Invoking a wcf service from a clr trigger – codeproject

This article will walk you through all the steps necessary to setup a sample project demonstrating how to create a CLR Trigger in SQL Server 2005 that will communicate with a WCF service of your design. Data recovery from hard drive This is not an introduction to WCF, but an introduction to using WCF from SQL Server 2005 CLR Triggers. Database objects Background

After reading up about WCF, I was keen to start utilizing it in some of my existing database projects. Data recovery raid 5 One of my objectives was to get a CLR Trigger speaking to a WCF service.

Database architect I figured this should be a fairly straightforward process, but there are so many gotchas involved that I thought it would be useful to share some of them and to produce a demo of a way in which to achieve this goal. Data recovery options Using the code Prerequisites

This part of the process took the longest to work out, and caused the greatest number of problems. Database jobs If you follow the steps outlined here, it should allow you to prepare any database to allow communication with a WCF service.

go• Your database will be accessing “unsafe” assemblies. H2 database file In order to prevent security exceptions, you will have to mark your database as “trustworthy” by executing the following query. R studio data recovery serial key (For more information on this option, see: TRUSTWORTHY Database Property):

ALTER DATABASE custdb SET TRUSTWORTHY ON reconfigure• By default, the assemblies that you can reference from SQL Server CLR objects are limited. Database query languages In order to access some of the assemblies we need in order to communicate with WCF, we need to load them into our database. P d database To do this, execute the following query:

You may receive the following warning when creating the assemblies. Database 101 It is quite ignorable. M power database Warning: The Microsoft .Net frameworks assembly ‘system.servicemodel, version=,

On one of my test systems (SQL Server 2005 – unpatched), I received various “Out of Memory” errors when creating the assemblies. Data recovery from external hard drive There didn’t seem to be any good reason for this, and the same problem was not evident on any of my other systems. Database join types The solution to the problem? Install SQL Server 2005 SP2. Section 8 database Create the CLR objects

• Choose or add a reference to your target database (if you are not prompted: right click on your “ServiceClient” project, choose properties, Database, Browse, and select your connection).

You should now see that a Service Reference has been added to our client project and that a file named has been created.• Add a trigger to the project and name it ‘WCFTrigger’.

// A delegate that is used to asynchrounously talk // to the service when using the FAST METHOD public delegate void MyDelagate( String crudType);

• The Stored Procedure SendData is required for making use of the Service Proxy. Icd 9 database You cannot reference a service proxy from inside a trigger. Database xampp To be perfectly honest, I am not sure exactly why this is, but if anyone can shed any light on this, that would be great! SendData doesn’t really do anything fancy, it just calls the correct method on the proxy based on the input parameter.

• The Trigger WCFTrigger is setup to fire when updates or inserts occur in our table. Database administrator jobs Again, nothing complicated here, the trigger is used to call the SendData Stored Procedure with the correct parameters. Data recovery joondalup Two methods for calling the Stored Procedure are shown in the above code: the simple method (commented as the slow method) which is implemented simply calls the Stored Procedure directly. Database of genomic variants A second option (commented as the fast method) uses a delegate to asynchronously call the Stored Procedure. Database viewer This helps to improve the performance of the Trigger.

• DISCLAIMER: I have included the slow (synchronous) method as the default solution in this project for the sake of simplicity. H data recovery registration code free download I strongly recommend using the fast (asynchronous) method in any production implementation.

We have now created all the elements required to demonstrate communicating with a WCF service from an SQL Server 2005 CLR Trigger; all that is required now is to bring them together!

• Publish the Service to your database server: right click your ‘Service’ project in VS2005 and choose ‘Publish’. Database hardware Choose a location on the machine running your database (e.g., \\YourDBServer\Samples) and then click ‘Finish’.

• Start the Service on your database server: Connect to your database server. Database roles Find the Service location you just published to. B tree database management system Double click ” Setup.exe”. Database file Your service should now start.

Everything should now be ready to go. Data recovery near me Run some INSERT and UPDATE queries against your test table, and you should see some output in the Service console.