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Note: MicroStrategy strives to certify the current and previous major version of any product that it integrates with. Cpu z database MicroStrategy uses the following terminology when listing support for components made by third-party vendors:

• Certified: The third-party component has been actively tested with the current release. Data recovery kickass All tests were passed with no significant issues that would prevent the use of any applicable MicroStrategy features.

A database can best be described as MicroStrategy expects any certified third-party component to be used successfully with any and all applicable MicroStrategy functionality.

• Supported: A third-party component that has been listed as supported is expected to be used successfully with any and all applicable MicroStrategy functionality. Os x database A third-party component that is supported rather than certified means that its testing meets one or more of the following conditions:

• Testing of a given version of the third-party component has been lowered in priority to focus testing efforts on newer versions of the third-party component. Database field Proper functionality is implied through the comprehensive testing executed during a relevant previous release of MicroStrategy, along with some basic coverage using the current release. Data recovery diy This transition period provides a migration path to the newer version of the component.

• The third-party component was put through full certification testing, but an issue was found, which caused a significant loss of functionality or degradation in performance, for at least one applicable MicroStrategy feature or functionality set.

Each product that MicroStrategy integrates with comes with its own unique convention of specifying versions. Database transaction Unless specified in the comments, a certification extends to all minor versions and includes all editions. Data recovery mac hard drive MicroStrategy recommends following the best practices provided by each product vendor for applying available security patches, service packs, etc.

For an evaluation of MicroStrategy Secure Enterprise, select the Express Install option. H2 database tutorial The following minimal hardware and software requirements must be met for a successful user experience. Database interview questions Hardware requirements for evaluation

Although the MicroStrategy platform can be deployed across multiple machines that are networked together, the most convenient configuration for evaluation purposes is to run everything on a single laptop or desktop computer. R studio data recovery free download The following are the system requirements for the MicroStrategy Express Install which will deploy and configure the full MicroStrategy platform on a single machine, typically suitable for evaluations and small teams. Data recovery bad hard drive For information about sizing a production installation, see the Installation Considerations section in the Planning Your Installation chapter of the Installation and Configuration Guide.

Note 1: Support for Windows 7, Windows 10 Professional, and Windows 10 Enterprise are for demo purposes only, not for production environments.

• Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, 4.5. Database field definition or 4.6.x. Data recovery windows 7 This must be installed before MicroStrategy Secure Enterprise and commonly comes pre-installed with the operating system.

For a production development of MicroStrategy Secure Enterprise, the following minimal hardware and software requirements must be met for a successful user experience, including optimal performance and a significant number of users.

Be aware that a successful configuration of Intelligence Server depends on a valid combination of an operating system and a CPU architecture. Nexus 4 data recovery For example, Intelligence Server is certified to run on a machine with a Windows operating system and a 64-bit compatible CPU architecture. Database version 706 However, Intelligence Server is not certified or supported to run on a machine with a Windows operating system and an Intel Itanium CPU architecture.

• For information on LDAP servers certified and supported for LDAP authentication with various Intelligence Server machine environments, see LDAP integration.

MicroStrategy Secure Enterprise integrates with any LDAP v3 compliant servers. Cindia data recovery MicroStrategy recommends the following third-party client libraries to interact with LDAP v3 servers:

To support the use of a graphical interface for installing MicroStrategy tools on your Linux environment, install the libXp-1.0.0-8.x86_64.rpm included with your Linux install media.

• MicroStrategy supports installing Intelligence Server on AIX LPAR architecture for dedicated partitions which meet all applicable AIX requirements.

Requires Solaris 11.x gnome library libgdk-x11-2.0.so.0.400.9 installed in the location /usr/lib/sparcv9. Database tutorial This gnome library is available with the Solaris 10.x install media as part of the SUNWgnome-base-libs package.

• MicroStrategy supports installing Intelligence Server on Solaris Zones which meet all applicable Solaris 11.x requirements. See your third-party Oracle documentation for information on Solaris Zones.

• MicroStrategy supports installing Intelligence Server on Solaris Zones which meet all applicable Solaris 10.x requirements. See your third-party Oracle documentation for information on Solaris Zones.

MicroStrategy Web 10.4 should be connected only to a MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 10.4 or later for production purposes. R database packages MicroStrategy Web server

To generate encryption keys used by the Usher Server, you will need to ability to generate Certificate Signing Requests, private, public AES keys, etc. Database disk image is malformed A tool like OpenSSL would meet this requirement.

The following are the minimum hardware and software requirements for installing all Narrowcast Server components on one machine. Windows 8 data recovery software To determine hardware requirements for clustered configurations, see the Narrowcast Server Installation and Configuration Guide .

The following information provides general guidance on hardware requirements to support the MicroStrategy product suite. Database naming standards Determining the necessary hardware requirements to support MicroStrategy is dependent on many factors including but not limited to the complexity of your MicroStrategy environment, the deployment strategy of MicroStrategy features, user community requirements, expected peak usage requirements, and response time expectations. Data recovery training online Factors such as these must be considered to determine the hardware requirements for your MicroStrategy production environment.

Users download Usher Security to their mobile devices. Database query Usher Security is a mobile app that allows users to validate their identities or to access Usher-enabled systems and resources.

An available MySQL 5.x database. Database isolation levels This database must include an administrative user account with the name idm_intel. Database version control You must include the Usher Analytics database in the same MySQL server instance as Usher Security Server. Database record definition In a master and replica MySQL server environment, it is recommended to include the Usher Analytics database only on the replica server instance.

By default, you are subject to the limits of the Google Geocoding API free license. Database glossary For heavier use of location-based features, you must have a Google Maps API for Work license.

If you receive access to Usher functionality as part of a delivery of version 9.5.1 or later of MicroStrategy analytics software products, either by purchasing licenses to such software products or receiving such software products as part of a maintenance upgrade, you may use such Usher functionality solely for the purpose of authentication in conjunction with MicroStrategy analytics software products.

If you use Usher functionality as part of an implementation of Usher functionality on your network, you are responsible for configuring the Usher security software to integrate with such implementation and the Usher mobile security applications that may be downloaded by your users on their smartphones (each, an “Usher Application”). Data recovery druid You are also responsible for creating and making available to your users terms of use and a privacy policy for the Usher Applications that is consistent with the terms of use and privacy policy we include as part of the Usher Applications on each platform where the Usher Applications are available (for example, the Apple App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices). Data recovery houston tx MicroStrategy Web client

• The MicroStrategy SDK has several components including the MicroStrategy Web SDK (which is Java based) and the MicroStrategy Intelligence Server SDK (which is COM based).

• The MicroStrategy Web SDK and any web customization can be used on any environment that has a Java Runtime Environment that is compatible with MicroStrategy Web.

• Before you attempt to run MicroStrategy SDK 10.4, you need to have a MicroStrategy 10 project running in an Intelligence Server-connected (three-tier) environment.

MicroStrategy Technical Support aids in the deployment of MicroStrategy’s platform with these components. Database 2010 If an issue occurs with MicroStrategy software in a virtual environment, the customer may log a case with MicroStrategy Technical Support for their system. Dayz database map As with any third-party software, MicroStrategy requires that the customer properly configure the software before reporting the issue to MicroStrategy. Database website template If the issue is determined to be a MicroStrategy issue, MicroStrategy Technical Support will recommend appropriate action items. 7 data recovery registration code In the event that MicroStrategy Technical Support determines that the problem is not caused by MicroStrategy, then the customer will be asked to contact the appropriate vendor and log a support case with the vendor to resolve the issue. 7 databases in 7 weeks pdf In instances where it is unclear if an issue is caused by MicroStrategy, MicroStrategy Technical Support may request customers to reproduce the problem outside the virtual environment.

Customers who proceed with using these applications should ensure that the application is deployed on a configuration that is listed as supported or certified. Database key definition The customer must also use a virtual environment, including software, hardware stacks, and so on, that is supported by its vendor.

Additionally, if MicroStrategy software is used within a virtual environment, its usage is subjected to the same licensing terms as usage on actual physical machines. Database hierarchy For licensing purposes, the MicroStrategy software will only count the number of physical processors and check the clock-speed of the physical processors on the machine, in a virtual environment. Data recovery on mac MicroStrategy software does not recognize sharing of processors or clock-speed across the different virtual environments that reside on the same physical machine. Data recovery kali linux Common Files

• When installing on 64-bit Windows environments, common files needed to run MicroStrategy are placed in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\MicroStrategy directory by default.

• When installing on UNIX and Linux environments, common files needed to run MicroStrategy are placed in the Home Directory and Install Directory chosen during installation. I card data recovery For information on the MicroStrategy directory structure on UNIX and Linux environments, see the Installation and Configuration Guide.