Machine learning and creative methods used to classify customers in a crm systems (pdf download available)

Considering the fact that business processes are becoming more and more customer-oriented, marketing and connecting top management to the customers are extremely important, which should be given a special attention, taking into account the globalization and the increasing market competition. Data recovery best Due to the exponential growth of data volume, in any field, it was necessary to use and develop new methods and techniques for discovering “hidden” information in data, information almost impossible to be detected by traditional means, based on human analysis skills. Data recovery program This paper presents a pre-processing method for mining data in order to support decision makers in developing coherent and saleable strategies as regards the customers, based on their classification in different categories, specific to the area of concern, for the purpose of improving the Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM systems). 7 data recovery 94fbr In order to facilitate analysis and decision making by top management, the analyzed results are presented – in graphic format-using the facilities provided by Google API integrated in the application created with Open Source technologies.

[Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: The paper presents the importance of analysis isotopes on anonymous readers’ comments as an important part of deep interpretation of texts. Database languages Furthermore, we describe a classification methodology of the anonymous readers’ comments on online articles, through the overlapping of isotopes, which completed the traditional analytical methods. Database ranking Automatic recognition of isotopes is an important topic in Natural Language Processing (NLP), especially in the semantic disambiguation. Data recovery youtube The aim of this article is the automatic comparative analysis of the identified isotopes in articles and comments, which reveals an important part of online behavior. 911 database Moreover, we present a new tool that classifies the online commentators based on existing resources, open-source or freely available for research purposes. Data recovery download This study is intend to help direct beneficiaries (journalists, business, education, managers, PR specialists), but also specialists and researchers in the field of natural language processing, linguists, psychologists, etc.

[Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: This paper focuses on the analysis of social media content generated by social networks (e.g. Data recovery after factory reset Twitter) in order to extract semantic features. Database schema design By using text categorization to sort text feeds into categories of similar feeds, it has been proved to reduce the overhead that is required to retrieve these feeds and at the same time, it provides smaller pools in which further investigations can be made easier. Database uml The aim of this survey is to draw a user profile, by analysing his or her tweets. Data recovery ntfs In this early stage of research, being a pre-processing phase, a dictionary based approach is considered. Database error Moreover, the paper describes an algorithm used in analysing the text and its preliminary results. Database functions This paper is focusing to support research in Social Media exploration. Top 10 data recovery Thus, it describes a tool useful for communication experts to analyse public speeches. Database job titles So far, this tool gave promising results in inferring socio-political trends from social media content of public speakers. Data recovery linux live cd We also evaluated our experiment on Support Vector Machine (SVM) with 10-fold cross-validations.