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Excellent resource, this is exactly what I needed. E m database One bit of categorization that would also be particularly useful would be a kingdom category for “all star-able kingdoms”, so those using the site to see what they need for their kingdom stars can easily filter out the guardians, classes, imps, and some of the mythics. Data recovery richmond va And since you are currently working on the star tracking feature, it would also be nice to be able to filter by both a minimum and a maximum star amount (eg., to be able to exclude all troops from 7*+ kingdoms, since they are irrelevant for the time being, or only show what you need for kingdoms under 5*).

I now know exactly what I need to finish every troop in every kingdom that I can currently boost to seven stars.

Data recovery software Technically, I need less than the amounts shown since I don’t have to finish every troop in these kingdoms, but knowing the relative amounts of what I need total helps me make more informed decisions on which troops to skip and coupled with spoiler topics, where I need to farm. Data recovery advisor If I need to, I can modify the tracking list to remove troops I know are too expensive and I wont need as well.

The checklist is always visible if the browser window is large enough, but for smaller windows or mobile devices, you’ll need to click the “Checlist” button above the table to make it show. Database host name Clicking any of the traitstones will set a filter to the traitstone column, showing you exactly which troops still require the traitstone in question.

The page will save its data automatically after it detects changes to any field. Database performance To make a local backup and protect the time you put into meticulously entering your data, I strongly recommend you occasionally save the result as a CSV and keep the copy locally as a backup. Data recovery broken hard drive To do so, click the “Tools” button on the table header, and then export to CSV. Database xe To import it, just click the “Import” button and browse to the backup file. Database yml mysql I cannot stress this enough: please save your progress on occasion, or I might accidentally delete it all as I’m fixing bugs!

In addition to a backup, the CSV can be imported into a spreadsheeting program like Google Docs or Microsoft Excel to be able to quickly bulk-edit entries, which is a great time-saver for those who are so inclined. 5 database is locked If you are interested in this but don’t know how to set it up (Google Docs are free), let me know and I can send out instructions.

Thanks to the many forum users (too many to list here) that volunteered their time to help test the feature! The many suggestions and bug reports were invaluable in helping hone the feature to where it is.