Optimization of lactic acid production from cheap raw material_ sugarcane molasses (pdf download available)

[Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: Anaerobic fermentation of biodegradable organic materials is usually carried out to obtain the final product, methane, a valuable energy source. Database join table However, it is also well known that various intermediates are produced in this process, e.g. Google database ethanol, volatile organic acids and hydrogen. Database quizlet All these species have applications and value as fuels or chemicals. Database synonym This paper shows a critical analysis of the potential of using anaerobic fermentation by mixed cultures to produce intermediates, e.g. Database management jobs ethanol, acetic, lactic and butyric acid and hydrogen, rather than methane. Iphone 6 data recovery free This paper discusses the current processes to produce these chemicals and compares them with the alternative approach of using open mixed cultures to produce them simultaneously via fermentation from renewable resources. Data recovery ubuntu None of these chemicals is currently produced via mixed culture fermentation: ethanol and lactic acid are usually produced in pure culture fermentation using food crops, e.g. Database diagram tool corn or sugar cane, as starting materials; hydrogen, acetic and butyric acids are mainly produced via chemical synthesis from fossil fuel derived starting materials. Database field types A possible flow-sheet for the production of these chemicals from organic waste using mixed culture fermentation is proposed and the advantages and disadvantages of this process compared to current processes are critically discussed. Data recovery best buy The paper also discusses the research challenges which need to be addressed to make this process feasible.

[Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: Citric acid is one of the most important metabolic products produced commercially by fermentation using moulds, specifically, strains of Aspergillus niger. Raid 5 data recovery It is widely used in food and pharmaceutical industry. Database administrator salary nyc To enhance its microbial production by fermentation, it is important to search for new strains with more production and their optimization in shake flask using ferrocyanide treated cane molasses as carbon source.

Database p Present study describes the isolation, screening and strain improvement of Aspergillus niger for enhanced citric acid production in shake flask using ferrocyanide treated cane molasses as carbon source. Cloud 9 database One hundred and ninety-seven cultures were obtained from different soil samples by serial dilution method using malt extract agar medium. Data recovery on ssd One hundred and twenty nine cultures were isolated out of one hundred and ninety-seven by qualitative analysis (dye method). Database query tools The best citric acid producing strain was selected by shake flask method using cane molasses. Database 2000 Among all the cultures examined, the strain Aspergillus niger GCB-117 gave maximum production of citric acid i.e; 14.17 g/l. Database business rules This culture was further optimized for cultural conditions i.e; sugar concentration, pH and incubation period. Iphone 5 data recovery The maximum citric acid was obtained at sugar concentration 150 g/l (14.17 g/l), pH-5.5 (20.3 g/l) and incubation period 168h (20.3 g/l). Database implementation This study will be a milestone towards commercial production of citric acid on large industrial scale utilizing cane molasses in Pakistan. Raid 1 data recovery software Moreover the best strain can further be improved by modern mutation techniques and recombinant organisms.

[Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: Lactic acid is one of the most important organic acid which is being extensively used around the globe in a range of industrial and biotechnological applications. Seagate data recovery From its very old history to date, many methods have been introduced to improve the optimization of lactic acid to get highest yields of the product of industrial interests. Database report In serious consideration of the worldwide economic and lactic acid consumption issues there has been increasing research interest in the value of materials with natural origin, which are cheap, abundant and easily available all around the year. Data recovery specialist Recent trends showed that lactic acid production through fermentation is advantageous over chemical due to the environmental concerns of the modern world. Data recovery iphone 6 The eco-friendly processing and fermentable capability of many of the agricultural and agro-industrial based raw materials or by-products respectively makes them attractive candidates in fermentation biotechnology to produce a value-added product with multiple applications. Database building In fact, major advances have already been achieved in recent years in order to get pure lactic acid with optimal yield. Data recovery top 10 The present review work is summarized on the multi-step processing technologies to produce lactic acid from different substances as a starting material potentially from various agro-industrial based biomasses. Database hosting The information is also given on a purification through schematic representation of the product of quality interests.