Mysql database performance tuning _ diễn đàn góc it

max_connections = 500 – You need to use mysqlreport tool( to check how many current connections you have, and under very heavy load (2000 simultaneous users) You may rarely hit 400 concurrent connections to the database. Data recovery on mac This is because most connections only last for a few milliseconds.

key_buffer = 384M – When tuning a MySQL server, key_buffer_size is very important. Data recovery kali linux This number works well for me and with the mysqlreport script I rarely use 50% of the available memory.

table_cache = 1800 – After key_buffer the next most important variable is your table cache.

I card data recovery Again this is set for vBulletin so you may be able to significantly reduce this value depending on the number of tables in your database.

wait_timeout = 7200 – This variable determines the timeout in seconds before mysql will dump a connection. Database name If set to low you will likely receive mySQL server has gone away errors in your log, which in vBulletin’s case is quite common.

max_allowed_packet = 16M – Again if set to low (the default is 8M) users will likely experience errors. Database quiz 16M has always worked fine for my production environments.

One more important tool we have already menctioned mysqlreport this is the best tool available for free you can check your mysql database server performance.

The most important part for getting a system fast is of course the basic design. Database url You also need to know what kinds of things your system will be doing, and what your bottlenecks are.

Disk seeks. Os x data recovery free It takes time for the disk to find a piece of data. Fda 510 k database With modern disks in 1999, the mean time for this is usually lower than 10ms, so we can in theory do about 100 seeks a second. Database research This time improves slowly with new disks and is very hard to optimise for a single table. Graph database The way to optimise this is to spread the data on more than one disk.

Disk reading/writing. Data recovery android free When the disk is at the correct position we need to read the data. Database software With modern disks in 1999, one disk delivers something like 10-20 MB. Database software definition This is easier to optimise than seeks because you can read in parallel from multiple disks.

CPU cycles. Database error 7719 at exe When we have the data in main memory (or if it already were there) we need to process it to get to our result. Data recovery nj Having small tables compared to the memory is the most common limiting factor. Iphone 6 data recovery mac But then, with small tables speed is usually not the problem.

Memory bandwidth. Database design tool When the CPU needs more data than can fit in the CPU cache the main memory bandwidth becomes a bottleneck. H data recovery software This is an uncommon bottleneck for most systems, but one should be aware of it.