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It will be some time before the industry has gained enough experience to manage the data lake on an operational level on par with legacy data center.

Clouds have become a standard tool for the enterprise. Iphone 5 data recovery They have introduced a level of agility and flexibility that would have been unimaginable in the past.

Global IT spending is expected to increase by 2.7 percent this year, with moderate to impressive growth in all leading sectors, according to Gartner research.

We’re waiting for the kind of moment that Microsoft, IBM made when they partnered on DOS and the PC was born, to define the self-driving car segment.

Businesses may be bullish about putting artificial intelligence technologies to work but ethical concerns are putting a damper on things, finds a new study from Infosys.

Cyber-security is at the top of all IT spending priorities, and most companies plan to increase investments to protect their network and data.

Leveraging technology has been considered the panacea to transform businesses into digital enterprises and help them keep pace with rapidly changing times.

IT professionals who bring proven qualifications to fill the hottest tech specialties are positioned to land appealing job offers, with good salaries and perks.

Since cybercriminals are turning to ransomware as their attack of choice, we have to anticipate that the bad guys will use it for IoT attacks.

Capabilities include ability for end users to automate email capture process, policy enforcement, tools to designate email as an official record.

Stan Black, CSO at Citrix Systems, says companies need to be focused on data analytics, machine learning, and an understanding of individuals’ roles.

A growing number of citizen developers are building custom business applications without code, resulting in better access to data and faster decision making.

As the enterprise migrates to the cloud, it is beneficial to examine downsides to the hyperscale trend, and consequences of consolidating resources.

Many IT professionals are planning to improve their tech skills and career development and advancement prospects, and some are committed to ongoing learning.

The IoT is at risk for ransomware because of the growth of the IoT, the evolution of ransomware, and end users who aren’t aware of the risks.

Antennas will play a huge role in the growth of the IoT as growth demands more antennas in smaller spaces, at lower costs, with increased performance.

To ensure success, companies need to overcome the mindset that says digital transformation is strictly “a tech thing,” rather than an enterprisewide commitment.

With the heightened security concerns, Linux distros need to make basic security options prominently available in their installers rather than options that users can add manually later.

Instead of focusing on broad themes like “digital transformation,” IT should focus on specific technologies, and deploy with measurable goals in mind.

By collaborating to establish better content marketing, data management, and metrics and analytics, IT can help marketers improve the customer experience.

Security executives are confident in their ability to protect their enterprise, even though the average company suffers two or three cyber-attacks a month.

James Watters, general manager of Pivotal’s Cloud Platform Group, talks about the role of PaaS going forward, Cloud Foundry, and the advice he gives to businesses in the cloud.

Though a new wave of security technologies is providing unprecedented insight, companies are falling short on investments and plans for recovering from a breach.

Companies must pay closer attention to data governance to ensure consistent, reliable, optimized results from their business intelligence systems.

There are times in life when we choose change. Database implementation Other times, change chooses us. Raid 1 data recovery software In either case, we have to decide how we will deal with change.

Time constraints, budget limitations and inadequate employer support are keeping IT pros from getting the training they need on Linux, DevOps and cloud systems.

Thousands of tech jobs are expected to be added every month in 2017, and nearly all levels of IT pros should see compensation increases of 5 percent or higher.

Finding a new job is at the top of many employees’ New Year’s resolutions list, and younger workers are more likely to look for a new job than older employees.

Hacktivists are not always looking for financial gain. Seagate data recovery They often exploit weaknesses so they can embarrass a company. Database report Here are 10 tips for coping with attacks

There’s a lot of talk about artificial intelligence, virtual reality, internet of things and 3D printers, but which of these are the biggest business drivers?

It’s unclear who owns the IT acquisition process. Data recovery specialist This is important from a budgetary standpoint, since decentralization can lead to a duplication of IT spending.

Many companies store hundreds of legacy data tapes, and IT admins often need three backup solutions—and different versions of each—to service various locations.

IDC expects tumbling prices and an expanding variety of new uses to help the 3D printing market grow at the healthy clip during the next few years.

Be sure to watch these tech and business trends in 2017: artificial intelligence, cyber-security, mobile-first, the internet of things and predictive analytics.

Many IT pros are concerned about the way their company manages cyber-security, and few think management invests enough in infrastructure to support future needs.

Social media can help build a business, enhance a brand and attract customers, but it’s vital to have a policy that manages use and meets compliance standards.

Most people use easy-to-remember passwords because their fear of forgetting is stronger than their fear of being hacked. Data recovery iphone 6 That creates problems for companies.

Technology is helping companies become digital businesses, by deploying mobile devices, unified communications, cloud apps, AI, the IoT and collaboration.

Which is the best distro for you, Debian or Ubuntu? You can’t go seriously wrong either way, but a useful answer depends on what you want in a distribution.

CIOs and other managers are increasing the use of contingent workers in order to find professionals with specific skills that are lacking in the existing staff.

Most hardware-based defenses lack the ability to mitigate DDoS attacks, but cloud-based mitigation solutions that leverage SD-WAN can mitigate these attacks.

As the level of digital disruption grows and the pace of technology accelerates, CIOs and business leaders must focus on five important factors in 2017.

Companies are still allocating a much greater share of the IT budget to routine operational and maintenance needs rather than to innovation-driven initiatives.

Network complexities result in a growing number of outages, with human error playing a role. Database building And using ineffective network monitoring tools makes things worse.

Gartner predicts that a fifth of smartphone interactions will involve virtual personal assistants like Apple’s Siri and Google Now in a few short years.

IT leaders consider digital transformation a top priority, but few have fully implemented technology needed to address initiatives critical to digital business.

The overall plan is to provide additional value to A10’s existing customers, while also providing new capabilities to address areas where A10 hasn’t previously had customers.

In the past, many enterprises considered IAM to be just Microsoft ActiveDirectory, but what constitutes IAM in 2016 is significantly more expansive

Two big cloud milestones this past week with Amazon hitting $10B annual run rate, while OpenStack had its 13th release and continued momentum. Data recovery top 10 Who is winning and why?

In a letter to Amazon shareholders, Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, wrote that in 2016, AWS is reaching $10 billion in annual sales, which is a pace even faster than that which Amazon achieved that milestone.

Steve Herrod, managing director at venture capital firm General Catalyst is no stranger to the world of application, having worked for years as the CTO of VMware. Database hosting Now as an investor, Herrod is looking for the next big thing for enterprise technology.

In 2011, Simon Crosby helped found security vendor Bromium, with the promise of enabling what is known in computer science as Byzantine fault tolerance. Data recovery best Five years later he’s living up to his promises