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Maps are compatible with Bootstrap for an easy integration and responsiveness, they also include mobile device support and loadposition tag support for inclussion in any location on your Joomla website.

Format all email messages with your own template. Data recovery techniques Data recovery dallas Select any of the built-in examples or create your own in a WYSIWYG editor with easy place holder tags for Date, Website name and URL, Content, and more. Data recovery using linux Data recovery denver Templates can be assigned to a specific component or system-wide and include multi-language support.

If you want to customize a specific email message just create a custom override with your own text and layout including variable place holders with support for all Joomla languages installed. Data recovery apple Data recovery disk There is no need to edit cumbersome files any more!

Keep track of your emailing performance and browse the contents of all emails sent in a detailed log and resend any email with the click of a button.

Power Mail supports front end and back end emails, unlimited templates, unlimited overrides, multiple components, multiple languages, plain or HTML format, blind copies and more.

Data recovery druid It includes 27 built-in template variations to get you started along with a super-fast search tool for language constants and strings.

Each map module is composed of multiple vector areas customizable on their own with personalized colors, clickable links, nice 1 or 2 line tooltips, HTML-enabled header and footer areas plus other options with easy to use parameters and controls to fine-tune the display to your exact needs.

Maps are compatible with Bootstrap for an easy integration and responsiveness, they also include mobile device support and loadposition tag support for inclussion in any location on your Joomla website.

The YouTube Playlist Wall provides an easy and powerful solution to display videos from in a playlist format from YouTube on your website. Data recovery google store Data recovery devices Simply set the module to pick your desired playlist: likes, favorites, uploads, and playlists. Database works Data recovery diy You can configure the player parameters such as number of videos, columns, rows, size, controls, colors and more, then let the Wall module handle everything for you to create an attractive and engaging display.

Like the other extensions in our content Wall family, the module allows you can use any custom HTML and CSS needed to match your website design or create your own custom displays with over 20 place-holder tags for titles, descriptions, prev/next buttons and different image sizes to position video data exactly where you need. Data recovery cheap Data recovery damaged hard drive The wall comes ready with 8 responsive layouts compatible with both desktop and mobile devices.

The JoomlaXTC JEM Wall for the JEM event listing component gives you the power to display event information using built-in templates or your own custom CSS and HTML in any module position. Database of state incentives for renewables and efficiency Data recovery deleted files Choose your own selection criteria to show categories, events, venues and more.

The module includes 46 pre-made templates and multiple layouts including Bootstrap and CSS tables for flexibility, you can also create custom layouts with one or more rows, columns and pages and a variety of special effects to choose from.

Get ready to impress your clients and users with the YouTube Background video player. Data recovery usb stick Data recovery external hard drive As seen in our Hardcore Skate and Surf Shop template, the YouTube Background module can enhance your homepage with a stunning video based landing page, or add video animations to your background or even add the video to any HTML block, the options are limitless!

Developed for ease of use, choose one or more YouTube videos for display and forget about multiple video formats, browser compatibility, video storage and bandwidth. Database companies Data recovery equipment Just simply let YouTube handle it all for you, nothing could be simpler!

JoomlaXTC Timeline component provides an easy way to implement smooth and sleek timeline based slideshows of content organized by date from sources such as Joomla! articles, K2 items, GoogleDocs or custom-made timelines. Database application Data recovery external hard drive mac Each content item can contain media elements such as the following:

The Joomla! XTC JomSocial Event Wall module enhances your site with incredible power to display JomSocial Events information with your custom CSS and HTML in a module position.

Choose events by Category and other criteria and display them with your own templates limited only by your imagination. Database online Data recovery engineer It is the perfect tool for developers with custom styles in mind. Database high availability Data recovery expert The module can display events in rows, columns and grids as well as special scrolling effects for sliders and transitions.

This module gives you the power to display Joomla Contact Listings with your custom CSS and HTML in a module position with added Javscript effects.

Display your contacts listings with your own templates limited only by your imagination. Database utility Data recovery easeus Its the perfect tool for developers with custom styles in mind. Data recovery zagreb Data recovery equipment tools Along with the custom layout the module can display columns and grids for custom listing walls as well as scrolling content for slideshows, sliding content, tool tips, pop ups and much more!

Ever wanted to use a Joomla component from anywhere in your site? Now you can open any component on a Lightbox (modal) window with just a click! Use the module parameters to setup an image as a clickable button, include width, height, and select any of your component menu options or specify a custom URL to open in an attractive Lightbox window! (note: results might vary depending on your template)

Enhance the browsing experience on your website with XTC Slide Panel by placing a clickable area containing plain text, an image or HTML code that in turn will show a sliding panel coming from the top or bottom of your website with left and right areas to put your own custom text, login, other modules, content or anything you wish. Database javascript Data recovery for mac The sliding effect is Mootools-based for perfect Joomla! compatibility and is ideal for dropdown logins, extra menus, deals of the day and so much more.

The JoomlaXTC Community Builder Avatar Wall Module displays user Avatar images and other information from your community using a variety of display layouts and special effects such as Column, Row, Grids, Pages, Zoom and scrollable Windows, 40+ next/prev buttons image sets, Slide and Fade, tooltip and pop-up effects!

The powerful features of the module enable you to easily create your own design layouts with multiple selectable information placement for both the overall module and each Avatar shown including special Mootools animation effects with no PHP or Javascript knowledge required. Database administrator jobs Data recovery for iphone Your imagination is truly the limit!

Reading List enhances content-rich sites by enabling users to select Joomla articles and/or K2 Items for inclusion in their own personal Reading List. Data recovery for iphone Data recovery freeware They can later browse and read the articles in an easy to use interface. Data recovery victoria bc Data recovery for android Even more, they can share their content selection with social networks and provide a personalized reading link to friends and public alike, thus enabling them to offer a unique content digest and drive traffic to the site.