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Her work speaks for itself. She is employed as a family resource specialist for danville pittsylvania community services; co-founded parents of the schools — a community based group designed to support student achievement through parent and community engagement; and regularly attends and participates in school board meetings. She is a natural organizer, a good listener, a team builder and an articulate and thoughtful communicator.

Our school community faces daunting challenges in areas of staffing, physical infrastructure, student behavior and academic achievement. To address those challenges, danville needs a highly qualified and passionate team of people on the school board.Broward county

Cobbs’ experience, integrity and passion qualify her to serve on that team and to guide our school system back to excellence.

On may 1, I hope to celebrate her election to danville’s school board.

Like everyone else in this country, I am heartbroken because of the 17 people killed and the 14 people shot by nikolas cruz at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, fla., on feb. 14. Of course, the liberals and the democratic party want to blame the NRA and president trump for this. Funny thing, when the republicans were shot at during baseball practice for a congressional baseball game and rep. Steve scalise was nearly killed, I didn’t hear anyone blaming the NRA or president trump.Become christian maybe that was because a bernie sanders supporter did the shooting.

First off, the FBI was notified several times about cruz and his postings on facebook. In one posting, he even bragged that he wanted to become a professional school shooter, but the FBI did not take the time to check this out. They responded to the man that reported the posting, but the FBI said they could not find out anything about a nikolas cruz. Fox news reported that a google search turned up only 13 people in the country by that name spelled that way. I guess the FBI was too busy chasing down sen. Mark warner’s rabbit hole looking for president trump’s collusion with russia.Broward county but I digress.

Secondly, the parkland police and broward county deputies were called 39 times in seven years to the place where cruz and his brother lived because of disturbances caused by one, or both of them, but no charges were filed.

Thirdly, the teachers, and students of that school pointed out to the school leaders about the trouble cruz caused, and before he was expelled from that school he was not allowed to bring a backpack into the school. Another thing, in the early stage of the obama administration, president obama and attorney general eric holder put forth a program called the promise act that would give money to school districts and police departments not to report misdemeanors committed by minority students.Broward county school this was put in place because it was thought that too many minorities were jailed because of discrimination. This program was started in chicago while a robert runcie was assistant superintendent of the chicago school system. When runcie became superintendent of the broward county school system, he encouraged the county to take advantage of the program. The broward county school system got thousands of dollars for not reporting these crimes. While cruz was a troublemaker in that school, none of this was ever reported and hence nickolas cruz’s name was not in the FBI database. So cruz was allowed to buy that rifle. By the way, an AR-15 is not an assault rifle.Broward county school it is “AR” for armalite rifle.

In my mind, another big reason this happened is because in the mid 1960s, the ACLU, liberals and democrats took god out of schools. Before that, at the beginning of each day, students would have a short devotion and a prayer. In the mid-1960s a woman by the name madalyn murray O’hair was able to get prayer removed from our schools, and then years later any open mention of god was forbidden. Even now, in some schools even student-led devotions are prohibited. We all know that when something is removed from a container, something else has to move in and fill that void. So it is with removing god from our schools. Satan has been allowed to come in and fill that vacuum, and look what he has brought with him.School board we are to the point that we need to have armed guards in our schools to protect the students.

You liberals often tell us christians to quit forcing our beliefs on people, when actually you are the ones forcing your beliefs on us. Nobody, but nobody is forced to become a christian. Everybody can say no, or yes, and only god knows for sure what your decision is. The lifestyle of a true christian will be seen by everybody, but again, no one is forced to become a christian.

One day, nobody knows when, jesus christ will return and take his followers home to be with him. I know, we have heard that for years, but know this, it is sooner than you may think, and is closer now than ever before.Broward county school those that are left behind will see real evil.

My prayer is that many reading this will understand what I have said, and accept jesus christ as their savior, and will not be “left behind.”