P harikrishna, the unassuming grandmaster database works

Chess is a game that needs a lot of focus and calm. This quality of a chess player reflects grandmaster P harikrishna’s personality outside of the game too. The recently-married sportsperson interacted with tabloid today before he left for a one-week camp in delhi for the chess olympiad.

The chess champion, who believes that the game helps you a lot to grow as a better person and also in decision making, opened up about one too many things related to his life — right from when and how he developed interest in chess to what are his scheduled championships over the next few months.

It takes a lot to reach such heights and harikrishna dedicated his life to chess when he was just four and a half years old.Chess player reminiscing the initial days of chess, he shares, “it all started from the village of my grandfather.

He used to play chess with others just to kill time and whenever I used to visit his place I liked spending time watching their game.”

He says that his grandfather discovered his interest in chess and taught him the game rules. “he also used to give me some mathematical puzzles to solve and realised that something to do with calculation would be good for me,” adds harikrishna.

After he learnt the game, the grandmaster even played with the same set of villagers his grandfather used to compete with. And then, he started his training under different coaches.Chess player

Harikrishna says that he remembers his first game when he was very young and the story is quite funny. “I was very young and was unable to reach the chess table. As my grandfather accompanied me there, I sat on his lap and played the first round and won against the FIDA rated player but from next round, they changed the seating arrangements.”

The grandmaster who has won accolades for the nation talks about some important aspects of the game by saying, “the key point a player should keep in mind is to never lose the focus until the game ends. There are chances when one gets plenty of time between the moves, a lot of calculations regarding topics outside of the game can take place in head.Chess olympiad but it has to be avoided,” he even adds that the must thing to follow in chess is — keep anticipating the next move of the opponent. The ranking ritual

The player, who was ranked top 10 in the world and now top 26, says that ranking goes up and down. “I only focus on how to improve my game and work on my strengths because I know one good game will take care of everything.” the grandmaster adds that, in general, even when great players have bad period, their rank slips down but their performance gets them back to the same position again. “if they had only thought of ranking, they wouldn’t be who they are today. Of course, this matters in the outer world and among some tournament organisers; they may give preference to the ranking.Chess player but, officials who are at the top know the strengths of different players and they choose the right one even if he is a few points lesser,” he says. Next schedule & trainings

Harikrishna is currently training for the chess olympiad, which will take place this september in georgia. “the event will have attendance of many top players including viswanathan anand. It is a very strong team this time. We played together in chess olympiad earlier in 2004 and 2006, but, we are attending trainings for the first time,” says the player who is participating in the olympiad for the eighth time.

“I feel through trainings, players are able to understand the game better.Chess world also, the inputs shared by other players are quite helpful. Though chess is an individual game, training does not only help one to understand the team member but also their opponents. This helps you in making decisions and taking risks,” the grandmaster shares. About nadezda stojanovic

Harikrishna got married to serbian chess player nadezda stojanovic on march 3. Talking about her and what he learnt from her, he says, “there are many things that I like about their culture but it’s impossible to put them in words. But, I like time management there.”

He says that even though she also belongs to the chess world, the analysing and suggestion part is taken care by his ‘seconds’.Grandfather used she helps him with information of the chess world, as she is interested in collecting database and keeping track of updates. Apart from olympiad

He is going to participate in different team leagues going to be held in some of the european countries. “these are similar to IPL in our country. Here, chess players from different countries are called to play against their local players, which helps them a lot,” concludes harikrishna.