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Chris Porter is director of Porter Walford Consulting, an organisation which specialises in market research, market size and share and competitor analysis relating to the information industry. Database weekly Clients include some of the world’s leading information-intensive companies.

Chris previously worked for Dow Jones, Factiva and Reuters, analysing B2B and consumer information markets worldwide.

Data recovery utah Expertise includes corporate and legal, risk and compliance, financial and business and public relations and corporate communications markets.

We catch up with recent developments in risk and compliance in an interview with UK-based LexisNexis Risk Solutions director, Steve Arnison. Data recovery deleted files Jinfo contributing editor, Chris Porter, finds out what’s driving growth and more about use-cases for tools including the WorldCompliance Data solution, LexisNexis Bridger Insight, Tracesmart and LexisNexis TraceIQ.

In addition to its Factiva service, Dow Jones provides real-time and archive feeds of its proprietary Dow Jones Newswires financial news offering, specifically for text mining purposes.

We find out how financial and risk information giant Thomson Reuters is supporting data analytics projects by making available permanent reference identifiers (PermID) and intelligent tagging tools (such as Open Calais), making content easier to find and to link together. Database health check Jinfo’s Chris Porter interviews Tim Baker, global head of innovation at Thomson Reuters’ Financial and Risk Division, and Hanna Helin, director PermID and risk content for the company.

As part of the Jinfo Research Focus on data analytics, Chris Porter is finding out what information vendors are doing in this area. R studio data recovery software Here he interviews two companies with particular strengths in customised content aggregation, InfoDesk and Acquire Media, to understand their perspectives on user demands for data analysis. Data recovery iphone He discovers where the role of the information professional comes in, and what the obstacles are, to this new area of activity.

As part of the Jinfo Research Focus on data analytics, Chris Porter is finding out what information vendors are doing in this area. Ease use data recovery Here he looks at how LexisNexis and Dow Jones Factiva, the two giants of the business news aggregation world, are supporting clients’ data analytics projects. Free database software The article explores what customers want in terms of data analytics projects, where demand is coming from and what developments aggregators are seeing in the marketplace.

Chris Porter looks at what company data providers are doing to support customer requests for help with data analytics. Raid 0 data recovery software He interviews two companies who are known for their company information, Bureau van Dijk and Avention, provider of the OneSource family of services. Mail database How are they handling the biggest challenges for their customers and what is the involvement of information professionals?

As part of the Research Focus on data analytics, Jinfo contributor Chris Porter has been asking a variety of information service providers to describe what they are doing to support customer data analytics projects. Hdata recovery master Here he includes comments from interviews with Springer, LexisNexis, InfoDesk and Thomson Reuters.

We profile three vendors in the Natural Language Generation (NLG) space: Narrative Science, Yseop, and Arria, following on from Chris Porter’s previous article which introduced the concept of creating narrative text automatically from structured data and profiled Automated Insights.

As part of the Jinfo Research Focus on data analytics, Chris Porter looks at tools for generating textual narratives automatically out of structured data. In database He also asks what role information professionals can play in implementing these tools and gets insights from NLG specialist Automated Insights.

We review the latest changes to NewsEdge.com, the news management and delivery tool for business professionals that supports both current awareness and archive research. Drupal 7 database query Chris Porter looks at innovative enhancements and how it continues to differentiate itself from competitors.

Information companies of many shapes, sizes and areas of focus are regularly in the news for being acquired or sold by private equity companies. Data recovery usa Chris Porter takes a look at the impact that these ownership changes can have on service buyers, in particular the cases of Bureau van Dijk, Cision, iSentia, OneSource, SNL Financial and Thomson Reuters’ intellectual property and science division.

Chris Porter looks at a new release of the Nexis news and business aggregation database from LexisNexis. Data recovery business The latest changes aim to make life easier for the non-expert searcher. Database visualization This mini review also catches up with other significant enhancements since Jinfo’s last major look at the product in early 2015, as well as describing some future enhancements.

Concluding the review of company information platform OneSource from Avention, Chris Porter looks at help and training and developments since its launch two years ago. Data recovery qatar He covers competitors including Bureau van Dijk, D&B Hoover’s, InsideView and DiscoverOrg, and pricing options.

Continuing our review of OneSource, the flagship offering from business information company Avention, Chris Porter looks at the technology, analyses the user experience and the platform’s range of search, view, output and alert options. Data recovery no root He also tests innovative features including Conceptual Search and Ideal Profile.

OneSource is the flagship offering from business information company Avention. Database keywords In part two of the review Chris Porter looks at aggregation approach, management of data suppliers and how this has changed since launch two years ago. Normalization in database He assesses depth of the data coverage, the detail of content for both private and quoted companies and new features since the product was last reviewed.

We take a fresh look at OneSource, flagship offering from business information company Avention, last reviewed shortly after its launch two years ago. Database 3nf In part one of the review, Chris Porter assesses the value drivers of the platform which combines company profile and contact information with news and industry reports, and gives target users & contact details.

Chris Porter concludes his review of Fame from Bureau van Dijk, global provider of company information. Database server He tests its help features, looks at competitors, such as DueDil and OneSource, and describes recent developments in content and functionality. Data recovery wd passport Finally he covers future plans and pricing.

Continuing his review of Fame from Bureau van Dijk, Chris Porter looks at how the technology has been updated. Relational database management system He highlights a key element, its new, improved, user interface, along with new functionality features, its range of customisation options and other strong points of the new version of the financial information database.

Bureau van Dijk, global provider of highly structured company information, launched its new interface last month. Database generator Chris Porter continues his review of the new version of its Fame database, looking at coverage of financial information and news sources of companies based in the UK and Ireland.

Bureau van Dijk, global provider of highly structured company information, launched its new interface last month. Database 3nf example In part one of an in-depth product review of the new version of Fame, Chris Porter introduces key advantages and value drivers for Fame, covering information on companies based in the UK and Ireland.

Chris Porter concludes his in-depth product review of the Enterprise service from company information provider DueDil, covering UK and Irish corporate filings. Data recovery hard drive software He looks at support, including quick help features, major development projects in the pipeline and its relative strengths compared with competitors Avention/OneSource, D&B and Bureau van Dijk.

This report brings together interviews with vendors and a market landscape on key vendors into a comprehensive report which looks at how providers of information services are supporting or planning to support customer data analytics needs.

OneSource is the flagship offering from business information company Avention, last reviewed shortly after its launch two years ago. Iphone 4 data recovery It combines profiles of 38 million companies worldwide and contact information on 58 million people with news and industry reports.

Bureau van Dijk’s Fame is a company information database focused on UK and Ireland, offering highly structured company and related data for both private and quoted companies, and the ability for users to integrate their own data and comments.

Review of the new version of Thomson Reuters Eikon, with particular reference to functionality aimed at the buy-side of portfolio managers and analysts at investment management firms.

An in-depth product review of Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence. Database logo The service targets compliance professionals and aims to help them to track and respond to regulatory developments worldwide in a highly efficient manner.

S&P Capital IQ is a research, analysis and workflow tool, which provides information on more than 3 million companies worldwide. Moto g data recovery The platform is aimed at users in investment banking, investment management, private equity and venture capital, as well corporate, government and academic subscribers,…

Product review of current awareness service Manzama. Database analyst salary Typical use-cases are identified such as business development and competitive intelligence, and the value the service brings to its customers in the legal, accounting and financial services fields is examined.

This collection of FreePint articles on the topic of news resources and awareness covers those included in the FreePint Topic Series: News, and Beyond . Data recovery engineer This FreePint Topic Series, which ran from October – December 2014, dived into these issues to support information managers with needs…

Review of the D&B Hoover’s company and executive information database, aimed primarily at sales and marketing professionals. Gt m database It contains information on 86 million companies (quoted and private), more than 100 million executives and 900 industry segments, with in-depth reports on the top 43,000…

In-depth review of Mergent Online, a highly structured company and industry research database with a very deep archive, which serves academic institutions as well as corporate libraries. In databases information is organized in It provides information on companies and executives from US and non-US public companies as well as private…

NewsEdge.com from Acquire Media is a news management and delivery tool for business professionals that supports both current awareness and archive research. Data recovery tools iphone Data visualisation, substantial archives and multilingual capabilities make it worthy of attention.

The Companies & Executives component of the Dow Jones Factiva service is designed for researchers and analysts in information-intensive organisations and those in sales and business development. A database driver is software that lets the Chris Porter evaluates features including company and executive screening, list-building and company…

LexisNexis Company Dossier is a research database providing information about companies, executives and industries. 7 data recovery suite key The product is often sold in association with either the Nexis or Lexis core research platforms. Data recovery linux Around 80 million quoted and private companies across the world are included, plus…

Reg-Track is a regulatory tracking service aimed at compliance professionals focused on the financial services industry. Database modeling tools It provides succinct summaries of regulatory developments around the world, with daily updates and links to primary source documents and has over 15,000 users from banks to…

Precise MediaPlatform+ is a subscription-based, web-delivered service for PR and corporate communications professionals, brand & marketing teams and sales professionals. G info database search Launched in July 2013, it covers traditional and social media sources and added the analytics component in October 2013….

A B2B information service, Avention offers data on companies, executives and industries and is the successor to the OneSource Business Browser and iSell products. Database administrator salary The service is aimed in particular at sales and marketing professionals and researchers. Database triggers Around 25 million companies are covered and…

Brandwatch is a powerful social media monitoring and analysis tool supporting a wide range of job roles within the enterprise. Data recovery recuva It offers sophisticated search setup capabilities, strong filtering & analytics and a global, multilingual content set.

The Agility platform, launched in mid-2012, is a significant step by PR Newswire. Data recovery texas It is now offering its own integrated PR solution, linking its very well-known distribution network with targeting, media monitoring, and analysis capabilities.

Engage121 is a web-based social media management tool ideal for large organisations with many points of customer contact, especially those which have multiple outlets, franchises or dealerships. Database resume Chris Porter reviews the tool and looks at the value it offers, sources, audience and pricing. Data recovery external hard drive mac Key…