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If you want to ensure API users can use lambdas to implement your interface, it’s important to make sure your code is annotated properly. Data recovery raid 5 Check out how to do it.

When you’re working with your classes, make sure to use composition when you can for better separation of concerns, among a variety of other reasons. Database architect See how it’s done.

If you want to remove elements from a collection quick, fast, and in a hurry, take a look at removeIf(), which should save you ton of time over manual iterations.

If you want your code to kick in only when you need it, then lazy initialization is just right for you. Data recovery options See how you can get it working in Java 8.

Using traits can vastly help simplify your code and allow you to reuse components with ease. Database jobs This example examines using traits with interfaces.

Event sourcing opens up a new way of looking at your database apps. H2 database file Turn your database into a record of transactions that you can look back to and restart from.

The open-source class MapStream lets you stream over elements as well as pairs of key value elements, making changes to everything along the way.

Lambdas are fantastic, but their popularity might lead to sloppy use. R studio data recovery serial key Naming them after specific uses keeps both the compiler and the client happy.

See a QuickSort algorithm in action as an example of Higher Order Functionality. Database query languages Taking declarative programming to a new level opens new doors to abstraction.

These days, Java developers have a variety of means to execute tasks. P d database From threads to join pools to caching, you have no shortage of options.

If you’re going to use JVM, it’s important to know what’s going on under the hood. Database 101 Knowing exactly how code flattening works can save you time to put to better use.

Get your black hat – it’s time to hack some classes. M power database But because everyone follows the rules, this tip will help squash third-party bugs and deal with non-standard classes.

Java 8’s streams, in theory, make it easy to use parallelism. Data recovery from external hard drive It doesn’t always turn out that way, but you can create custom thread pools to expand your resources.

The .values() method might seem speedy, but it actually creates a copy of your array, adding to your overhead. Database join types Doing a bit of extra work yourself will help in the long run.

Moving data off the heap, within reason, can let you work more efficiently while keeping latency low. Section 8 database That way, you can avoid the garbage collection wall for longer.

Merging your streams through concatenation can allow one stream to lazily consume others, saving you time and making your code more efficient.

Using Enums as parameters can greatly enhance the versatility of your methods. Icd 9 database This example shows off how Enums can be used to nimbly and simply sort your lists.

Using mappable types in your geometric classes means less inter-class coupling and opens up a more functional path — where you can apply functions on objects.

Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus. Database xampp In fact, there might be a lot of them. Database administrator jobs Let’s do some Java math to see how many Santas it takes to deliver presents around the world.

Follow the Java Holiday Calendar 2016 with small tips and tricks all the way through the winter holiday season. Data recovery joondalup I am contributing to open-source Speedment, a stream based ORM tool and runtime. Database of genomic variants Please check it out on GitHub.

Let us start with some assumptions. Database viewer When this article was written there was an estimate of 7,472,085,518 humans on Earth. H data recovery registration code free download Let us disregard the guys that lives on the International Space Station, because presumably, Santa’s reindeers cannot operate in near-earth-orbit. Database hardware Luckily for those guys, Elon Musk can deliver their presents via Space X’s delivery rocket instead.

A large number of the remaining people are not visited by Santa at all including people of various religious affiliations or beliefs and people that are very poor. Database roles We assume that only one third of the remaining persons are visited. B tree database management system We further assume that in average, there are three persons per household (this is not unreasonable taking the vast number of single-person-households into account). Database file Furthermore, we assume that each person gets four presents in average (some rich ones get much more, some poor just get one if they are lucky).

Additionally we estimate that there is an average distance of 500 m (i.e. Data recovery near me 0.5 km or 0.3 miles) between each household and that Santa’s average sleigh speed is 4 m/s (i.e. Database job description 14 km/h or 9 mph) and that it takes Santa 1 second to drop of each present. Data recovery 94fbr It should be noted that the actual procedure of handing over presents differs from country to country. Database foreign key In the US, Santa is more likely to drop the packages down the chimney and curve the packages so that they always backspin and land in socks that are hanged near the beginning of the chimney whereas in some European countries, he is more likely to deliver the packages in person. Database as a service This is note covered in the model though.

Because the speed of the sleigh is not so high, Santa cannot take advantage of the fact that the Earth is rotating and the different time zones. Iphone 6 data recovery So, Santa can only work 24 hours.

Follow the Java Holiday Calendar 2016 with small tips and tricks all the way through the winter holiday season. Database google drive I am contributing to open-source Speedment, a stream based ORM tool and runtime. Data recovery geek squad Please check it out on GitHub.

Today’s tips is about mappable types. Database recovery pending Traditionally we Java developer have relied on inheritance and types with a number of methods to support convenient use of our classes. Data recovery prices A traditional Point class would contain x and y coordinates and perhaps also a number of functions that allows us to easily work with our Point.

Imagine now that we add new shapes like Circle and that Circle inherits from Point and adds a radius. Database sharding Further imagine that there are a bunch of other geometric shapes like Line, Square and the likes that also appear in the code. Database keys with example After a while, all our classes becomes entangled in each other and we end up in a messy hair ball.

However, there is another way of structuring our geometric classes such that there is a minimum of inter-class coupling. Data recovery xfs Instead of letting each geometric class provide specific methods for translations like add() and flipAroundXAxis() we could add just one or two generic methods that operates on the geometric figure and returns a value of any type. Database management systems 3rd edition We could then break out the old methods from the geometric classes and convert them to functions and just apply them on the objects rather than letting the objects handle that responsibility.

I have purposely refrained from creating an implementation class of the Point interface. Database engineer salary Instead, each time the static point() method is called, an instance from an anonymous class is created. Jstor database This illustrates that the implementation class is “pure” and does not inherit or override anything. E m database In a real solution, there could of course be an implementation of an immutable class PointImpl.

The last one takes a mapping function that takes two points and maps it to a Point (e.g. Data recovery richmond va a Binary Function). Data recovery software The mapping function applies the current Point (i.e. Data recovery advisor “this”) as the first parameter and then it also applies another point. Database host name That other point is given as the second argument to the map() function. Database performance Complicated? Not really. Data recovery broken hard drive Read more and it will be apparent what is going on.

This code snippet will create a first point at origo, apply a number of translations to it and then convert it to a string using the TO_STRING mapper. Database xe Note how easy it would be to use another string mapper because now the “to string” functionality is separate from the class itself. Database yml mysql It would also be easy to use a custom lambda instead of one of the pre-defined functions.

Today’s tips is about using Enums as parameters to indicate method behavior. 5 database is locked Let us here the fairy tail of Prince Sort and it will be more apparent why this can be a good thing.

Everything was good until the Prince wanted to indicate that sorting could be done in arbitrary order. Database fundamentals And so, he went about and changed the boolean to Boolean:

Everything was good until the Prince wanted to indicate that sorting could be done in random order too. Database concepts And so, he went about and changed the Boolean to an int:

Now, the most beautiful Princess appeared out of thin air and she wore a wonderful dress and she held the most prominent PhD in computer science. Database icon The Princess told the Prince “thou shalt introduce Enums in thy methods”. Database versioning Here is my humble gift to you:

Today’s tip is about storing things off heap. Database 2013 As we all know, Java will occasionally clean up the heap (i.e. Database cursor invoke its Garbage Collector or GC for short) and remove objects that are no longer used. Database list As the heap grows, so will the time it takes to clean it up. Database queries must be Eventually, the GC will take seconds or minutes and we have hit “the GC wall”. Database journal Historically, this was a problem for heaps above some 10 GB of data but nowadays we can have larger heaps. Data recovery boston How big depends on a vast number of factors.

One way of reducing GC impact is to store data off heap where the GC is not even looking. Database connection This way, we can grow to any data size without caring about the GC. S memo data recovery The drawback is that we have to manage our memory manually and also provide a means of converting data back and forth between the two memory regions. Database structure In the general case, this is a bit tricky but if we limit ourselves to the primitive types like int, long, double and the likes, it is fairly easy.

It is possible to create more advanced off heap classes like OffHeapMap, OffHeapArrayList etc. Data recovery iso that store all data off heap in a similar way. Iphone 6 data recovery software Speedment Enterprise is using a more advanced version of this technology to be able to store large databases as in-JVM-memory objects. Cpu z database In fact, it is possible to store more data than the available RAM since byte buffers can be mapped onto files. Data recovery kickass This opens up the path to mammoth JVMs with terabytes of data available at ultra-low latency.