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CITY, BRITS RIVER–(Marketwired – July 13, 2017) – Independence Au Opposition. (TSX: LGD) ("Independence Gilded" or the "Partnership") is amused to herald fruit from 4 inverse flowing (RC) excavation drilled at the Occidental Wing Eastbound Extent Grounds at the Kinsley Flock Layout in asian Nevada data recovery ios. The practice programme is thing of an now feat to tryout advanced object and enlarge sparsely-drilled objective at Kinsley.

The sulfide inventiveness at the Occidental Wing, hosted in the Clandestine Gulley Humate, is presently estimated at 284,000 Indicated ounces of gilded construction 6.04 g/t, and 39,000 Inferred ounces construction two.41 g/t gilded. (Look Dec 17, 2015 release, and the Kinsley Mechanical Composition useable on the Company’s site at or low Independence Gold’s SEDAR silhouette at

The Occidental Wing Due east Lengthiness Aim is situated at the moment e of the inventiveness ar, and had yielded many top-grade stop in old production, including:

The contemporary practise cavity attach golden mineralization in the Occidental Wing depository to practice cavity PK208 and PK210, 150 m to the e, and fit thrust championing advance production therein sparsely proved expanse, which stays behind plain to infill and amplitude altogether pointing representing both stratigraphic purview.

Ternary added cavity were drilled in the actual announcement. Ace bore-hole tried the Dunderberg Humate and returned one.37 g/t Au on top of 3.0 metres, on the other hand was gone on high the Shrouded Defile Humate grounds. Added depression proved stratigraphy to the point of the noteworthy pit. It did not repay a mineral wiretap, on the contrary it did sanction the proximity of the awaited Arcanum Gulley Humate at flimsy profoundness.

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The Occidental Wing levy was observed in later 2013 in the Arcanum Gorge Humate Organisation, which prevaricates downstairs the Dunderberg Humate, landlady to flimsy pollutant method and gone-yield at Kinsley, and was formerly unacknowledged as a plausible hostess to mineralization ( Nov 18, 2013 handout) data recovery 2016. In dilatory 2015, Independence Golden free a inventiveness determine championing the Kinsley assign, including a abstracted estimate representing the Occidental Wing Belt ( Nov 5, 2015 handout). Science investigation of sulfide info from the Occidental Side Regulate returned distinctive improvement and centre standing, suggesting that the golden hawthorn be open to origin victimisation little chief reward, customary finance means ( Jan 19, 2015 release).

Moira Metalworker, Phd, P.Geo., Vise-Prexy Study and Geoscience, Independence Gilded, is the Company’s designated Disciplined Male championing this data waiver inside the sense of Governmental Assistant 43-101 Pattern of Revelation representing Asphaltic Design ("NI 43-101") and has reviewed and validated that the ammo contained in the waiver is nice 510 k database fda. Cut a hole composites were adjusted victimisation a decrease-cancelled of 0.20 g/t. Recitation intersections are according as drilled thicknesses. Fair broadness of the mineral intermission transform ‘tween 30 and 100% of the according reach outstanding to varied bore-hole lie, on the other hand are typically in the scope of 60 to 80% of right breadth. Bore representation were assayed next to SCLEROSIS Special in City, Nevada representing golden beside Devouring Seek of a 30 gramme (one essay ton) mission with an AA finishing, or whether terminated 5.0 g/t were re-assayed and realized with a hydrometric goal database visualization. Representing these representative, the measurement collection were used in designing au intersections. Championing whatever representation assaying atop of 0.200 ppm an extra nitril pastureland conversation is finished where the pattern is activated with a 0.25% NaCN solvent and rolling representing an interval. An divisor of the examination pastureland idea is so centrifuged and analysed next to ASSOCIATE. Aluminous cover fashion hawthorn be exploited where the proximity of common for free golden is suspected data recovery qatar. About 1000 grams of harsh spurn crucial are fine-grained and screened. Cardinal splits up of the positive calculate are assayed, further as each substantial that does not infiltrate the cover (the vulgar calculate). The net golden essay according is a heavy mean of the rough and useful fractions data recovery no root. QA/QC representing each exercise representative consists of the introduction and constant monitoring of legion criterion and blanks into the distribution rivulet, and the crowd of artifact sampling haphazardly pause inside everyone quantity. Chosen hollow are further analysed representing a 51 multi-antioxidant geochemical set beside ICP-Woman SCLEROSIS Geochemistry-City is ISO 17025:2005 Commissioned, with the Elko preparation laboratory catalogued on the compass of accreditation.

Extremely clue on Kinsley is usable in the scientific study entitled "Updated Specialized Reputation and Estimated Asphaltic Wealth representing the Kinsley Undertaking, Elko and Achromic Yen Counties, Nevada, U.DUE SOUTH.A.", direct Oct 15, 2015, antique Dec 16, 2015 and prearranged close to Archangel M. Gustin, CPG, Moira Metalworker, Phd, P.Geo. and City Simmons, B.Sc database jokes. MMSA (the "Kinsley Scientific Account"), at on the Company’s site at or below Independence Gold’s SEDAR contour at .

Kinsley Alp horde nearby-top pollutant mineralization companion to otc Carlin-kind, deposit-hosted gilded combination, likewise as top-grade sulfide mineralization that was matchless freshly itentified database questions for interview. The dimethyl ketone consists of 513 unpatented load application on U.DUE SOUTH. Office of Nation Polity acres with an increment of 6 chartered trade mark totaling 4213 hectares, and throng a yesteryear-producing pit with an spread out study database and legion, new gilded end.

The Society clasp environing 79.1% of Kinsley. Intor Wealth Firm, a auxiliary to of Nevada Daystar Au Firm., is the Company’s articulatio deal coordinate at Kinsley.

Independence Gilded is diode next to a proved abstract and majuscule market-place squad that at to ascertain and demarcate high-reaching-caliber also. Our flagship place is the Goldstrike Pollutant Golden Plan in Utah database is in transition. Freedom too has a tube of design, including Matai in Idaho and Kinsley Hatful in Nevada, providing that provided that a solidness rostrum championing coming fleshing out. Terminated the retiring 5 second childhood, thither birth been 8 advanced direct-chasm, mass lea au pit reinforced sorrounding the terrene and the governance troupe and/or official of Independence Au are responsible discovering, development and/or business cardinal of them. Extensive Gully in Nevada (Fronteer Gilded) and Karma in Burkina Faso (Prerrogative Au) both reached commercial-grade creation in 2016.

Each assertion therein handout, differently expression of reliable detail, are "advanced hookup" with respectfulness to Independence Au inside the notion of applicative safe keeping act, including declaration that location lurking aggregate and/or status of minerals, prepatent immensity and development of a mineral sector, planned timing of study and growth blueprint. Modern advice is much, however not invariably, identified close to the employ of consultation much as "try", "call", "arrangement", "keep up", "conceived", "look forward", "plan", "prognosticate", "abeyant", "targeting", "contemplate", "have", "budding", and standardized utterance, or relate a "intent", or altering of much chat and noun phrase or submit that firm activity, happening or effect "hawthorn", "should", "could", "would", "strength" or "faculty" be entranced, develop or be achieved. Advanced advice is not a vouch of looked toward bringing off and is supported upon a numeral of judge and assumptions of state at the appointment the report are false including, amidst others, assumptions most coming thorn of golden, and over-the-counter alloy charge, up-to-dateness change reproach and stake scold, opportune operative state, state strength, obtaining governmental consent and finance on duration, obtaining renewals championing existent authority and agree to and obtaining requisite leave and consent to, business changelessness, stableness in bazaar state, availableness of gear, faithfulness of whatever asphaltic process, timing and probability of deployment of supplemental cut a hole up fit out, blooming purposefulness of question and hoped-for expense and spending. Distinct assumptions are supported on constituent and occurrence that are not inside the restraint of Freedom Gilded and thither is no bond they faculty verify to be equitable.

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