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Promoting Amateur Radio here in ( Sheffield) UK and around the world With the Communication Unit GB4HAM , If you would like to hire this for an Event please email me !!

Streaming on BATC, under GB3TT, and also on my You tube Channel Gx3RCM/Stevem1ers. Database record definition Soon the Communication Unit will be getting a Call of its own We are looking forward to this it will give the unit its own Identity, the unit is fitted with all radio gear sstv,psk31.hf.vhf.uhf.d-star.irlp.echolink.microwave, also live streaming, We have now got the call for the Communication unit its now the GB4HAM Communication unit hope to here you on the bands soon

​I started Linking irlp/Echolink M1ERS-L from back in1999 i was the first to bring linking to the uk we only had 2 frequencies for testing, and now with /D-Star/Fusion/DMR Repeater Please look at my Site www.GB7SF.org.uk

IRLP Node and Echolink 18424 on a simplex freq , Dstar Repeater GB7SF port C and a new Fusion Repeater on 70cm, Hytera DMR Brandmister Server here in the Uk With GB7SN at Norton

I run the Communication Unit that was the EX RSGB GB4FUN , I also started running a Live channel on You Tube and ustream when i am on events, please check in if you see me on if you would like more information please email me , I am involved in the scout Jota and help the Scout with radio ……

I work Contests some time and help the Club out on field days also with there events. Database glossary i like working IOTA from Arran that we have worked many times and enjoyed myself on them every time i go, at the moment i have been spending most of my time helping our Hobby to grow with the new communication unit that i run . Data recovery druid i will be back working some Contest in the near Future i am Thinking off changing my station a little at home,by installing a new 3EL StepperIR on the Tower then i can install a remote base then i can access the remote base from the communications unit when i am out on events and i cannot get any antennas up at the site where i am at that time. Data recovery houston tx i hope to here stations on the Bands , Please listen out for me when i am out with the GX3RCM communications unit, take a look at the link on our site and visit www.gb7sf.org.uk. Database 2010 I run a Video Channel on my You Tube when i can from the communication unit please check it out I also run a ATV Repeater GB3TT i am hoping to fitting some TX units for TV on the Communication unit for some time i have been working with a good friend of mine Tom’s W5KUB on his stream for some years now, when we was at the Newark Ham Fest back in 2013 here in the UK we worked with Tom this was the First ever Streaming of a Ham Event from the UK, also you can see the Trailer on Hamnation Episode 118,with Tom W5KUB, please look out for Tom on the W5KUB page also Please look at our website www.gb7sf.org.uk

Hi my name is Steve and the photo is of me and my Wife Irene . Dayz database map i have been on the radio for about 30 years now i started on the Cb bands back in 1974 and made a lot of radio friends all around the world . Database website template I passed my Amateur license in 1999/2000 it is a lot better and gives me a lot more scope to work freq that i could not before . 7 data recovery registration code And Now i can work on HF please listen out for me i love to work 10/15/17/20/40/80/160 If you here me Please give me a call i am on the Radio most of the time, The photo of the Sunset is looking from my Radio Shack to the west , My Antenna is a Hygain TH3 Thunderbird MK 4 on a P60 Tower, and i like to make antennas as well and trying them out i do like working USB 2m as well so i hope one day i can have a qso with your station one day i would like to thank all the station i have had a QSO with on 17m and all other Bands in the Past , Please listen out for Me. 7 databases in 7 weeks pdf I do run the GB7SF Dstar Repeater here in Sheffield Visit our web site www.gb7sf.org.uk

I also used to work the iphone and the repeater links and i love working GB3 US our 70cm repeater hear in Sheffield Uk . Database key definition Also i have Five computers in the shack thy are Pentium II 233 and a Pentium II 350 and a Pentium II/233. Database hierarchy That runs a IRLP node and the node has a fast internet connection.

Data recovery on mac if you would like to see my Web site go to www.irlp.co.uk i run a IRLP Node 5120 with a Dv Mega on a simplex Freq 434.500 which is connected to REF006B i set the REF6B for mobiles with a DV-Mega plus he hold nets on there as well here in SHEFFIELD South Yorkshire UK .

In August 2003 Ted G4OBF A very good Friend of mine said that he would run a node for me,.But Ted Sadly passed away in 2009 he will be misted (RIP Ted) In September 2003 we was of to the USA to stay with Friends Carolyn Kg4SCS and Don in KY this was good for me as we could talk back to the guys back home and had a Super time in the USA, and when i got back i set up Node 5500 Was Born in Sheffield. Data recovery kali linux Also i took a Node over to Carolyn in ky that is node 5227 and that Node is in Beaver Dam Ky

I run DSL High Speed internet . I card data recovery For more info on the things that are in the pipe Line here in the UK visit the Repeater Web site www.gb7sf.org.uk i will be updating my web site also I also run a Echolink Node number is 18424 Give me a call . Database name I am QRV on 10m 15m 17m 20m 40m 80m Most Days .I hope to have a QSO one day with you so listen out for me Best 73 to all from Myself & YL Irene. Database quiz give me a Call on D-Star GB7SF / C Sheffield UK . Database url Echolink Gateway 18424 M1ers-L here in Sheffield, My Echolink is simplex the freq 434.500. Os x data recovery free Take A Visit to our Web Site At WWW.GB7SF.ORG.UK and see all the Node’s in the UK. Fda 510 k database Sorry about the Irlp.co.uk Site at this time as i am renewing the site with more information ( New Site Soon ) please look at our club web site at www.gb7sf.org.uk

Update on the Latest News here in Sheffield some friends and myself setup a D-Star repeater on 2m GB7SF on port C and we have also installing a 70cms repeater to GB7SF on Port B giving GB7SF 2m port C and 70cms port B if you can work the D-Star System Give us a call it would be nice to have a Chat. Database research Myself and the Team on GB7SF, We are installing one more Repeater with the Call Sign GB7SH Fusion on the Wiresx ( 70cm) Repeater, So please listen out for me on Dstar/Fusion/DMR Plus Hytera ,and also HF bands as well from my Motorhome and the communication unit for our events , I do run a Ustream Channel GX3RCM with live Streaming I love to work Hf and all the systems from home and from my Motorhome and the communication unit when out