Medical marijuana for pets – green soldiers healers opened in early 2015

There is a budding business in Southern California with an unusual service. Green Soldiers Healers offers cannabis to animals for medicinal purposes. And furthermore, the company corners the market on cannabis delivery service in Los Angeles, also claiming the products are environmentally-friendly. Treating mostly dogs and cats, but also offering its use to horses and birds so far, Linsey Pecikonis, owner of Refined Bud, an agency representing

Green Soldiers Healers, describes the treatment as “a natural alternative to expensive treatments and surgeries” for ailing pets. Pecikonis shared the perspective and purpose of the unique business Green Soldiers Healers with The Santa Clarita Gazette: SCG: Is your business really rare? LP: Green Soldiers Healers is relatively rare in Los Angeles, as we’re the first Clean Green Certified cannabis delivery service, meaning that we carry cannabis grown in California that is not only environmentally-friendly, but free of pesticides, molds, and other items that are not good for your body once ingested.

Medical marijuana for pets - green soldiers healers opened in early 2015

Beyond our Green Clean Certification, we are one of the only delivery services dedicated to educating and building awareness around cannabis treatment for pets. We’ve received a lot of questions and requests from pet parents wanting to know if cannabis is a healthy option for pets. As support for cannabis use and legalization grows in California, it is increasingly important that pet parents understand the difference between human grade cannabis and dosages. Obviously, it’s not the same, and the differences are important. That being said, there is growing research to suggest that some ailments our canine and feline friends face, could benefit by being treated with a chemical compound found in marijuana—a cannabinoid called CBD. SCG: How do you administer marijuana to an animal? LP: Like humans, dogs and cats have an endocannabinoid system that enables chemical compounds found within cannabis to be utilized by the body. Many people who may be familiar with cannabis know about the most famous cannabinoid – THC. CBD is another chemical compound that is also found in cannabis. CBD is one of over 60 compounds found in cannabis that belong to a class of molecules called cannabinoids.

Of these compounds, CBD and THC are usually present in the highest concentrations and are therefore the most recognized and studied. Unlike THC, CBD does not cause a high, giving the chemical a significant advantage as a medicine. After more people become aware of the medical benefits of using CBD, many with ailing pets are turning to this natural alternative to expensive treatments and surgeries. Green Soldiers Healers carries two types of products that are specially designed for pets and pet owners looking to bring a little relief to their furry loved ones. We offer a pet tincture from Treatwell Health.

These pet tinctures are a liquid form of cannabis extraction that can be put directly into your pet’s mouth or their food. Tinctures are an excellent form of delivery for your pet because they are fast acting, easy to dose up and down, and can be used even when your pet has no appetite. Treatwell Health blends their extract with MCT oil (fractionated coconut oil) and fresh salmon oil. MCT oil is healthy, easy for pets to digest and blends evenly for consistent and accurate dosing, and fresh salmon oil is added for the health benefits and taste that most dogs and cats love. Alison Ettel, CEO of Treatwell, turned to using cannabis for its medicinal properties after she somehow contracted a deadly form of meningitis and lapsed into a coma. Ettel says, “I used cannabis for my first and only time during my long recovery.” Since then, she’s educated herself about the healing benefits of cannabis and how she can help humans and animals who may be suffering. Treatwell products are of exceptional quality and consistency, and when you treat your pet with a Treatwell product, you can live at ease. They sell CBD pet tinctures for both dogs and cats, and their products are not psychoactive and are not toxic.

The tinctures are being used for suppressing seizures and can also help with anxiety and mild pain. SCG: Do you have veterinarians? LP: Since Green Soldiers Healers is a medical marijuana discreet delivery service, we do not have veterinarians on staff.

However, we have discussed cannabis treatments with veterinarians and make sure to provide our patients (human and fur-baby alike), with the best available cannabis out there. Studies have shown cannabis to be “non-toxic” and not fatal to dogs and cats. The most common side-effect we see with pets is sleepiness. This side effect will go away as they gain tolerance. However, THC intoxication is something to be cautious of and can happen if large quantities of THC are consumed.

We recommend reading and understanding the dosing recommendations for your pets. The veterinarians that we spoke with welcome an open and honest dialogue about whether or not CBD can be used to treat a variety of ailments in your pet. We always recommend that you speak honestly about cannabis usage with medical professionals in your life. Scientists have found that CBD can reduce nausea and vomiting, suppress seizures, help relieve anxiety, depression, and separation anxiety. It is an anti-inflammatory, has anti-oxidant properties, and combats tumors and cancers. As researchers continue to study the effects cannabinoids have on health and wellness for a variety of animals both large and small, we should keep an open mind and discuss the best ways to treat our little loves.

It goes without saying that sometimes modern medicine doesn’t have all the answers, and scientists and users alike should be open to new data. SCG: Which animals get marijuana? LP: We sell products primarily for cats, dogs, horses and birds, though research has shown that all vertebrate species share the endocannabinoid system that has enabled them to adapt to environmental changes. As legalization of medical cannabis and recreational cannabis increases across the United States, more research is being conducted to understand better the endocannabinoid system. So, while we’re primarily treating dogs and cats right now, it would not surprise us if other benefits become known as research increases. SCG: Are there any legal issues?

LP: As with anything within the medical marijuana industry, cannabis remains illegal at the federal level. Recently, in California, Gov. Brown signed three bills that create a new state agency and develop guidelines for licensing, producing and testing marijuana. If you have a California State ID and valid doctor’s recommendation, we can provide you with a safe and discreet way to purchase cannabis for yourself or your pet. SCG: What would surprise people about what you do? LP: People would find it interesting the number of seniors who are using cannabis and our topical products for pain relief. When a majority of Americans think about marijuana, they envision a “stoner” that was propagated by films like “Pineapple Express,” “Half Baked,” or “Up in Smoke.” These aren’t our patients, and we know that many other dispensaries and delivery services say the same thing about their patients.

Our patients tend to be highly functioning and successful people who utilize cannabis for its medicinal properties. In addition to providing the best and most environmentally-friendly cannabis to the Los Angeles region, we also host educational events for our patients and people curious to learn about cannabis. In fact, on November 8 we’re hosting a celebration for veterans who have served our country at the Westside Pavilion (Westwood Blvd. & Pico Blvd.) beginning at 12 noon. We’ll have speakers, activists, business leaders and veterans talking about how their lives have changed by using cannabis.

This event is a fundraiser for a national organization dedicated to bringing more awareness to veterans and to cannabis use. The more involved we become in providing safe and effective medicine to all people, the more we recognize the need to give back to our community and those most needing our services.  SCG: When did you open your business/practice? LP: Green Soldiers Healers has been operating in the Los Angeles region since early 2015. You can learn more by visiting our website www. greensoldhere.

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Medical marijuana for pets - green soldiers healers opened in early 2015