Multifamily investing

All investors have heard horror stories from single and multi-family investing: bad tenants, rehabs gone wrong. Data recovery ntfs Often these stories result in investors paying much more in out-of-pocket capital than was accounted for. Database error This remains a major contributing factor preventing would-be investors from making the leap. Database functions Though there are successful strategies one can adopt to deal with bad tenants or to facilitate successful rehabs, many investors are still wary of residential asset classes.

Listeners may remember Larry from Episode 106 where he discussed finding creative ways to make money in rising markets. Top 10 data recovery Larry is a 30 year investor and investment mentor. Database job titles He is an author, speaker and educator sharing his wealth of investment experience with beginner investors. Data recovery linux live cd This episode, Larry discusses his strategy of offering lease options instead of traditional tenant leasing. S pombe database Earning Cashflow through Lease Options

As real estate investors, sometimes what we think is a good investment strategy does not turn out quite as expected. Database usa While a single family investor may be able to stick to a strategy and adopt minimal changes, this is not usually the case for the apartment investor.

While this may mean an extra headache in the short-term, a change in strategy could mean the difference between a successful investment and a failure. Data recovery pro license key Just ask Apartment Investor Kurt Westfiled

Kurt Westfield is the founder of WC Companies, an umbrella brand for his multi-service real estate investment firms.Listeners will remember Kurt’s last episode with us when he discussed his transition from single family investor to apartment investor.

This episode, we catch up with Kurt following his transition to apartment investor. Data recovery on android He discusses how he found out early on in his career the importance of finding a winning strategy. Icare data recovery 94fbr Apartment Investor: Finding a New Strategy

Kurt is still an active apartment investor, looking for multifamily deals in Tampa and Jacksonville up to 50 units. Image database To contact Kurt with a potential deal, email him at

No matter the size or experience of the investor, this is a widely-held belief. Database web application However, it is not simply about risk, but rather smart risks.

We are pleased to welcome back to the show, Elysia Stobbe. Database graphic Listeners will remember Elysia from Episode 108, in which she discussed updates to SFR investor mortgages.

In addition to being a branch manager with NFM Lending, Elysia is a successful investor with over 30 property deals under her belt, doing deals in and around Jacksonville, FL. In databases a category of data is called a She is also a published author. Database wordpress Her best selling book, How to Get Approved for the Best Mortgage Without Sticking a Fork in Your Eye helps single family investors in obtaining secure, prime mortgages.

This episode of Landlord Tales, Elysia discusses her transition to multifamily investing and diversifying risk with geography and asset class. Note 2 data recovery Through expanding focus into the multifamily asset class and remaining open-mined about market areas, Elysia learned that diversifying risk is a great way to increase returns. Tally erp 9 data recovery Diversifying Risk

Though multifamily-residential may not share the same spotlight that single family is getting, apartment investing makes up a big economic portion of Florida’s real estate market and there are some big legislative changes coming to multifamily residential property that investors need to be aware of.

We are glad to have Courtney Barnard back on the show. Database erd Courtney serves as the Government Affairs Director for the Florida Apartment Association (FAA). Database google docs Courtney appeared previously, in episode 42, where she discussed then-current legislative updates to multifamily-residential property.

This time, she discusses some key changes coming with the 2016 legislative updates. Database 5500 This episode, Courtney also gives us a Florida multifamily market overview in addition to sharing important legislative updates for multifamily-residential property owners. Data recovery kit Florida Multifamily-Residential Property Overview

The FAA has been in place for 45 years. Database meaning With 11 regional chapters and over 5,000 apartment communities, the FAA offers members access to great benefits:

They sound nice, but real estate investors may think that they are not so easy to come by. Gale database Those investors who do happen upon them find usually find themselves bogged down by the IRS’ strict stipulations surrounding them.

Tax credits are, in fact, tools set in place to help investors grow their portfolios and while they may seem complex, they are accessible to any investor willing to do a little extra leg work.

While nobody should be expected to know the entire IRS tax code, real estate investors should be aware of some very helpful tax credits that can be applied to their assets.

Let’s face it, every real estate investor just starting out dreams of landing the huge deals. Data recovery pc The question remains though: how to make it to the institutional level?

For singlefamily and small, residential multifamily, the first syndication deal can seem like a large step. Data recovery easeus There are a lot of moving pieces to keep track of in a syndicated deal that may seem complex to investors used to self-financing. Top 10 data recovery software Reed Goossens knows the power in syndication.

A native Australian, Reed moved to the U.S. Database oracle after educating himself in real estate investing. Data recovery services reviews As a foreign investor, Reed saw the potential for earning cash-flow in U.S. Database 12c new features real estate markets and set about acquiring properties.

He realized the need to scale his real estate investment goals and set about transitioning from residential multifamily to commercial multifamily through syndication.

In addition to expanding his asset portfolio and investor base, Reed also hosts a podcast to educate foreign investors in the U.S. Database lyrics real estate market Syndicating Investment Deals

• Rule 506 (b) – allows for unlimited accredited investors (earn +$200k/yr. Database 360 or personal worth of +$1 million); up to 35 unaccredited investors (earn under $200k/yr.)

Reed and RSN Property Group are always on the lookout for value-add investment deals. Database architect salary If you think you have a potential deal, contact Reed at

Reed also hosts a podcast that educates foreign investors on U.S. Database administrator job description investment real estate markets- Investing in the U.S.: An Aussie’s Guide to U.S. Data recovery app Real Estate

Like many beginner investors, Reed learned about creating financial independence and the power of passive cash-flow through Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad.

For real estate investors, it’s all about the bottom line. R database connection Investors are always looking at how they can save on costs and expand their cash-flow. Database weak entity While many real estate investors might be aware of certain tax-breaks that can be taken advantage of for investment properties, deferring taxes through cost segregation may be one that investors overlook. Data recovery vancouver Institutional investors are probably aware of this tax advantage, but smaller, individual investors or those just starting out in real estate investing may be unaware.

For Michele Pasquale, the bottom line is helping investors to get more out of their properties. Level 3 data recovery Michele is owner and managing member of Meridian Financial Solutions. Database blob By working directly with investor clients and through alignment with CPA firms, Meridian seeks to establish effective, long-term tax-planning strategies resulting in greater ROI potential for investors. Database examples Michele brings over 16 years of experience in real estate acquisitions and finance to help investors maximize cash-flow. Database knowledge This episode, Michele shares some things investors should know about deferring taxes through cost segregation. H2 database Cost Segregation

Contact Meridian Financial Solutions at (561) 252-7282 for more info about cost segregation and get a free estimate for tax-deferral savings.

Time is money. Nexus 5 data recovery Property managers spend a lot of money on their time and this is true whether they are managing residential, multifamily or commercial properties. Data recovery uk Often times, property managers may get caught up in the timing of things, letting their financial records and organization fall by the wayside. Database collation Not only does this cause added stress on the property manager, but it can also hurt the value of a property. Database yugioh When it comes time to sell a property or to refinance, proper financial details mean everything in determining how much the property is valued at.

Dan Pepper knows the importance of organizing and recording all the financial details of a property. Top 10 data recovery software free Through his company, Palm Companies, a combined investment and property management firm, Dan oversees 190 multifamily units with nearly 50 units managed by Palm. Data recovery vancouver bc With so many factors to keep track of, paying attention to financial details has become imperative in streamlining property management efficiency. 7 data recovery suite crack This episode, Dan shares what he has learned about managing properties effectively and increasing property value by organizing and tracking financial details.

Dan and Palm Companies are focused on multifamily properties ranging between 30-150 units in Southwest Florida. Database normalization definition They focused primarily on property management ventures currently, but are open to viable multifamily deals. Data recovery wizard Palm Companies also has an interest in retail investments. Data recovery video Check out their website for more information.

Apartment investing is undergoing a profound transformation in regards to multifamily design and amenities. The age of the shoe-box apartment is over. Database query example Changing climates in construction, social trends, economic growth and consumer demand have forced apartment investors and developers to re-examine what apartments could and should provide tenants. Database migration Apartment investors, whether they are refurbishing existing buildings or developing new complexes, are taking a drastically different approach to multifamily design and amenity provisions. Data recovery free This episode, we are fortunate to have two guests lending their insight and experience to the changing perceptions of what tenants want out of an apartment space.

Phillip Smith is CEO of Framework Group, LLC, a multifamily development and construction group based out of Tampa, FL. Database vs spreadsheet Phillip oversees acquisition, design and development of multifamily communities. Database name sql Currently, Framework Group has projects under construction in Tampa, Orlando and Sarasota, with projects under contract in Jacksonville. Database management Framework Group’s goal is to provide multifamily communities with location and amenities that highlight and promote the urban lifestyle. Data recovery miami By pushing the envelope of what makes a sensible investment to what meets with consumer demands, Framework Group has become a major figure in and development, offering full-service, high end apartments in Tampa and along the I-4 Corridor.

Jason Schaller is Managing Director of Property Management for McKinley. H2 database viewer McKinley owns and operates a $4.6 billion real estate portfolio, 35,398 apt. Database replication units and 21 million SF of shopping centers and office centers around the country. Database record The Michigan-based firm has a special interest in Florida’s I-4 Corridor with much of their Florida portfolio focused on it. Data recovery certification Jason currently oversees Mckinley’s line of boutique apartment projects in Tampa, Mckinley | Hyde Park. Database programs Jason brings over 20 years of design and construction experience to multifamily design, refurbishing older and historic buildings and adapting them to suit the growing urban lifestyle. Raid 1 data recovery Amenities

If you are a building owner in the Tampa area and you think it might make a great addition to the McKinley | Hyde Park portfolio, visit the Principal to Principal contact page on their website. Database 2016 To find out more about becoming a resident at a McKinley | Hyde Park project, visit the Apartments page on their website for more information.

Framework Group, LLC provides general contracting services and selective development consulting in addition to project development and construction. Key value database To find out more about current and upcoming projects along with services offered, visit their website.

Commercial real estate investors and developers know the term: “Green”. Database mirroring In Florida, it seems that “green” is the phantom criteria for real estate: many have heard of it, few have seen it. Data recovery techniques The term brings to mind vague notions of sustainability and energy efficiency, but what exactly is it? What is the merit in “going green”? As an effort to shift toward sustainability becomes a rising trend in the nation, Florida continues to lag behind as commercial developers and investors grapple with the nebulous nature of sustainability and green construction.

Sandra Adomatis, SRA, and LEED green associate is an appraiser with a focus on green initiatives and sustainability in real estate. Data recovery using linux Based out of Punta Gorda, Florida, Sandra has over 25 years of experience in real estate appraisal in the state of Florida. Data recovery apple Sandra is a green valuation expert for the Appraisal Institute. Data recovery google store Through course development, seminars and literature, Sandra has been helping commercial real estate investors integrate sustainability and energy efficiency into their investments.