Migrating an sql database – bmc server automation 8.5

Perform a backup before you begin the data upgrade process. Data recovery engineer The data upgrade occurs in place. Gt m database If you cannot complete the upgrade, the only way to restore the database to its pre-upgrade state is from the backups.

• The migration process uses the database system ID information in the _template deployment to identify the database to migrate. In addition, the configurations from each existing deployment are processed, so each deployment present in the Deployments directory should have the correct configuration. In databases information is organized in Certain deployments are transitory and can be removed before an upgrade as they are not needed for normal operation.

• _install, _postmig, _util can be removed from the deployments directory if present, and provided that an installation, postmigration process, or blcontent process is not being run.

• _launcher is for the Application Server Launcher. Data recovery tools iphone This does not include database configuration information. A database driver is software that lets the _spawner and _pxe both include database configuration information. 7 data recovery suite key The _template deployment is used to create new deployments, including those used during migration.

• Before migrating the database, ensure that the database configuration information in the present deployments of the Application Server is current and correct. Data recovery linux To check the values, use the blasadmin utility and specify each deployment (except _launcher) name and validate that the ‘Database’ section information is correct and the ‘FileServer’ section is also correct. Database modeling tools If the database section is incorrect, then one or both of the following commands will produce an error.

• To run the data migration manager in an interactive mode (recommended) on Linux and UNIX platforms, install the X Windows system (X11) and the xorg-x11-libs library on the computer on which you plan to run the BMC BladeLogic Data Migration Manager. G info database search You must also have the DISPLAY variable set appropriately.

• To run the data migration manager in a non-interactive mode on Linux and UNIX platforms, run the migration manager with the following options ‘-DmigRunCLI=true -DmigRunNonDefaultUIorCLI=true’. Database administrator salary For example:

Back up the BMC Server Automation file server storage location. Database triggers For example, copy the entire contents of the storage location to a directory other than the current storage location.

Before executing blmigration_mgr, ensure that all connections to the BMC Server Automation database are closed. Data recovery recuva Connections that are open can cause certain database commands to fail, which causes the upgrade to stop.

BMC BladeLogic Data Migration Manager creates the stored tasks needed for the data migration and then launches the BMC BladeLogic Data Migration Manager console.

• If you are upgrading to an 8.5. Data recovery texas x service pack (later than 8.5.00), run a set of SQL Update scripts to upgrade the BMC Server Automation database to the service pack level compatible with the Application Server, as described in Running the SQL update scripts.

• If you are migrating from a pre-8.0 version of BMC Server Automation, migrate the compliance rules and discovery signatures stored in the core BMC Server Automation database as described in Performing post-migration updates to rules and policies.