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It has been one year since the integration of MRO-network.Com, and next month marks our 23rd MRO americas event. With that in mind, here is a “state of MRO” snapshot and a brief history of how we arrived at our essential MRO portfolio.

We’ve been serving the MRO industry for more than 25 years. As the demand for aircraft overhaul and maintenance products, services and education grew over the past few decades, so did our MRO portfolio. We began with overhaul & maintenance magazine, the world aerospace database and the MRO americas event, later growing to incorporate ATEM (aircraft technology, engineering and maintenance) and MRO-network.Com to become the ultimate resource connecting MRO professionals and driving business.Americas event

Our MRO events now take place in europe, asia, latin america and the middle east, as do AP&M (airline purchasing and maintenance), engine- and airline-specific conferences and exhibitions.

We grew our digital and data product offerings, relaunching MRO-network.Com and developing MRO prospector, MRO links, fleet discovery and the fleet & MRO forecasts.

A firm commitment to editorial excellence has allowed the team, led by award-winning MRO chief editor lee ann shay, to cover the industry with experienced insight and expertise. Most recently, lee ann won a 2017 aerospace media award for an inside MRO best future technology submission.

Last year’s integration of MRO-network.Com has enabled us to become a true 360-deg.America middle east MRO resource for the industry. We’ve combined and enhanced our editorial team, publications, websites and events to better serve you and the community.

• inside MRO: the most-read MRO publication in the world with a circulation of 45,000, plus on-site distribution at our global MRO events. Award-winning writers deliver key information to help you run your business more efficiently.

• MRO network daily newsletter: this delivers the latest news and data to more than 60,000 MRO professionals across the globe. (to subscribe, sign up at MRO-network.Com/subscribe)

• MRO links: A digital MRO marketplace that enables sellers to showcase their MRO products and services year-round and to connect directly to buyers. (learn more at mrolinks.MRO-network.Com)

america middle east

• events in europe, latin america, middle east and asia: these include AP&M and aero-engines global series. (see the full list at events.A viationweek.Com)

• MRO-network.Com: the digital hub that brings our MRO portfolio together, delivers the most relevent industry news, data, event content and analysis. The site receives more than 250,000 average monthly page views and 90,000-plus unique visitors per month.

• MRO-network’s social media channels: the MRO community continues to grow and connect via our social media channels. We have 12,500 linkedin members, 4,000 twitter followers and nearly 1,300 facebook followers.

I encourage you to join our communities, connect with our editorial team and share your company news, products and services with the global MRO industry.America middle east

Our portfolio has expanded in the past two decades, but our commitment to you has remained the same—to supply the tools you need to succeed and grow your business.