Mobile testing_ complete guide to test your mobile apps

The functional testing of Mobiles normally consists in the areas of testing user interactions as well as testing the transactions. Top 10 data recovery software free download The various factors which are relevant in functional testing are

• To validate whether the application goes into minimized mode whenever there is an incoming phone call. Database query optimization In order to validate the same we need to use a second phone, to call the device.

• To validate whether the phone is able to store, process and receive SMS whenever the app is running. Qmobile data recovery In order to validate the same we need to use a second phone to send sms to the device which is being tested and where the application under test is currently running.

• To validate that the application supports any payment gateway transaction such as Visa, Mastercard, Paypal etc as required by the application.

• To validate that the user receives an appropriate error message like “Network error. No 1 data recovery software Please try after some time” whenever there is any network error.

• To validate that the installed application enables other applications to perform satisfactorily, and it does not eat into the memory of the other applications.

• To validate whether the installation of the application can be done smoothly provided the user has the necessary resources and it does not lead to any significant errors.

• To perform regression testing to uncover new software bugs in existing areas of a system after changes have been made to them. Data recovery iphone free Also rerun previously performed tests to determine that the program behavior has not changed due to the changes.

This type of testing’s fundamental objective is to ensure that the application performs acceptably under certain performance requirements such as access by a huge number of users or the removal of a key infrastructure part like a database server.

• To identify the various application and infrastructure bottlenecks which prevent the application to perform at the required acceptability levels.

The fundamental objective of security testing is to ensure that the application’s data and networking security requirements are met as per guidelines.

• To validate that the application is able to withstand any brute force attack which is an automated process of trial and error used to guess a person’s username, password or credit-card number.

• To validate whether an application is not permitting an attacker to access sensitive content or functionality without proper authentication.

• To validate that the application has a strong password protection system and it does not permit an attacker to obtain, change or recover another user’s password.

The usability testing process of the Mobile application is performed to have a quick and easy step application with less functionality than a slow and difficult application with many features. Database 11g The main objective is to ensure that we end up having an easy-to-use, intuitive and similar to industry-accepted interfaces which are widely used.

• To ensure that the application provides a method for going back or undoing an action, on touching the wrong item, within an acceptable duration.

• To validate the application prompts the user whenever the user starts downloading a large amount of data which may be not conducive for the application performance.

• To ensure that the end user is provided with a user manual which helps the end user to understand and operate the application who may be not familiar with the application’s proceedings

Usability testing is normally performed by manual users since only human beings can understand the sensibility and comfort ability of the other users.

Compatibility testing on mobile devices is performed to ensure that since mobile devices have different size, resolution, screen, version and hardware so the application should be tested across all the devices to ensure that the application works as desired.

• To validate that the user Interface of the application is as per the screen size of the device, no text/control is partially invisible or inaccessible.

• To ensure that the call/alarm functionality is enabled whenever the application is running. Data recovery thumb drive The application is minimized or suspended on the event of a call and then whenever the call stops the application is resumed.

• Verification of how the application handles a transaction during a power failure (i.e. Data recovery hardware tools Battery dies or a sudden manual shutdown of the device)

• The validation of the process where the connection is suspended, the system needs to re-establish for recovering the data directly affected by the suspended connection.

• Network test cases (validation of whether the network is performing under required load or not, whether the network is able to support all the necessary applications during the testing procedures)