Installing lifecycle manager 8.0

• LEXER, STOPLIST and WORDLIST for the default language installed (for more information, refer to the Lifecycle Manager System Administrator Guide)

Note: Depending on the type and version of the database you’re using, you might also need to place the database driver in the correct location as part of Step 5: Install and configure the Akana Lifecycle Manager Application Feature. Database google drive See Database drivers.

You’ll need to first install the Akana Platform, which provides the underlying infrastructure for Lifecycle Manager, and then install Lifecycle Manager itself.

Data recovery geek squad The first step is to download the ZIP files.

Then, gather the installation ZIP files from the Akana Support site, Downloads section ( and navigate to the Lifecycle Manager 8.0 section) and copy them to the installation folder. Database recovery pending You’ll need at minimum the following files:

Note: It’s likely that there’s also an update to the Akana Platform ZIP file. Data recovery prices If so, download the update and install it after installing the main file. Database sharding If you install an update, you’ll probably be prompted to overwrite files; choose Yes, since the update will have later versions of the same files. Database keys with example To download the Akana Platform installation files

• Download the latest version of the Akana Platform 8.2 file, choosing the correct ZIP file for your operating system; for example, if Akana Platform 8.2 update 4 is the latest update, and you want the Windows version with JRE, choose Data recovery xfs See note re download filenames.

When choosing the ZIP file for a major version, there are generally three choices. Database management systems 3rd edition The examples given below are for Akana Platform 8.2 Update 4; all major versions and their updates follow the same pattern in terms of target operating system and whether or not the JRE is bundled:

Once you have the Akana Platform and Lifecycle Manager ZIP files in place in your LM80 installation folder, extract the files in the sequence listed below.

At the end of this process, you can see that the container was successfully created. Database engineer salary In the folder structure, there is a new folder under the instances folder: instances/{containername}. Jstor database The files for your Lifecycle Manager container are stored in this folder.

The next step is to configure the features you’ve just installed. E m database Follow the steps below. Data recovery richmond va Note that if you’re continuing straight from the installation process in Windows, at the Installation Complete summary you can just click Complete Configuration to start the process.

There are two features available for installation: Akana Lifecycle Manager Application and Lifecycle Repository. Data recovery software However, when you install Akana Lifecycle Manager Application, the repository is included. Data recovery advisor You only need to explicitly install the Repository if you want this feature but do not want Lifecycle Manager itself.

Note: Before configuring the database, make sure you have the applicable database driver in place. Database host name See Database drivers. Database performance To install the Lifecycle Manager feature on a container

Note: This procedure is along the lines of the standard Akana API Platform instructions, Step 5: Install Policy Manager features on the container, with differences for Lifecycle Manager.

• Log in to the Akana Administration Console, using the Admin username and password you specified in Step 3: Run Configurator to configure Lifecycle Manager container. Data recovery broken hard drive The URL is composed like this: {protocol}://{hostname}:{port}:/admin.

• Choose Akana Lifecycle Manager Application and click Install Feature. Database xe The feature is installed, including the repository (you do not need to install the Lifecycle Repository option).

• Click Configure at the end of the installation process in the previous step. Database yml mysql The process steps you through the wizards for each configuration step.

• If you’re not continuing straight from the Installation Complete summary, you can resume these tasks later: in the Akana Administration Console for the container, click the Installed Features tab. 5 database is locked Pending installation steps are listed at the bottom left. Database fundamentals To continue/complete configuration activities, click Complete Configuration.

Before configuring the database, make sure you have the applicable database driver in place. Database concepts See Database drivers. Database icon To configure the Lifecycle Manager feature on a container

Note: This procedure is along the lines of the standard Akana API Platform instructions, Step 7: Configure container features, with differences for Lifecycle Manager.

• At the Configure Database Options Wizard, specify your database and other values. Database versioning Since this is the first container, select Create new database (for subsequent containers, you’ll use the same database, so you’d select Use existing database). Database 2013 An example is shown below.

You’ll need to have your database driver in place, in the {installation}\instances\{containername}\deploy folder, before running this wizard. Database cursor See Database drivers.

Note, Oracle 12c only: When using Oracle 12c to configure a new database, the DBA must run this query: GRANT SELECT ON SYS.USER$ TO SYSTEM; (substitute the SYSTEM user for the user specified for the Administrator credentials). Database list This is because Oracle 12c introduced restricted access to SYS.USER$, which the platform uses to query on.

Note: What you see in the Manage Schemas wizard might vary according to the database you’re using. Database queries must be For example, for Oracle 12 you’ll need to check the Database Validation checkbox.

• Follow the on-screen instructions, making sure you provide the correct administrator credentials for the target database that you set up in the database configuration step earlier (see To configure the Lifecycle Manager feature on a container, Step 1).

When using any version of MSSQL, the DBA will need to manually alter the database to set read committed snapshot and enable snapshot isolation mode. Database journal This is not required for installation; however, it will affect how the application behaves once asset content is being populated. Data recovery boston Run the following: ALTER DATABASE {}

• Extract the file to a common directory of your choice, on an HTTP server of your choice that will be accessible to the platform.

Note: If you prefer, you can extract these ZIP files, and configure the setting, after completion of the installation. Database connection These steps are needed for the availability of the Java clients. S memo data recovery To specify the URL to the javaclients file in the configuration settings

• Locate the property and set it to the URL of the folder in which you extracted the file. Database structure For example, if you download the file to a folder named akana/temp, and your domain name is, the path would be:

Note: You’ll need to restart the container (Step #6 above) when you’re setting up the URL for the first time. Data recovery iso In a scenario where you’re modifying an existing URL, restart is not necessary.

When the Lifecycle Manager feature is successfully installed, the Lifecycle Manager super-user can configure specific settings, such as hostname and admin users, for your implementation.

Note: It’s best to use the super-user login only to bootstrap the initial install, to configure the LDAP settings. Iphone 6 data recovery software Once you’ve configured LDAP and specified one or more Admin users, all Lifecycle Manager Admin tasks should be done via the Lifecycle Manager Console or Akana Administration Console. Cpu z database For security reasons, it’s best to disable super-user access at that point, by removing the repository.config.superUserPassword value.

• Log in to the Lifecycle Manager super-user login page. Data recovery kickass For example: (see note about super-user login). A database can best be described as An example of the login page is shown below.

• Make sure the Use SSL checkbox is cleared. Os x database You’ll complete separate steps later to manually configure the instance with SSL properties. Database field For information on SSL configuration, refer to the Lifecycle Manager System Administrator Guide.

• Administration Users: A list of LDAP User IDs, separated by semi-colons. Data recovery diy These are the users that have permission to access the Lifecycle Manager Admin Console (not the Akana Platform Admin Console). Database transaction Specify one or more admin users, such as Technical Support personnel.

• Optional: If the SMTP server requires authentication, specify User and Password. Data recovery mac hard drive Otherwise, leave these fields empty to allow anonymous access.

• In the Group Settings section, enter correct values for your implementation. H2 database tutorial Specific fields/values vary; see Establishing group membership in LDAP below. Database interview questions For example:

• Optional: Library LDAP settings. R studio data recovery free download Not normally needed. Data recovery bad hard drive The Library LDAP Settings allows specific libraries to use specific LDAP servers. Database field definition A single library can only use a single LDAP server; if you want all your libraries to use the default LDAP server, library LDAP settings are not necessary.

As noted above (see note), once Admin users are set up and functional, for security reasons it’s best to disable the super-user password setting. Data recovery windows 7 Establishing group membership in LDAP

Note: for more information about Group and Role support, refer to Setting up Group and Role support in LDAP (Lifecycle Manager System Administrator Guide).

• As a Group object that lists all the members of that group. Nexus 4 data recovery The example below shows an ldif of a Project Manager group. Database version 706 The name of the group is in the CN attribute, and the members are listed in the uniqueMember attributes (AD may use a different attribute for members; you’ll need to verify with the customer LDAP admin):

• As a Person object that lists the groups that user is a member of (typically using the memberOf attribute). Cindia data recovery In the example below, Philip Pirrip is a member of the OU=Managers group:

• Log in to the Akana Administration Console for Lifecycle Manager, using the previously designated installation administrator account, such as Technical Support. Database tutorial For example:

• Sender Email: this value is displayed in the From field on system-generated emails. R database packages The system doesn’t process responses to these emails, so it’s a good idea to include an address indicating that, such as

• When all is done, you’ll see a message that the library was successfully created, and the ID of the new library. Database disk image is malformed You can now click the Libraries link at the top of the page to load the home page for the newly created library. Windows 8 data recovery software An example is shown below.

If you’re using silent install mode for your installation, you’ll need to define the various properties needed by the installation process, in a properties file that is then used in the silent mode install. Database naming standards Recommended filename and path:

The specific path and filename are not important as long as the silent install command references the correct path and filename. Data recovery training online Values to define in the properties file:

You can create the container using silent install mode, in Step 5 of the installation process. Database query See Step 3: Configure Lifecycle Manager Container above.

• Open one of the following URLs in a browser, depending on your setup. Database isolation levels If you are using native LDAP mode and have not bootstrapped the setup according to the above instructions, use the super-user login page and the configured password {superuser.password}. Database version control Otherwise, use the installation administration login page and specify a valid LDAP user configured in {admin.users} with a valid password. Database record definition URLs:

The name for the Asset Library. Database glossary The name is used in the URL when accessing the library via the web with thick clients. Data recovery druid Choose a name that is fairly short and will be easy for users to remember.

Naming Rules: the library name must start with an alpha character and white space is not allowed. Data recovery houston tx Valid characters are: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, _ (underscore).

The email address to use as the “from” address on notifications that go out from this library to end users. Database 2010 The format is: username@domain. Dayz database map For example, Database website template The system doesn’t process responses to these emails, so it’s a good idea to include an address indicating that, such as

If the library is set up for controlled access, all user account requests must be approved by a usage controller before access is allowed. 7 data recovery registration code With uncontrolled access, any user who already has an account or requests an account is allowed access. 7 databases in 7 weeks pdf If bootstrapping (in native LDAP mode), it is best to choose No.

The library login account name for the initial library administrator. Database key definition It must already be an existing user (in LDAP if using guest LDAP mode, or an existing account if using native LDAP mode). Database hierarchy If this is the first library created on a new installation in native LDAP mode, there are no accounts yet, and this property should be left blank. Data recovery on mac To assign a library administrator later, you must log in to the library using the super-user account.

This user will receive email from your end users when they click the Feedback link on the top navigation bar of the library interface. Data recovery kali linux It can be any user and email account that you want; it does not have to be a user with a library account. I card data recovery It is best to use the same user info as the Support Account info from above, or the name of the Usage Controller for this library.

Depending on which database server you’re using, you might need to install a database driver before running the Configure Database Options Wizard.

• /akana/lm80/instances/lm/deploy/ojdbc7.jar (Downloadable from:; requires accepting the agreement and logging in.)

• Oracle 11g: install the appropriate driver; for example, Ojdbc6.jar, downloadable from

Note: Oracle 11.2.0.x installations below the PSU require the Oracle 11.1 JDBC ( driver. Database name If your Oracle installation is at or above the PSU, you can use the JDBC driver from that specific version of Oracle.

• Microsoft SQL Server: no database driver installation is required. Database quiz The Akana Platform provides the required JTDS support for connecting to MS SQL.