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In these times many big and small companies are using mass emails as a successful marketing strategy. Database platforms Firstly, it’s because the total cost involved into creating and sending email newsletters is less than using other promotional channels. Data recovery group Secondly, businesses give preference to bulk email because they can send out email campaigns as frequently as they want. Database xls They also have the full control over the email sending process.

C database library For example, they can segment the full list into smaller lists by some criteria and send more relevant email newsletters to each segment. 510 k database This way they ensure that each recipient gets the information he is interested in and is not showered with unwanted emails.

Some time ago, marketers could only use web based solutions to create and send email campaigns. How to become a database administrator But the main disadvantage of web based email services is that they charge a monthly fee depending on the number of recipients. Database xml Thus, you have to pay more and more as far as your mailing list is growing. Database terminology Fortunately, now you can get the same features and functionalities using desktop mass email software instead of expensive web based services. Database theory Online businesses and entrepreneurs need fast, reliable and cost-effective bulk email marketing solution. Database 1 to 1 relationship That’s why mass email program became an essential part of any email marketing campaign.

G-Lock Software provides you with the perfect bulk email sender software for permission based email marketing. Database testing G-Lock EasyMail7 was specifically developed to save your time and money and eliminate the complexity and expense of operating a third-party email service. Database graph Our popular mass email software is currently being used by thousands customers all over the world to create and send email newsletters, manage mailing lists and process bounce emails.

G-Lock EasyMail7 offers a complete email marketing solution. Database naming conventions It is an easy-to-use, powerful yet cost-effective mass email software solution for Internet business professionals.

G-Lock EasyMail7 supports all the features and functionalities of the best mass email software for Windows. Database entity You can test G-Lock EasyMail7 trial version (up to 12,000 emails a month) during 14 days, and then you can switch to a paid version and benefit from email marketing:

• Your mailing list and messages remain private and secured with G-Lock EasyMail7. Database developer After installing this mass email program to your own computer you don’t share your subscribers with the 3rd party services. Data recovery plan You take the full control over your mailing process.

• G-Lock EasyMail7 can work with large mailing lists and does not limit you on the amount of email groups and email newsletters. Data recovery kansas city You can import the contact information from various sources such as MS Excel, MS Access, CSV, Text files, and other databases. N k database Plus, our mass email software can be integrated with CRM databases which means you don’t need to export and import your list every time you need to send emails. Data recovery 2016 G-Lock EasyMail7 automatically reads an up-to-date email list from your database once you setup the database connection.

• With our bulk email sender you can create and send personalized email newsletters for building relationship with your subscribers. 510 k database fda You can have unlimited custom fields in each group in G-Lock EasyMail7 and merge any of the fields into the message subject or body. Database programmer While almost any email sender software supports email personalization, G-Lock EasyMail7 also allows you to send personalized attachments. Data recovery osx Using merge tags you can tell the program to attach a unique file to each subscriber.

• Since email marketers prefer HTML email newsletters, the support of HTML emails becomes a requirement for any good mass email software. Database integrity Our mass email marketing program is supplied with a rich store of professionally designed HTML email templates that you can install and use to design your newsletters. Database backup There are many responsive email templates that look good in all email clients including mobile devices.

• Our mass email program has the built-In FTP client which means you can upload pictures used in your message to your web server directly from G-Lock EasyMail7. Hollywood u database The program will then automatically replace local paths of the images in the message with the paths on the web. Data recovery ipad This helps you decrease your message size, increase the sending speed and ensure the pictures will be displayed correctly within the message. Database vs server Plus, you save your money if you send using a 3rd party service for example Amazon SES where they charge you for data transfer.

• G-Lock EasyMail7 provides you a ready to use unsubscribe link that you can merge into the message. Database is in transition You can customize the unsubscribe link as you like and have different unsubscribe links for different groups.

• G-Lock EasyMail7 has the built-in Bounce Manager which will always help you maintain your email lists clean. Data recovery ios The Bounce Manager recognizes soft and hard bounce emails and extracts the email addresses from bounce messages. Database data types The Bounce Handler can automatically unsubscribe or delete bounce email addresses from internal groups. Data recovery johannesburg In addition, it can automatically update external databases,delete bounce emails from external databases and insert bounce emails into the database.

• Our email blast software supports diverse sending modes. Iphone 5 data recovery software For example, it can send emails using your existing ISP SMTP settings, or through the Amazon SES API or SMTP. Database operations This flexible sending engine makes G-Lock EasyMail7 suitable for any marketer as it eliminates the need of having own SMTP server.

• Using autoresponders in our G-Lock EasyMail7 email marketing program you can send automatic email campaigns to improve your reader’s experience and convert prospects into customers. Database index After you set up an autoresponder, you don’t have to think about it again — G-Lock EasyMail7 makes sure your campaigns get to your subscribers right on time.