Selecting this option ensures that K2 Server only loads Data Fields when and if required either by reading a value or setting a value in a data field. Data recovery after factory reset The Data on demand option impacts the performance of K2 Server

A shared data field cannot store separate values. Database schema design Every time the value is set for that Data Field, the previous value will be overwritten. Database uml This option is only available on activity level

Backup refers to the copying of data so that these additional copies may be restored after a data loss event.

Data recovery ntfs Backups differ from archives and backup systems differ from fault-tolerant systems. Database error Backups are useful primarily for two purposes:

Log shipping allows you to automatically send transaction log backups from a primary database on a primary server instance to one or more secondary databases on separate secondary server instances. Database functions The transaction log backups are applied to each of the secondary databases individually. Top 10 data recovery An optional third server instance, known as the monitor server, records the history and status of backup and restore operations and, optionally, raises alerts if these operations fail to occur as scheduled. There is however no guarantee that the various databases will be in sync after restoration due to the fact that K2 blackpearl server is writing entries from the K2Server database to K2ServerLog database as the backup of the logs for each database occurs. Database job titles This method is therefore not the preferred disaster recovery option for K2 blackpearl.

Database mirroring is a primarily software solution for increasing database availability. Data recovery linux live cd Mirroring is implemented on a per-database basis and works only with databases that use the full recovery model. S pombe database The simple and bulk-logged recovery models do not support database mirroring. Database usa Database mirroring is supported in SQL Server Standard and Enterprise. Data recovery pro license key Database mirroring offers substantial availability and provides an easy-to-manage alternative or supplement to failover clustering or log shipping. Data recovery on android When a database mirroring session is synchronized, database mirroring provides a hot standby server that supports rapid failover with no loss of data from committed transactions. Icare data recovery 94fbr During a typical mirroring session, after a production server fails, client applications can recover quickly by reconnecting to the standby server. Image database As this method is similar to Log Shipping mentioned above, and could result in databases being slightly out of sync, it is not the preferred disaster recovery method for K2 blackpearl.

A failover cluster is a combination of one or more physical disks in a Microsoft Cluster Service (MSCS) cluster group, known as a resource group, that are participating nodes of the cluster. Database web application The resource group is configured as a failover clustered instance that hosts an instance of SQL Server. Database graphic A SQL Server failover clustered instance appears on the network as if it were a single computer, but has functionality that provides failover from one node to another if one node becomes unavailable. In databases a category of data is called a Failover clusters provide high-availability support for an entire Microsoft SQL Server instance, in contrast to database mirroring, which provides high-availability support for a single database. Database wordpress It is however recommended to not change the cluster names with restoration as the K2 worklist tables will be out of sync and this will result in errors related to the client events.

For in-depth technical information on SQL Server, visit the following website http://msdn.microsoft.com/ Disaster Recovery – SQL Server 2008 R2 Support

K2 does not support a Dynamic result schema for SQL Stored Procedure SmartObjects. Note 2 data recovery The schema being returned must contain a static list of properties. Tally erp 9 data recovery See the explanation below for the supported scenario.

SmartObjects need the result dataset’s metadata, for example the number of fields and field name, type and size for each field, to do a List method and thus can only support a static result dataset and/or Stored Procedure output parameters. Database erd Stored Procedure output parameters are always static, however a result dataset can be dynamic when making use of temp tables.

When creating a SmartObject or registering a SQL Server Service Instance, K2 needs to execute the stored procedure to see it’s schema/metadata to be able to create all the input and return properties so they can be used. Database google docs However, executing a stored procedure can cause data to be deleted, updated or inserted. Database 5500 K2 only needs the schema/Metadata to be able to create the SmartObject therefor the stored procedure is executed either with blank values or by using FMTONLY. Data recovery kit If you have an existing stored procedure and the following command does NOT return a schema, K2 can’t describe it and no properties will be surfaced:

FMTONLY causes the execution to not access any data, but simulates the execution and returns the metadata with no data. Database meaning This cannot be done if the resulting dataset’s schema is dynamic and can change depending on the data.

When using a temp table in a stored procedure, the result set becomes dynamic, and can change depending on the execution of the stored procedure.

The settings can be changed be editing them manually from the connection string dialog above or the dialog below can be used to make the changes automatically.

The settings can be changed by clicking on the ellipse button, which will load the K2 connect Database dialog as shown below. Gale database To change the database connection settings below, an alternative K2 connect database must be available (new or with existing data). Data recovery pc If the database is new, ie no existing data then the K2 connect for SAP server will generate what is required when it starts up, for the first time with the new connection settings in place.

When selected, this uses a alternative user manager to Active Directory and the alternative must be setup and configured prior to making this change.