Information technology and customer relationship management (crm) in some selected insurance firms in nigeria (pdf download available) data recovery austin

In this study, we explore the question of how IT could enhance firm performance in the areas of customer’s service and organization’s profitability in the Nigerian insurance industry. R database connection To draw our sample size of 90, 30 insurance companies were randomly selected from the 49-member insurance umbrella body, the Nigerian Insurers Association. Database systems Each company received 3 copies of the questionnaire meant for the IT manager, marketing manager and underwriting manager, respectively, making a total of 90. Database server We proposed 3 hypotheses which were tested with the aid of Komolgorov-Smirnov test. Database sharding Our findings show that while most companies have a comprehensive data base of their customers, not all make provisions for their customers to make major transactions online because they have not fully integrated their customer relationship management with information technology. Database synonym We also find out that effective combination of customer relationship management with information technology leads to improved customer service and organization’s profitability.

[Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: Customer relationship management (CRM) has the possibility of accomplishing growth and success for companies in today’s environment of widespread competition and speedy technological advancement.

Database software for mac It is believed to impact positively on organizations’ success at different sectors. Database structure Swedish hospital is an ideal example of an organization that can enjoy full impact of CRM as it is an emerging hospital operating in Erbil competitive market. Database software definition This study is set out to help Swedish hospital management to obtain a clear view of their customers and better satisfying their needs through developing a standard framework for implementing CRM. Database schema design The study went through phases starting from reviewing the related literature to identify the elements of CRM and investigate its implantation models. S pombe database The data for the study was drawn using qualitative approach which is carried out through conducting an interview with the top management staff of Swedish hospital. S cerevisiae database The findings derived from the interview interpretation coupled with the theories obtained from the literature assisted in formulating the new proposed CRM strategy framework, which can indeed help in developing a good customer relationship and providing good quality services.

[Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: The potential of information technology (IT) as an enabler of customer service process continues to generate interest, which is reflected in the large number of IT-related studies. Mode s database In spite of the significant progress made in this area, research findings have been mixed and inconsistent. Sybase database Also, the underlying mechanisms by which IT can affect customer service process remain underexamined. Database types The aim of this study was to find out whether IT investments and IT managerial capabilities can account for variations in customer service performance among insurance companies in Nigeria. Database testing Using survey research design, the three formulated hypotheses were tested with data gathered from 402 staff at the managerial level drawn from the selected insurance companies in Nigeria, which have been among the largest investors in IT, and where customer service is widely perceived as strategically important. Database tutorial Responses were analyzed using linear regression. Database transaction A major finding of this study is that IT is a necessary, but not sufficient, condition for sustainable competitive advantage in customer service. Database triggers Results show that the interaction of IT investments and tacit, path-dependent, and firm-specific IT managerial capabilities significantly explains variations in customer service performance. Database tools Consequently, this study recommends that to realize IT-business value, investments in IT should be accompanied by building and developing IT managerial capabilities.