Lisbon symbol database (lsd)_ subjective norms for 600 symbols (pdf download available)

This article presents subjective rating norms for a new set of 600 symbols, depicting various contents (e.g., transportation, technology, and leisure activities) that can be used by researchers in different fields. Database visualization Symbols were evaluated for aesthetic appeal, familiarity, visual complexity, concreteness, valence, arousal, and meaningfulness. Data recovery qatar The normative data were obtained from 388 participants, and no gender differences were found. Data recovery no root Descriptive results (means, standard deviations, and confidence intervals) for each symbol in each dimension are presented. Database keywords Overall, the dimensions were highly correlated. Normalization in database Additionally, participants were asked to briefly describe the meaning of each symbol. Database 3nf The results indicate that the present symbol set is varied, allowing for the selection of exemplars with different levels on the seven examined dimensions. Database server This set of symbols constitutes a tool with potential for research in different areas. Data recovery wd passport The database with all of the symbols is available as supplemental materials.

[Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: This article presents subjective rating norms for a new set of Stills And Videos of facial Expressions—the SAVE database. Relational database management system Twenty nonprofessional models were filmed while posing in three different facial expressions (smile, neutral, and frown). Database generator After each pose, the models completed the PANAS questionnaire, and reported more positive affect after smiling and more negative affect after frowning. Database 3nf example From the shooting material, stills and 5 s and 10 s videos were edited (total stimulus set = 180).

Data recovery hard drive software A different sample of 120 participants evaluated the stimuli for attractiveness, arousal, clarity, genuineness, familiarity, intensity, valence, and similarity. Iphone 4 data recovery Overall, facial expression had a main effect in all of the evaluated dimensions, with smiling models obtaining the highest ratings. Database logo Frowning expressions were perceived as being more arousing, clearer, and more intense, but also as more negative than neutral expressions. Moto g data recovery Stimulus presentation format only influenced the ratings of attractiveness, familiarity, genuineness, and intensity. Database analyst salary The attractiveness and familiarity ratings increased with longer exposure times, whereas genuineness decreased. Data recovery engineer The ratings in the several dimensions were correlated. Gt m database The subjective norms of facial stimuli presented in this article have potential applications to the work of researchers in several research domains. In databases information is organized in From our database, researchers may choose the most adequate stimulus presentation format for a particular experiment, select and manipulate the dimensions of interest, and control for the remaining dimensions. Data recovery tools iphone The full stimulus set and descriptive results (means, standard deviations, and confidence intervals) for each stimulus per dimension are provided as supplementary material.