Netapp clustered ontap cli pocket guide

network options switchless-cluster modify true (Sets the nodes to use cluster switchless, setting to false sets the node to use cluster switches – need to be in advanced mode) DIAGNOSTICS USER CLUSTERED ONTAP

system configuration backup upload -node node1 -backup node1.7z -destination (Uploads a backup file to ftp) LOGS

system node image get -package http://webserver/ -replace-package true (Copies the firmware file from the webserver into the mroot directory on the node)

system node service-processor image update -node node1 -package -update-type differential (Installs the firmware package to node1)

system node autosupport budget modify -node local -subsystem wafl -size-limit 0 -time-limit 10m (In diag mode – modification as per Netapp KB1014211)

priority hybrid-cache set volume1 read-cache=none write-cache=none (Within node shell and diag mode disable read and write cache on volume1) FAILOVER

reallocate start -vserver vmware -path /vol/datastore1 -force true -once true (Run reallocate on the volume datastore1 within the vmware vserver) DISKS

storage disk show -state broken | copy | maintenance | partner | percent | reconstructing | removed | spare | unfail |zeroing (Show the state of a disk)

storage disk set-led -disk Node1:4c.10.0 -action blink -time 5 (Blink the led of disk 4c.10.0 for 5 minutes. Os x database Use the blinkoff action to turn it off) VSERVER

volume move -vserver -volume -destination-aggregate -cutover-action wait (Moves a Volume to a different aggregate with low priority but does not cutover)

volume move show (shows all volume moves currently active or waiting. Database field NOTE: You can only do 8 volume moves at one time, more than 8 and they get queued)

snapmirror create -vserver -source-path sysadmincluster://vserver1/vol10 -destination -path sysadmincluster://vserver1/vol10_mirror -type DP (Create a snapmirror relationship for sysadmincluster)

snapmirror initialize -source-path sysadmincluster://vserver1/vol10 -destination-path sysadmincluster://vserver1/vol10_mirror -type DP -foreground true (Initialize the snapmirror example)

snapmirror update -source-path vserver1:vol10 -destination-path vserver2:vol10_mirror -throttle 1000 (Snapmirror update and throttle to 1000KB/sec)

snapmirror modify -source-path vserver1:vol10 -destination-path vserver2:vol10_mirror -throttle 2000 (Change the snapmirror throttle to 2000)

snapmirror create -source-path vserver1:vol5 -destination-path vserver2:vol5_archive -type XDP -schedule 5min -policy backup-vspolicy (Create snapvault relationship with 5 min schedule using backup-vspolicy)

volume efficiency start -vserver SVM1 -volume volume1 -dedupe true -scan-old-data true (Starts a volume efficiency dedupe job on volume1, scanning old data)

network interface modify -vserver vserver1 -lif cifs1 -address -netmask -force-subnet-association (Data Ontap 8.3 – forces the lif to use an IP address from the subnet range that has been setup)

node run node1 ifstat -z (clears interface statistics, optionally specify the interface name to clear for that specific interface) ROUTING GROUPS

network routing-groups route create -vserver vserver1 -routing-group -destination -gateway (Creates a default route on vserver1)

vserver name-mapping create -vserver vserver1 -direction win-unix -position 1 -pattern (.+) -replacement root (Create a name mapping from windows to unix)

vserver name-mapping create -vserver vserver1 -direction unix-win -position 1 -pattern (.+) -replacement sysadmin011 (Create a name mapping from unix to windows)

vserver services nis-domain create -vserver vserver1 -domain vmlab.local -active true -servers (Create nis-domain called vmlab.local pointing to

show-periodic -object volume -instance volumename -node node1 -vserver vserver1 -counter total_ops|avg_latency|read_ops|read_latency (Show the specific counters for a volume)

statistics show-periodic 0object nfsv3 -instance vserver1 -counter nfsv3_ops|nfsv3_read_ops|nfsv3_write_ops|read_avg_latency|write_avg_latency (Shows the specific nfsv3 counters for a vserver)

Removing a port from an ifgrp – To remove a port from an ifgrp, you must first shut down any sub-interfaces of that ifgrp. Data recovery diy For example if your ifgrp is named a0a and you have a vlan on it called a0a-100, you must first shut down a0a-100, you will then be able to remove the port from the ifgrp

FCoE – If you run multiple 10Gb Converged Network Adapters connecting to Nexus 5k, you will not be allowed, and it’s not supported, to run more than 1 link per port-channel per switch and use this port-channel or interface for a virtual fiber channel interface (VFC). Database transaction For example, if I have 2 x CNA’s in my Netapp Clustered Ontap FAS, and I connect e1a and e2a to Nexus Switch 1, and then connect e1b and e2b to Nexus Switch 2, and create 1 port channel, you will get an error message when you try to bind the interface to the vfc. Data recovery mac hard drive The error is “VFC cannot be bound to Port Channel as it has more than one member”

FCoE Lif Moves – To move a FCoE lif from it’s current home-port in clustered ontap, you must first offline the FCoE lif, perform the lif move and then online the lif

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