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The MySQL client completion feature is disabled by default. Database youtube To enable it system-wide edit /etc/mysql/my.cnf, and replace no-auto-rehash by auto-rehash. H2 database console Completion will be enabled next time you run the MySQL client.

The directory used by MySQL for storing temporary files is named tmpdir. Database browser For example, it is used to perform disk based large sorts, as well as for internal and explicit temporary tables.

Although time zone tables are created during the installation, they are not automatically populated. Database help They need to be populated if you are planning on using CONVERT_TZ() in SQL queries.

mariadb ships with mysqlcheck which can be used to check, repair, and optimize tables within databases from the shell. Database vendors See the mysqlcheck man page for more. Database key Several command tasks are shown:

If you are using the default InnoDB storage engine, a suggested way of backing up all your bases online while provisioning for point-in-time recovery (also known as “roll-forward,” when you need to restore an old backup and replay the changes that happened since that backup) is to execute the following command:

Specifying the password on the command line is strongly discouraged, as it exposes it to discovery by other users through the use of ps aux or other techniques. Data recovery live cd Instead, the aforementioned command will prompt for the specified user’s password, concealing it away.

If you want to setup non-interactive backup script for use in cron jobs or systemd timers, see option files and this illustration for mysqldump.

The database can be dumped to a file for easy backup. Data recovery clean room The following shell script will do this for you, creating a db_backup.gz file in the same directory as the script, containing your database dump:

A python-based software package named Holland Backup is available in AUR to automate all of the backup work. Database view It supports direct mysqldump, LVM snapshots to tar files (mysqllvm), LVM snapshots with mysqldump (mysqldump-lvm), and xtrabackup methods to extract the data. Data recovery fort lauderdale The Holland framework supports a multitude of options and is highly configurable to address almost any backup situation.

The main holland AUR and holland-common AUR packages provide the core framework; one of the sub-packages ( holland-mysqldump AUR, holland-mysqllvm AUR and/or holland-xtrabackup AUR must be installed for full operation. Data recovery equipment tools Example configurations for each method are in the /usr/share/doc/holland/examples/ directory and can be copied to /etc/holland/backupsets/, as well as using the holland mk-config command to generate a base config for a named provider.