to scold the board for failing to respond to emails.Girls boys swanson said she had emailed all the board members three times and finally, three weeks after the initial attempt, received a response from rick retrosi and “eventually, mr. Bennett.”

She suggested the student athletic review panels be reinstated. She said she’d been told they were revoked because the students on them were anonymous, and that made their concerns difficult to address. Swanson said her son, a football player, recommended reinstating the panels without the anonymity.

“it seems like the adjustment hasn’t been made from football being everything to also having soccer in the fall, and lacrosse in the spring,” she said.

After leduc, cheney-seymour and swanson left, along with a few other parents who had been sitting in the audience, the school board returned to the issue.Head coach although school boards are neither required to hold public comment periods nor to respond to public comments during meetings, board member jeff branch defended the district.

“I don’t want nat thinking we pay our girls and boys coaches unfairly,” said branch. To that end, he said he had asked business administrator cindy moody to provide him with the figures for all the coaches’ stipends. To pay differently on the basis of gender would be a violation of title IX, federal law that prohibits gender discrimination in schools.

According to the school district’s contract with the teachers, boys and girls coaches of the same sports are all paid the same.Girls boys thus: the girls and boys head coaches for track receive a stipend of $4,029 each. The only discrepancy is between the girls softball and boys baseball modified coaches: the softball modified coach stipend is $2,735 and the baseball modified coach is $2,663.

On the basis of the equal stipends, the board members seemed satisfied that no pay discrimination was taking place. They did not address the question of the football budget being larger than any budget for other sports.

Fox said individual board members couldn’t respond as if they spoke for the board. They could respond after the next scheduled meeting once the communication had been discussed in a quorum.Head coach