Move a screenconnect on-premise installation to a new server – screenconnect online help

ScreenConnect On-Premise may need to be moved between servers for a variety of reasons. Database query This article outlines moving installations and several key points to consider before making the transition. Database isolation levels We will use the term “server” below to denote the machine, VPS, or VM where the ScreenConnect web application is installed. Be aware of the path where your current remote access machines are calling back.

Database version control Access sessions call back to a particular URL path and then check that the correct encryption key is present. Database record definition We recommend that unattended access machines call back to a DNS name that can be controlled by your organization at all times. Database glossary If they are calling back to a static or dynamic IP address that will change due to the migration, you will need to change the relay address. Data recovery druid You can also rebuild the access installer on the new ScreenConnect server and then distribute the installer manually to each machine via the old installation. • The versions of ScreenConnect on the new and old server need to match to simplify this process. Data recovery houston tx If the old server installation is a different revision than the build you downloaded, first run the build on the old server to upgrade its version. Database 2010 Browse ScreenConnect on the old server to verify everything is working before proceeding. • Run the same ScreenConnect software installer on the new server. Dayz database map Browse ScreenConnect to verify everything is working properly. Database website template You should now have identical versions installed on both servers. Copy and paste the entire contents of the ScreenConnect folder from the older server (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\ScreenConnect) to the ScreenConnect folder of the new server. • Copy the following files and folders from the ScreenConnect folder on the Windows server to the ScreenConnect folder ( /opt/screenconnect) of the Linux/OSX server: • Copy the following files and folders from the /opt/screenconnect/ folder on the original Linux server to the /opt/screenconnect) of the new Linux/OSX server: • Run a repair of your Windows installation by going to the Add/Remove Programs window in the Control Panel, right-click on the “ScreenConnect” listing, and select “Repair”. • Manually copy your settings from your old web.config file into your new web.config file. 7 data recovery registration code Most settings will be found in the and block that includes the keys WebServerListenUri and RelayListenUri. Warning: Be sure to copy your AsymmetricKey value into your new web.config so your unattended machines will reconnect to your new server. 7 databases in 7 weeks pdf In a web.config from a Linux or Mac machine, the AsymmetricKey value will look similar to this: Final steps and considerations • If there were any manual changes to the web.config file that rely on a network configuration that has changed between machines, you will need to update the web.config file to reflect the new network configuration. • Linux/OS X – Copy the /opt/screenconnect/App_Data/etc/mono/httplistener folder to the /opt/screenconnect/ directory on your new server. Database key definition Complete SSL installation by editing the web.config. Warning: It is important to do this step last so that any unattended clients that call in will see the proper encryption key (the AsymmetricKey) and ScreenConnect configuration when they first make contact. Database hierarchy If an unattended client calls into a ScreenConnect installation that has the wrong encryption key, the unattended client will display the status, “Public key mismatch” as it keeps trying to connect to the server. Data recovery on mac Additional notes • ScreenConnect licenses are not bound to machines, so simply copying and pasting the existing license into your new ScreenConnect installation will work just fine. Data recovery kali linux The license however should not be used in conjunction with multiple production servers for a prolonged period. I card data recovery We expect some overlap for the purpose of setup and testing, but using the license in two product installations would be a violation of our EULA.