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The database of the Warwickshire Industrial Archaeology Society was born out of a desire to make an accurate, up-to-date list of the industrial sites of Warwickshire available to anyone with an interest in the county’s industrial archaeology and industrial history. Database website template As such, it would act as the ideal first stop for anyone seeking to know what sites exist in Warwickshire, where they are located, and the possibility of accessing these sites. 7 data recovery registration code Interesting though they obviously are to the industrial historian, the database does not include sites that have disappeared and for which no evidence on the ground remains.

7 databases in 7 weeks pdf This relatively modest goal is not without its challenges. Database key definition The first was to decide the geographical coverage and the list looks at the existing county of Warwickshire, plus Coventry and Solihull. Database hierarchy This broadly follows the pre-1974 boundary of Warwickshire.

Do you have relatives or descendants in Australia, not sure or just interested?. Data recovery on mac Introducing (to some of us) the over 5.7 million Australian death notices contained in the free to use Ryerson Index.

The Ryerson Index is a free index to death notices appearing in Australian newspapers. Data recovery kali linux The date range covered extends from the Sydney Gazette of 1803 up to newspapers published within the last week or so. I card data recovery The Index also includes many funeral notices, and some probate notices and obituaries.

Because the Index was originally created by the Sydney Dead Persons Society, its strength lies in notices from NSW papers – including in excess of two million notices from the Sydney Morning Herald alone. Database name However, the representation from papers from other states continues to grow, with additional papers being regularly added, so that the Index can now truly be considered an Australian index.

Indexing is being continuously carried out by a team of volunteers, too numerous to mention individually, who give freely of their time to ensure the site continues to grow. Database quiz Site updates generally occur weekly.

The index itself cannot by definition be considered a primary source of data, but is purely a research aid to direct the researcher to the original source of a notice.

In a strong metal box locked away in the vestry of St Editha, Tamworth is a collection of mostly Settlement Certificates for people coming into the town to live. Database url This unique CD lists all 281 documents in surname order – entries with an alias are indexed under each name used. Os x data recovery free These documents range from the 1690s to early 1800s when, to move to a new parish, individuals and families were required to carry a certificate of settlement addressed to the churchwardens and overseers of the parish to which they were moving signed by the churchwardens, overseers, witnesses and justices for the parish where they had a right of settlement. Fda 510 k database If they fell on hard times, their new parish had the right to return the family to their original parish.

The period of these certificates is largely the 18th century: the agricultural revolution was in full swing and the industrial revolution, too, with the canals coming to Tamworth in the late 1700s. Database research In addition, Acts of Enclosure throughout England enclosed the shared fields of strips dispossessing some cottagers.

It was obvious from the collection that the town of Tamworth required certificates of settlement to be presented to them for people coming to the town from other hamlets within the parish of Tamworth as well as those from outside the parish. Graph database This collection therefore has more local content than may otherwise be anticipated: a fascinating and incredibly informative collection of documents. Data recovery android free Some of the certificates were full of family detail – man, wife, children, occupation. Database software Rarely are their ages recorded, but on some they are. Database software definition Some name simply the man confirming – or not – that there is a wife and any family. Database error 7719 at exe Some confirm a single woman is pregnant – was she being “encouraged” to move one wonders.

Each document bears many signatures which are naturally difficult to decipher and we apologise for those incorrectly transcribed; however, as many as possible of these have been included, making this collection valuable to all “name hunters”, while the detail of those requiring Settlement is vital to those trying to establish the movements of their family. Data recovery nj Only one document shows copy letters providing evidence of subsequent removals: the Healey family had a certificate to move from Tamworth to Yorkshire. Iphone 6 data recovery mac It seems that the father then went to Manchester and the son gave evidence. Database design tool There is a further statement of Ann being removed “via London”. H data recovery software This rare glimpse of the effects of settlement is included on this CD as images: they are difficult to read due to the state of the bleed through the paper, but interesting – and pure gold for anyone with the family in their tree.

Please remember that the year began on Lady Day – 25th March – until 1752 when it was moved to 1st January. 1 care data recovery software Therefore 24 February 1714 would, in modern terms, be 24 February 1715. Database user interface While working on these documents in the Vestry, attention was drawn to some stained glass set into the window. Data recovery jaipur Photographs are included on the CD. Database platforms While we have not – yet – managed to have the Latin inscription translated, the arms for Repyngton and Billington are beautiful and worthy of a wider audience.

We are pleased to announce the second series of our area baptismal register transcriptions are now available from our Shop. Data recovery group Further, since September 2016, all our published register transcriptions are also available through FHS-online; members may access them for an additional subscription of £10 pa. Database xls Details from the project co-ordinator, Carole Eales.

Each CD contains a full transcription of every entry recorded in the baptismal register between 01 January 1862 and 30 Jun 1911, with additional material as appropriate. C database library CD parish groupings follow those used in Series 1, with the additions of churches that were concecrated after 1861.

We have used 1861 – 1911 Census returns and GRO registrations to fill in gaps and make sense of illegible entries (of which there are many !) and so present a comprehensive record of those children baptised within the NNWFHS area during this period. 510 k database As of 01 July 1911, the maiden name of the child’s mother is recorded in the GRO Index, so this should allow complete family groupings to be determined; many of these children may now be identified on the 1939 Register.

CD 2 : 7 – Austrey, Baddesley Ensor, Baxterley, Bentley, Grendon, Kingsbury, Lea Marston, Merevale, Middleton, Nether Whitacre, Newton Regis, Over Whitacre, Polesworth, Seckington, Shustoke, Shuttington & Warton … is currently being completed and we hope to make it available in the Autumn 2016.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have contributed to the transcription project; without them, none of this would have been possible. How to become a database administrator Anyone wishing to join the team would be most welcome !

Transcribing N. Database xml Warks Parish Records – We Need You ! Created: Monday, 24 November 2014 19:18 North Warwickshire Parish Register Transcriptions

Ever wondered how all those records got into our CD’s and booklets?, well very simply they were transcribed by NNWFHS members from the original records or copies of the originals onto Excel Spreadsheets.

We have now completed two series of transcriptions, of Baptisms [1813-1911], Burials [1813-1865] and Marriages [1754-1881] for all the parishes within the North Warwickshire area; work has now begun on the post 1754 Baptismal records. Database terminology They provide invaluable information for Family Historians and whilst you are transcribing you can gain an interesting insight to the popular names of the time. Database theory All of the previously transcribed records are now available for purchase in our online shop. Database 1 to 1 relationship Further, since September 2016, all our published transcriptions are available through FHS-online; members may access them for an additional subscription, costing £10 pa. Database testing Contact me for further information.

Since there are many parishes to be completed and each register contains many entries, it would be a great help to the project team if we had a few volunteers to help us. Database graph The work is not onerous; it just needs a little concentration. Database naming conventions In order to complete a transcription, it requires access to the filmed [ Ancestry] or original [ Warwickshire Record Office] registers, the ability to type the records into an Excel document [format provided], and a few hours of your time.

If you have an interest in a particular parish which has not already been transcribed, then we can allocate that to you; at the moment most parishes are available, but for how long ???.