Loading data from oracle field service cloud into oracle bi cloud service using soap

This post details a method of extracting and loading data from Oracle Field Service Cloud (OFSC) into the Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS). A compelling reason to use such a method is when data is required that is not in the standard daily extract. Database link oracle Such data might be planning (future) data or data recently provided in new releases of the application. This post uses SOAP web services to extract XML-formatted data responses.

7 data recovery key It also uses the PL/SQL language to wrap the SOAP extract, XML parsing commands, and database table operations in a Stored Procedure. Database manager salary It produces a BICS staging table and a staging view which can then be transformed into star-schema object(s) for use in modeling. The transformation processes and modeling are not discussed in this post. The PL/SQL components are for demonstration purposes only and are not intended for enterprise production use. Database processing Additional detailed information, including the complete text of the PL/SQL procedure described, is included in the References section at the end of this post. Database xcode Rationale for Using PL/SQL PL/SQL is the only procedural tool that runs on the BICS / Database Schema Service platform. Database administrator salary Other wrapping methods e.g. Data recovery iphone 4s Java, ETL tools, etc. Fundamentals of database systems require a platform outside of BICS to run on. Note: PL/SQL is very good at showcasing functionality. Database er diagram However, it tends to become prohibitively resource intensive when deploying in an enterprise production environment. Data recovery tools linux For the best enterprise deployment, an ETL tool such as Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) should be used to meet these requirements and more: If the web service requires a security protocol, key exchange or cypher not supported by the default BICS Schema Database Service, another Oracle Database Cloud Service (DBCS) may be used. Note: For TLSv1.2, specify a database version of or greater, or any version of 12c. Data recovery wizard for mac If the database is not at the required version, PL/SQL may throw the following error: ORA-29259: end-of-input reached To detect what protocol a web service uses, open the SOAP WSDL page in a browser, click the lock icon, and navigate to the relevant security section. Database etl A Chrome example from an OFSC WSDL page is below: Create a BICS user in the database. Database lock The use of Jobs and the DBMS_CRPTO package shown in the example below are discussed later in the post. Data recovery reviews Example SQL statements are below: Create an entry in a new or existing Oracle database wallet for the trusted public certificate used to secure connections to the web service via the Internet. Database d b A link to the Oracle Wallet Manager documentation is included in the References section. Ads b database Note the location and password of the wallet as they is used to issue the SOAP request. The first is a staging table comprising a set of identical columns. Database denormalization This post uses a staging table named QUOTA_STAGING_TABLE. Pokemon y database The columns are named consecutively as C01 through C nn. Data recovery icon This post uses 50 staging columns. Fda 510 k database The SQL used to create this table may be viewed here. The second is a staging view named QUOTA_STAGING_VIEW built over the staging table. Google hacking database The view column names are the attribute names used in the API WSDL. Database concepts 6th edition pdf The SQL used to create this view may be viewed here. Data recovery utility The purpose of the view is to relate an attribute name found in the SOAP response to a staging table column based on the view column’s COLUMN_ID in the database. Data recovery from hard drive For example, if a response attribute name of bucket_id is detected and the COLUMN_ID of the corresponding view column is 3, then the staging table column populated with the attribute value would be C03. Database objects Ensuring the Web Services are Available Note: If you are unable to reach the website, the services may not be offered or the URL may have changed. Data recovery raid 5 Discuss this with the service administrator. Database architect Using API Testing Tools The SOAP Request Envelope should be developed in an API testing tool such as SoapUI or Postman. Data recovery options The XPATH expressions for parsing should be developed and tested in an XPATH expression testing tool such as FreeFormatter. Database jobs Links to these tools are provided in the References section. Note: API testing tools such as SoapUI, FreeFormatter, Postman, and so on are third-party tools for using SOAP and REST services. H2 database file Oracle does not provide support for these tools or recommend a particular tool for its APIs. R studio data recovery serial key You can select the tool based on your requirements. Database query languages Preparing the SOAP Request This post uses the get_quota_data method of the Oracle Field Service Cloud Capacity Management API. P d database Additional information about the API is included as a link in the References section. Use a browser to open the WSDL page for this API. Database 101 An example URL for the page is: https:// hostname /soap/capacity/?wsdl. This page provides important information regarding the request and response envelopes used by the API. The request envelope is comprised of the following sections. M power database Note: To complete the envelope creation, the sections are concatenated together to provide a single request envelope. Data recovery from external hard drive An example of a complete request enveloped may be viewed here. Database join types Opening The now component is the current time in the UTC time zone. Section 8 database An example is: 2016-12-19T09:13:10+00:00. It is populated by the following command: The auth_string component is the MD5 hash of the concatenation of the now component with the MD5 hash of the user password. Icd 9 database In pseudo-code it would be md5 (now + md5 (password)). Database xampp It is populated by the following command: There are two required parameters: date and resource_id. Database administrator jobs Each may have multiple entries. Data recovery joondalup However the sample procedure in this post allows only one resource id. Database of genomic variants It also uses just one date to start with and then issues the request multiple times for the number of consecutive dates requested. The aggregation component specifies whether to aggregate the results. Database viewer Since BI will do this automatically, aggregation and totals are set to 0 (no). H data recovery registration code free download An example is: The APEX_WEB_SERVICE package is used to populate a request header and issue the SOAP request. Database hardware The header requests that the web service return the contents in a non-compressed text format as shown below: Common issues are the need for a proxy, the need for a trusted certificate (if using HTTPS), and the need to use the TLS security protocol. Database roles Note: This post uses DBCS so the second and third issues have been addressed. The need for a proxy may be detected when the following error occurs: ORA-12535: TNS:operation timed out. B tree database management system Adding the optional p_proxy_override parameter to the call may correct the issue. Database file An example proxy override is: Each occurrence of every hierarchical level is parsed to determine attribute names and values. Data recovery near me Both the name and the value are then used to populate a column in the staging table. Occurrences 1 and 2 of the bucket level are parsed to return attribute names of bucket_id and name. Database job description The bucket_id attribute is used as-is and the name attribute is prefixed with “bucket_” to find the corresponding column_ids in the staging view. Data recovery 94fbr The corresponding columns in the staging table, C03 and C04, are then populated. Occu
rrence 1 of the day level returns the attribute name of date. Database foreign key The attribute name is prefixed with “day_” to find the corresponding column_id in the staging view. Database as a service The corresponding column in the staging table, C05, is then populated with the value ‘2016-12-21’. Occurrence 2 of the day level returns the first of three time_slot level element tags. Iphone 6 data recovery Processing for each continues at the time-slot level. Database google drive Each time_slot element contains 5 attribute occurrences followed by a category level element tag. Each category level contains 5 attribute occurrences. Data recovery geek squad Note: there is no occurrence of a work_zone level element tag in the category level. Database recovery pending Thus after each category level element is processed, a row is written to the staging table. The end result is that 3 rows are written to the staging table for this bucket. Data recovery prices The table below describes the XML to row mapping for the first row. Database sharding Attribute Name In PL/SQL, the processing is accomplished using the LOOP command. Database keys with example There is a loop for each hierarchical level. Data recovery xfs Loops end when no results are returned for a parse statement. XPATH statements are used for parsing. Database management systems 3rd edition Additional information regarding XPATH statements may be found in the References section. Database engineer salary Examples are below: Statement The procedure may be scheduled to run periodically through the use of an Oracle Scheduler job. Jstor database A link to the Scheduler documentation may be found in the References section. A job is created using the CREATE_JOB procedure by specifying a job name, type, action and a schedule. E m database Setting the enabled argument to TRUE enables the job to automatically run according to its schedule as soon as you create it. This post detailed a method of extracting and loading data from Oracle Field Service Cloud (OFSC) into the Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS). The post used SOAP web services to extract the XML-formatted data responses. Data recovery richmond va It used a PL/SQL Stored Procedure to wrap the SOAP extract, XML parsing commands, and database table operations. Data recovery software It loaded a BICS staging table and a staging view which can be transformed into star-schema object(s) for use in modeling. For more BICS and BI best practices, tips, tricks, and guidance that the A-Team members gain from real-world experiences working with customers and partners, visit Oracle A-Team Chronicles for BICS. Data recovery advisor References