Mercy corps careers – consultant, data scientist, remote and in greece

Since January 2015, more than 1 million migrants and refugees have reached Europe by land and sea, with the majority arriving via Greece. Data recovery houston tx Mercy Corps Greece launched a response to the migration crisis in August 2015 to provide a timely humanitarian response and promote the resilience of migrants and refugees. Database 2010 We work closely with Greek civil society, private and public partners to respond to unmet humanitarian needs and promote refugee and migrant adaptation to shocks and stressors caused by the migration to Europe and their ongoing circumstances in Greece.

Mercy Corps’ response in Greece is informed by a holistic protection approach including specialized programing (i.e. Dayz database map multi-purpose cash, youth, information dissemination and legal aid) as well as integration of specific measures across all activities to mitigate and respond to protection issues of affected populations. Database website template The current portfolio comprises a cash transfer programme and a series of youth-related projects that constitute the youth learning spaces programme. 7 data recovery registration code The MEL system heavily relies on quantitative tools for cash transfer and qualitative methods for youth and protection.

Mercy Corps has used Segovia as cloud database of cash transfer beneficiaries and Mastercard as card service provider of the programme. 7 databases in 7 weeks pdf The Segovia database combines information a) from Mastercard on beneficiaries’ expenditures and b) from the programme team about cards’ recipients (e.g. Database key definition household size, age, sex). Database hierarchy Mercy Corps is now switching from Mastercard and Segovia to Prepaid Financial Service (PFS), which is able to host a basic online database.

Data from the field is collected through ONA and it is subsequently sent to PFS in order to allow cash distribution. Data recovery on mac PFS hosts a basic database that can be fed with data coming from the programme team. Data recovery kali linux Mercy Corps is trying to have a smooth data management transition as the programme team is rolling out PFS in various implementation sites.

The Data Science Consultant will help the team to set up a data management system for information collected in the field regarding registration, monthly top-up distribution and expenses on PFS card use.

• Guide the country team on building an appropriate data management structure and flow of data from collection to analysis to decision making and learning;

• Work with country teams to automatize the process of integration of data collected in the field and data provided by PFS on cardholders’ expenditures;

Furthermore, he/she is responsible to share lessons learnt about the data management and analysis process in order to be used by the MEL team.

• Facilitate the process of data analysis in order to obtain in-depth understanding of beneficiaries profile and gather lessons learnt on expenditure patterns. I card data recovery The analysis should outline recommendations for programme and MEL teams.

This system should be able to communicate information back to ONA in order to allow a monitoring procedure for beneficiaries through pull-out data or similar. Database name This is particularly challenging in light of a) the high number of cases b) the number of users for data collection and c) the variety of locations where the programme is implemented. Database quiz Data from the field is continuously collected from the field and uploaded on ONA.

The programme team requires an easy-to-use data visualization tool that is able to show basic information about a) data collected in the field regarding beneficiaries, including, for instance, breakdown by nationality, location, household size and b) expenditure patterns of beneficiaries from data collected from PFS.

The consultant would be responsible to provide an in-depth analysis on beneficiaries, including insights into expenditure patterns. Database url This would provide guidelines for PDMs and feedback to programme team.

The Consultant will work closely with the MEL team for technical aspects and the Cash Coordinator as reference point for field coordination and focal person for programme.

The consultancy is anticipated to begin on or around early January 2017 for a duration of two months at 5 days per week. Os x data recovery free The consultant will provide primarily remote support from his/her home office; however, occasional short-term travel to the field to provide in-depth, in-person support may be required. Fda 510 k database A first pilot of the data management system should be set up by the first three weeks of the consultancy.