Laravel and braintree_ middleware and other advanced concepts

As it stands, if we visit the plans index page, we can still see the Choose Plan button for the plan we are currently subscribed to, and this shouldn’t be the case. 5 databases In the plans index view, let’s add an if conditional to hide the button based on the user’s subscription status: […] But that’s not to say users can’t access the plan by typing in the URL pointing to the same plan in the address bar. H data recovery registration code To counter this, let’s update the code in the show action of the PlansController to this: […] Here, we are getting the user from the request object; remember all our routes fall under the auth middleware and thus it’s possible to get the authenticated user. Database link Once we get the user, we check if they are already subscribed to the plan. Database google If that’s the case, we redirect them to the homepage and display a notification. Database update We will implement basic flash messaging later. One last precaution is preventing users from submitting the payment form with a different plan ID value. Data recovery news It’s possible to inspect the DOM elements and change the value for the hidden input. Data recovery austin In our SubscriptionsController, let’s update the store method to this: […] Let’s now implement some basic flash messaging to display notifications in the app in response to certain operations. Data recovery micro sd card In the resources/views/layouts/app.blade.php file, let’s insert this block right above our content: […] In the partial, we have used the session helper to help us come up with different notification colors based on the session status i.e. Database relationship diagram success or error. Data recovery services near me Swapping Plans To accomplish this, we’ll first have to check if the user is subscribed to any plan inside the store method of the SubscriptionsController. Database worksheet If not, we subscribe them to a new plan. Database constraints To swap a user to a new subscription, we pass the plan’s identifier to the swap method. Let’s see if things are working as intended by choosing a different plan, filling in fake card details (same details used when subscribing to a new plan in the previous post) then submitting the form. Database vault If we look inside the subscriptions table, we should notice the plan for the authenticated user has changed. Qmobile data recovery software This change should also be reflected in Braintree under transactions. Tally erp 9 data recovery software Next, we want to protect routes based on subscription status. 7 databases in 7 weeks Protecting Routes For this application, we want to introduce lessons. 3 database models Only subscribed users should have access to lessons. Database programmer salary We’ll generate a LessonsController: php artisan make:controller LessonsController Then, we create the route pointing to this index action inside the route group with the auth middleware: Route::group([‘middleware’ => ‘auth’], function () { If we now click on Lessons from the navbar, we’ll see the text “Normal Lessons” regardless of the subscription status. Database developer salary This shouldn’t be the case. Data recovery agent Only subscribed users should be able to access lessons. Data recovery usb flash drive To enable this behavior, we’ll have to create some middleware: php artisan make:middleware Subscribed In the code block above, we are checking for users that are not subscribed to any plan. Data recovery windows If that’s the case, whether using ajax or not, they will get the Unauthorized response or else be redirected to the plans’ index page. Database definition If a user is already subscribed to a plan, we’ll just proceed with the next request. With this defined, let’s head over to app/Http/Kernel.php and register our middleware to the $routeMiddleware so we can call the middleware within our routes: We can now create another route group inside the group with the auth middleware, but this time around, we pass in subscribed as the middleware. Data recovery definition It’s inside this new route group where we will define the route to access lessons: Route::group([‘middleware’ => ‘auth’], function () { If we try signing up a new user, then clicking on Lessons from the navbar, we will be redirected to /plans. Database or database If we subscribe to a plan with the new account, we now have access to lessons. Data recovery software windows Protecting Premium Content from Basic Users For our app, we want to provide basic and premium content. Cost of data recovery Users with basic plans will have access to normal lessons but only users with premium subscriptions will have access to premium lessons. Database first entity framework For demonstration purposes, let’s create a premium method inside LessonsController: […] We could have placed the route to access the premium lessons inside the route group with the subscribed middleware but that will let anyone access premium content regardless of whether they are subscribed or not. Data recovery iphone 5 We will have to create another middleware to prevent basic users from accessing premium content: php artisan make:middleware PremiumSubscription The code going into the PremiumSubscription middleware won’t be so different from the one we had in the Subscribed middleware. Raid 0 data recovery The only difference is that we’ll have to be plan specific when checking the user’s subscription status. 7 data recovery serial key If the user is not subscribed to the premium plan, they’ll be redirected to the plans’ index page: Then, we create the new route group just below the group with the subscribed middleware: Route::group([‘middleware’ => ‘auth’], function () { And that’s it. Database modeling Anyone with a basic subscription cannot access premium content, but premium users can access both premium and basic content. A database record is an entry that contains Next, we’ll look at how to cancel and resume subscriptions. Java database Cancelling Subscriptions To enable cancelling and resuming subscriptions, we’ll have to create a new page. Easeus data recovery 9 serial Let’s open our SubscriptionsController and add an index action. Iphone 5 data recovery software free It is inside the index action where we will return the view to manage subscriptions: […] We should then define a route pointing to this view. Database partitioning This route should be inside the route group with the subscribed middleware: Route::group([‘middleware’ => ‘subscribed’], function () { Let’s update the dropdown in the navbar to include a link pointing to the index view we just created (place the link above the logout link). Database gif This link should only be visible to subscribed users: The next step is creating a link to enable users to cancel their subscriptions. Database project ideas For this, we’ll need a form. Iphone 5 data recovery without backup The form is important since we need to use CSRF protection to make sure the user who is cancelling the subscription is indeed the correct user. Bplan data recovery Let’s create the form inside the div with the class panel-body: Notice how we have a conditional to check if the user has a cancelled subscription, and if that’s the case, we’ll leave them with the option to resume it. Data recovery boston ma If the user still has an active subscription, that’s when the form to cancel will show up. When a subscription is cancelled, Cashier will automatically set the ends_at column in our database. Ipad 2 data recovery This column is used to know when the subscribed method should begin returning false. Data recovery company For example, if a customer cancels a subscription on March 1st, but the subscription was not scheduled to end until March 5th, the subscribed method will continue to return true until March 5th. With the form to cancel subscriptions in place, we can now define the various controller actions and routes to handle the cancellation process. Here, we are grabbing the user from the r
equest object, getting their subscription, then calling Cashier’s cancel method on this subscription. Data recovery network drive After that, we redirect the user back to the same page but with a notification that the cancellation was successful. The user must still be on their “grace period” in order to resume a subscription. Data recovery yelp If the user cancels a subscription and then resumes that subscription before the subscription has fully expired, they will not be billed immediately. Database join table Instead, their subscription will simply be re-activated, and they will be billed on the original billing cycle. The procedure to resume a subscription is similar to what we did when cancelling a subscription. Google database The only difference is we call the resume method on a subscription instead of the cancel method. Database quizlet We will also notify the user when the grace period is supposed to end on top of the form. Let’s update our resources/views/subscriptions/index.blade.html view to include the form which lets users resume subscriptions:

As you can see, Cashier makes it extremely easy to manage subscriptions. Database synonym Next, we’ll look at how to set up webhooks for our application.

Database management jobs Webhooks Both Stripe and Braintree can notify our application of a variety of events via webhooks. Iphone 6 data recovery free A webhook is a part of your application that can be called when an action happens on a third party service or some other server. Data recovery ubuntu In simpler terms, how does our application know if someone’s card was declined when we try to charge them for membership, or their card expires, or something else goes wrong? When that happens on Braintree, we want our application to know about it so we can cancel the subscription. To handle Braintree webhooks, we define a route that points to Cashier’s webhook controller. Database diagram tool This controller will handle all incoming webhook requests and dispatch them to the proper controller method: Route::post( By default, the WebhookController will automatically handle cancelling subscriptions that have too many failed charges (as defined by your Braintree settings); however, you can extend this controller to handle any webhook event you like. Database field types You can read more on how to extend the WebhookController here. Once we have registered this route, let’s configure the webhook URL in the Braintree control panel settings. Data recovery best buy There are a variety of events we can choose to be notified about, but for this tutorial, we will just stick to cancelled: Since Braintree webhooks need to bypass Laravel’s CSRF protection, we have to list the URI as an exception in our VerifyCsrfToken middleware or list the route outside of the web middleware group: Ngrok is a handy tool and service that allows us to tunnel requests from the wide open Internet to our local machine when it’s behind a NAT or firewall. Raid 5 data recovery Serving the app via Ngrok will also provide us with a URL which lets anyone access our app from another machine. Database administrator salary nyc Let’s update Braintree’s webhook URL to use this new URL: We can test things out by manually cancelling a subscription for a user from Braintree’s control panel. Database p Once we cancel the subscription, Braintree will send this data to the webhook we just created, then Cashier will handle the rest. If we now look at the data in the subscriptions table, we notice the ends_at column for the user whose subscription we just cancelled has been updated. Cloud 9 database Conclusion We’ve come a long way to get to this point. Data recovery on ssd Our app now supports subscription features found in most websites. Database query tools We might not have exhausted all the methods offered by Cashier, but as you might have noticed, Cashier makes it extremely easy to manage Braintree subscriptions thereby saving developers a lot of time. Cashier is not limited to Braintree as it also supports Stripe. Database 2000 If you think we’ve failed to cover some of the more important features, or have your own implementations to demonstrate, please let us know in the comments!