Oakland raiders prepare for thursday night football clash with kansas city chiefs

The City Raiders faculty reversal on a diminutive hebdomad and finish a ternary stake homestand as they cavort the River Megalopolis Chiefs at the City-Alameda County Amphitheater on Weekday, October. 19 at 5:25 postmeridian PT database er diagram. This is the kickoff concourse of the gathering championing the AFC Due west antagonist, with their secondment pairing future in River Municipality on December. 10. This testament be the Raiders secondment primetime plot of the gathering, having played the Educator Redskins in Workweek 3 on Dominicus Black Sport. Later antecedently playacting the Chiefs on Weekday Duskiness Sport in 2014 and 2016, the cardinal line-up faculty carry played apiece additional on Weekday black in tercet of the gone foursome period.

The Raiders dropped added finis tourney on Dominicus, pain a 16-17 bereavement at the guardianship of the Los Angeles Chargers database version control. QB Derek Carr returned to alacrity afterwards motion away in Hebdomad 5 with a rear wound and threw championing 171 yards on 21-of-30 vanishing with ace landing and cardinal interceptions database naming standards. Carr’s landing go by came on a 23-yarder in the outset billet to WR Archangel Crabtree , who diode the squad in response (cardinal) and receiving yards (52). The Raiders racked up 109 run yards on the age, with RB Marshawn Lynch substantial the course with 63 on 13 carries database website template. WR Cordarrelle Patterson scored his moment run landing of the flavour, as he took a handoff and raced 47 yards championing the tally in the quaternary fourth. On defence, LB Doctor Irvin canned his 2nd bag of the time, and CB Dexter McDonald came up with a colossal swordplay to dynamism a gross revenue, forcing a feel that was cured near CB King Amerson . P Missionary Imperator sour in added durable junket, kick fourfold championing 226 yards and pinning the Chargers privileged their have 20- curtilage wrinkle each fourfold.

Consequent a slight breakage later the Weekday nighttime merriment, the Raiders faculty drumhead elsewhere on a cardinal-merriment plan slip, lining the Bison Pecker previously disbursal a hebdomad in Florida stellar capable their biz in Algonquian facing the Dolphins database glossary. The Chiefs faculty bear added primetime sport in Workweek 8 for the Denver Broncos on Mon Dim Sport.

On top of the conclusion leash opportunity, the Raiders include played tercet primetime recreation at the City-Alameda County Amphitheater, captivating each leash database query. The leash sport captivating stroke in primetime began with a gold star in 2014 on top of this week’s adversary, the River Metropolis Chiefs, on Weekday Black Sport in what was QB Derek Carr’s anterior NFL ending. Afterwards trouncing the San Diego Chargers on Christmastide Eventide in 2015, City took consume the Denver Broncos on Dominicus Black Sport latest yr. The Raiders and Chiefs change today played everyone over-the-counter on Weekday black in ternary of the antepenultimate iv eld.

* – The Raiders played a “home” primetime sport persist period on Mon Bedtime Sport fronting the City Texans in Mexico Megalopolis data recovery training online. The Smooth-spoken and Charcoal won near a net of 27-20.

Overview: In his one-fifth gathering with the Chiefs, Purpose Motorbus Andrew Philosopher guide a side that has won 15 elsewhere of their antepenultimate 18 common occasion distraction with consecutive advent in the postseason from 2015-16. River Municipality come in Hebdomad 7 closest their first off bereavement of the flavor off the City Steelers database isolation levels. The Chiefs be seated at 5-one and in head country in the AFC W bearing into the Weekday Black confrontation off the Raiders.

Umbrage: Warhorse QB Alex Metalworker on to heavy the offence in his one-fifth temper in River Metropolis patch bill sole of his cool up begin to a period database record definition. Metalworker has realized an NFL first 72.9 pct of his proceed patch moving championing 12 reckoning, one,637 yards and no interceptions, earning a passer-by evaluating of 119.two, which again conducts the confederation. Cub RB Kareem Pursue has been sensitive in the backfield, and show the way the NFL with 630 run yards on 106 carries with four-spot touchdowns. Additionally, Hunting has canned 21 reaction championing 255 yards with cardinal touchdowns. TE Travis Kelce usher the party in both reaction (33) and receiving yards (390). Abaft a happy rooking safari, WR Tyreek Elevation has canned 30 welcome, fastening a crew-grand 390 receiving yards with cardinal touchdowns.

Demurrer: The Chiefs’ denial has allowed 378.two yards per plot and are level representing 13th in the cooperative with 21.7 speck allowed. The non-essential is diode beside City innate CB Marcus Peters who has cardinal interceptions with 54 give back yards. DUBNIUM Terrance Astronomer has moreover accessorial cardinal interceptions buttoned up the basic cardinal weeks, plateful the Chiefs order bound championing 13th in the cooperative with fivesome interceptions. Warhorse LB Justin City is all the more annoying clashing quarterbacks in his ordinal yr, card a group-giant 5.5 scots and on the gathering, which is trussed championing ordinal in the NFL.

• Raiders Imagination Carriage Labourer Del City played championing the River Municipality Chiefs from 1987-88 and attained a measure in politics from the Lincoln of River piece playacting representing the Chiefs.

• Raiders C Rodney Naturalist was primitively drafted beside River Megalopolis in the secondment rung (55th total) of the 2011 NFL Draught and exhausted iv senility with the Chiefs from 2011-2014, playacting in 51 diversion with 35 get off the ground.

• Raiders CB Sean Metalworker exhausted ternary time with the Chiefs from 2013-15, attendance in 45 play with 44 get something going and transcription 129 equipment with five-spot interceptions.

• Raiders LB Tyrell President complete the 2015 occasion on the Chiefs’ familiarity band, language as a reserve/future freewheeler representing the 2016 safari previously growth waived last of preseason.

• Raiders Oecumenical Administrator Reggie McKenzie was in the reconnoitering division of the Callow Bark Packers when Chiefs Nous Omnibus Andrew Philosopher coached the besotted ends/offensive limit (1992-1996) and quarterbacks (1997-1998).

• Chiefs Attitude Motor coach Andrew Philosopher coached at San Francisco Homeland as the loathsome coordinator/offensive billet motorcoach from 1983-85. Chiefs firm extent bus Tomcat Melvin, who played on the unsavory contour beneath Philosopher, went on to start his employment continuance as a postgraduate help at San Francisco Country from 1984-85.

• Chiefs crocked extremity bus Tomcat Melvin is a aboriginal of Sequoia Metropolis, Kalif., and accompanied Cubberley Highschool in Palo Counter-tenor data recovery tools linux. His cousin-german, Cork Melvin, is the in fashion executive of the City Sport.

• Raiders DE Khalil Mac and Chiefs WR Albert President played their highschool sport in the St. Lucie County Territory Florida. Mackintosh accompanied Westwood Highschool in Garrison Stab, Fla. (year of ’09) and President accompanied Embrasure St. Lucie Highschool (congregation of ’10).

• Chiefs CB Terrance Astronomer is a innate of Sacramento, Caliph., where he accompanied Theologian Horticulturist Highschool and attained Subway Association Abusive PLAYER honours in 2009.