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In all three ways the necessary data that has to be transmitted to Inttra/GtNexus will almost completely be retrieved from the ProCarS-system – no data has to be entered twice.

After sending an original booking to Inttra/GtNexus, one has to wait for the confirmation from the carrier before further messages regarding this booking can be send.

The carrier has accepted the booking as entered by user without making any changes to the booking-data.

Database tutorial Q prime database This status will hardly be used (see next status).

This always accurs when Inttra/GtNexus responds, e. R database packages Database replication g. Database disk image is malformed Database record the carrier´s reference has been added to the booking-data. Windows 8 data recovery software Database research This additional information alters the original data record and therefore status ‘CA’ is displayed. Database naming standards Database relationship diagram Therefore this status does not necessarily require an action by the user.

With the confirmation from Inttra/GtNexus some important data is received. Data recovery training online Database record definition A booking-number from the carrier which will automatically been transferred to the shipment-data (if existing), the name and phonme-number of a respobsible person at the carrier, perhaps a comment from the carrier an an Inttra/GtNexus booking-reference.

If shipment relevant information has been altered by the carrier, a message reaches the user who has created the booking via messageboard, i. Database query Database ranking e. Database isolation levels Database report when returning to the main menu. Database version control Database recovery pending See MSGB-Doku for more information.

If the user accepts the modification, the shipment data can be modified in OEMNT according to the carriers modifications and no further action has to be taken regarding Inttra/GtNexus.

If the modifications are not acceptable, the user can either cancel the booking (this will not be confirmed separately by Inttra/GtNexus) or the shipment data can be modified afresh and an update has to be sent to Inttra/GtNexus, which will require another Inttra/GtNexus confirmation of the booking.

When the user tries to send a booking to Inttra/GtNexus the available data will be checked automatically and the user will be informed if some data is missing. Database record definition Database roles Programs Overview

The first possibility should be used when a lot of containers have to be booked for different shipments. Database glossary Database resume Therefore the booking-program ASBBMNT can be used.

The second possibility is designed to book some containers belonging to a single shipment. Data recovery druid R database packages Therefore the Inttra/GtNexus-booking will be started after the keyin of the shipment-data in OEMNT.

Please use SEA -mode of ASBBMNT for booking with Inttra/GtNexus. Data recovery houston tx R database connection Therefore ASBMMNT can be started with “-m=sea” on the commandline. Database 2010 Database systems Or the user can press F4 to change mode.

The easiest way to enter the most mandatory data (see Minimal Booking ) is to enter the ports and afterwards use the sailing-schedule on the carrier-input-field.

After finishing the keyin of the data, the funktion-key-line can be toggled by pressing F9. Dayz database map Database server By pressing F2 afterwards, the Inttra/GtNexus-Booking (INTBMNT) will be started. Database website template Database sharding For a detailed description of INTBMNT see extra section about INTBMNT .in

Although it is mandatory to transfer a shipper-address to Inttra/GtNexus, the shipper can be left blank in ASBBMNT. 7 data recovery registration code Database synonym In this case, the forwarders own address (from parameter LRN001/020) will be transmitted to the Carrier as shipper-address. 7 databases in 7 weeks pdf Database software for mac OEMNT

This program enables input of shipments. Database key definition Database structure Note that only Shipment Type 33, 34 and 44 can be booked via Inttra/GtNexus. Database hierarchy Database software definition Type 44 is only available if Parameter LRN19/96 (MultiContainerDispo) is active. Data recovery on mac Database schema design The feature is working for a single house on the B2B-Master. Data recovery kali linux S pombe database And it will work with multiple houses consolidated by the program BTBCONS as soon as this program is working properly.

The necessary data (Ports, Carrier, Vessel, Voage, ETD, ETA) has to be entered. I card data recovery S cerevisiae database The sailing-schedule on the carrier-field schould be used if possible.

For OBL-master-shipments (type 33) the forwarders address (from parameter LRN001/020) will be transmitted to the Carrier as shipper-address. Database name Mode s database For FCL/FCL-shipments (type 34) the entered shipper will be transfered. Database quiz Sybase database Anyway it is possible to leave the shipper blank for shipments of this type. Database url Database types In this case, the forwarders own address (from parameter LRN001/020) will be transmitted.

On the 3rd screen, the user has to enter containers in the program scdfcl3. Os x data recovery free Database testing The entered data will be defaulted in the Inttra/GtNexus-Booking-screen. Fda 510 k database Database tutorial If the container-number is not known at this moment a dummy-container-number can be used by pressing F3. Database research Database transaction This number can be corrected later, when the real container-number is known.

Function KeyF5(AddPrgs) has to be pressed for Inttra/GtNexus-booking. Graph database Database triggers Note, that Inttra/GtNexus-Booking via F5 is only available if the shipment-type is 33 or 34, if the parameters are all set (see Parameters ) and if a valid and Inttra/GtNexus-active (see snccmnt) scac-code has been entered for the carrier.

Upon pressingF5the program suggests Inttra/GtNexus booking and jumps to programINTBMNTif no bookings can be found for this shipment. Data recovery android free Database tools If a bookings exist, the program jumps toINTBDETto show booking details.

When entering INTBMNT from OEMNT, the keyin of containers is disabled, because the containers inserted in SCDFCL3 will be used. Database software Database technology Be sure that valid ISO-codes have been found in SCO and are displayed for every container-type. Database software definition Database terminology SCDDSP

It is possible to book a single container for an OBL-shipment (Type 33) generated from SCDDSPN. Database error 7719 at exe Database training In SCDDSPX it is possible to enter a dummy-container-number for the booking if the number is not known at the time of keyin. Data recovery nj Database theory The easiest way to enter the necessary data for Inttra/GtNexus (see minimal booking ) is to use the sailing schedule on the carrier-input-field. Iphone 6 data recovery mac Database usa After keyin of the necessary data a popup will appear and the user will be asked to create an Inttra/GtNexus-booking. Database design tool Database url When answering yes, the INTBMNT will be started.

When entering INTBMNT from SCDDSPX, the keyin of containers is disabled, because the container defined in SCDDSPX will be used. H data recovery software Database uml Be sure that a valid ISO-code has been found in SCO and is displayed.

Because it is mandatory to transfer a shipper-address to Inttra/GtNexus, the forwarders own address (from parameter LRN001/020) will be transmitted to the Carrier as shipper-address when booking an OBL-master-shipment from SCDDSPX. 1 care data recovery software Database uses INTBMNT

INTTRA and GT-Nexus are sending events to the Riege-clearing-center. Database user interface Database union They will send events for all offices that are set up in their systems even if the booking / shippingInstruction has not been sent by use of Inttra/GtNexus but by phone or fax.

The ClearingCenter will try to determin the owner-branch of the shipment that is related to the event. Data recovery jaipur Database update This can only work if a message to this shimpent has been sent before from the owner-branch to the cleraingCenter. Database platforms Database utility This message can be a booking, a shippingInstruction or a cc-Message.

The cc-message was specially developed to receive events for shipments for which the booking / shippingInstruction has not been sent by use of Inttra/GtNexus. Data recovery group Database unit testing Inside the cc-message some important references about a shipment will be transferred from the owner-branch to the ClearingCenter. Database xls Database user interface The ClearingCenter will store this information in the database. C database library Database usa reviews When an event is received, the owner branch can then be determined from the database and the event will be forwarded to the specific branch.

Sending cc-Messages from ProCarS to the ClearingCenter is necessary to receive events for shipments for which the booking / shippingInstruction has not been sent by use of Inttra/GtNexus. 510 k database Hollywood u database To activate the sending of the cc-message the use of OEMNT version 3.56 or greater is necessary and the parameter 96/238 must be set to “Y”. How to become a database administrator Uottawa database A cc-Message will then be generated and sent out to the ClearingCenter every time the shipment-data is saved in OEMNT. Database xml Yorku database Appendix A Supported Carriers