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Although the term hacking implies the technique of gaining unauthorized access , into ones computer, original purpose of hacking is finding weaknesses of a system (, 2015).Waguih (2013) opined that the task of gaining access into a system for stealing information can be considered as cracking. Database of genomic variants However according to Vacca (2013) techniques which are used for accessing information without authorization can be classified as black hat hacking technique. Database or database Analysison security systems indicates that the incidentsof stealing confidential information for personaluse are increasing rapidly. Database operations Although advanced tools are being developed todefend these unauthorized attacks, the existing defending systems are not sufficientfor ensuring security of confidential data. Database options Apart from this hackers are using highly advanced techniques for gaining information and the use of known conventional hacking techniques isdecreasing. Database of state incentives for renewables and efficiency Changesin common hacking process are increasing difficulty for data storing process. Database oracle On other hand, although the conventional hacking processes are familiar to system operators, often security of data is affected by these techniques also. Database orm The current essay deals with analysis of hacking techniques which are currently being used by hackers. O review database The essay also contains discussion on the available methods fordefending such attacks. Database programs Hacking methods:

Hackers apply expert knowledge for developing hacking techniques. Database programmer As a result, several hacking methods are available to gain unauthorized access intoa system. Database partitioning However, in current essay some of the most common hacking techniques arediscussed.

Password stealing can be considered as the most common way of hacking (Perkins, 2015). Database primary key Baloch, (2014) opines that password stealing can be considered as the easiest methodfor gaining access into a system without any authorization. Database performance However, the task of password stealing can be done using Key loggers.

Database processing Although key logger techniques can be applied by using both hardware and software, use of software key loggers ismore asthissoftware provide more flexibility to user (Perkins, 2015). Database project ideas Key logger programs are easilyavailable in market as a form of small software. Database platforms Such programs are used to detect every stroke on the keyboard of a system. Database programmer salary When the user of a computer, where key logger software is installed, tries to access any account by using user ID and password, the installed software detects every activity on keyboard and stores it in a log (Baloch,2014).However, the hacker can get information regarding user ID and password by simply opening the software log. Database programming languages This information on password and login ID can be used to access confidential data easily.

Perkins (2015) opines that Key logger software runs at the backend of a system. Database p According to Baloch (2014) as the key loggerdoes not appear at the front end if a system, it is difficult for the user toidentify presence of this software. Database query Shea (2013), states that installation of key loggerdoes not require in depth knowledgeon software systems. Database query tools As a result, it can be installed by anyone without knowing the purpose and it increases the chances of being tracked by this software. Database quizlet Thissoftware can be installed withinnegligibletime. Database query example Even the hardware loggers can also be installed by simply plugging it into USB port of a system (Seo et al., 2013). Database query languages Kizza (2014) also stated that installation process of key logger can be completed within little time and this timeefficient nature also caused increasein use of such software.Hackers always prefer to use those methods which not increase the chances of being tracked while accessing secured data withoutpermission.Getting informationabout the hacker is impossibleif key logger method is used accessing a system. Database quiz Torney, (2012) stated that difficulty in tracking unauthorized activities increased effectiveness of key logging techniques to hackers.

Although key logging techniques can be implemented easily, in case of most hardware and software key loggers, the hackers need to access asystem physically(Baloch,2014).Tariq et al. Database questions for interview (2012) states that the need of getting physical access to a system reduces efficiency of logging systems specially use of hardware loggers is limited by this feature. Database queries must be However hardware loggers can be used in any operating systems whereas use of software loggersdepend onthe nature of operating system of a computer(Andhare, 2012).Sun et al. Database query optimization (2014) states that computers which are using operating systems other than Linux , have less chances of being attacked by key logger software as most of these software are compatible with windows operating systems. Database queries definition However chances of being attacked of Unix or Linux computers does not reduces completely as hackers can use hardware key loggers forgetting confidential information from these machines (Kizza, 2014).

Although most of the activities relatedwith hacking take place to fulfill the purpose of accessing secured information, often the hackers are found to gain access of a system for affecting its functionality(Baloch,2014).Viruses can effectively destroy the working capabilities of a system bygenerating unwanted dataflowwithin it.Shea and Liu (2013) statethat virus-attack in a computer can cause hugefinancial loss for a system.Financial loss can be large even if the security of data is not affected. Q prime database On other hand, Shea (2013) states that viruses are more effective than other hacking techniques as this software does not require physicalaccess to acomputer forinfecting it. Database replication Viruses are also small pieces of software which have ability to replicate themselves(, 2015). Database record When a virus program is installed into a system, it starts attaching itself withother programs (, 2015). Database research According to Shakarian et al. Database relationship diagram (2013) once a virus attaches itself with a program, it gets more chancesfor regenerating itself.Whenever the use of computerruns the virus infected program, it is replicated and attached with other programs. Database record definition Thus the while system becomes infectedand presence of infected programs interrupts is functioningprocess.

Viruses are available in various forms (Seo et al., 2013). Database ranking High availability if such software increases its use by hackers.However, among the availabletypes of computer software, viruses of three types are used in most cases.Perkins (2015) opines that all viruses do not have the ability of self-replication, but they can damage a system equally. Database report Sometimes theviruses which have no ability of being replicated automatically are found to be more harmfulthan those which can be replicated (Sun et al.2014).

Types of viruses: Trojan horse is a type of computer virus which does not have the ability of replication. Database recovery pending But these programs can erase important data stored in hard disk while running. Database roles It indicates that attack of Trojan horse cancause significantlosses if the data cannot be retrieved. Database resume Worm can be considered as one of the traditional viruses which are used by hackers. R database packages Worms affects asystem through conventional working method of a virus.Worms are easy to be transferred into machines. R database connection However, once the worms are transferred into a system, the programs start finding other programs ofcomputer for being attached. Database systems Oncethe infected programs start running, the worms become able to attach them with otherprograms which are already present in computer (Sun et al.2014). Database server According to a program which is infected byworm cannot be executedefficiently. Database sharding If the infected programs run for multiple times, efficiency of all programs residing within the system reduces.

Although most of the worms attachit with any program and causeinterruptionin program execution, the nature of damage dependson program written by its creator. Database synonym Creeper, one of the primary models of worms, used to propagate through different nodesof a system using ARPANET (Kizza, 2014).Creeper caused interruption in program execution by displaying unnecessary messages. Database software for mac However, the worms are innovated largely and worms which are used currently by hackers are able to cause significant losses(Seo et al., 2013). Database structure Mydoom can be considered as one of the most discussed worm in modern times.It used e-mail services for being installed into a system. Database software definition After being installed the worm replicates itself and these copies are sent to different address writtenin address book of email account. Database schema design After that the worm copied itself for being connected with shared devices.Once Mydoom is installed in a computer, the hacker can access it any time and it increases the security risks several times (Palmer, 2015).

The above analysis indicates that risks caused by worms increased significantlywith advancement oftechnologies. S pombe database However, Grossman (2015) states that increased availability of internet enhanced the enhanced the power of malicious software.According to Periyasamy (2013) theincidents ofworm attack are increasing as these programs are being transferred using e-mails.Most of viruses are freeware. S cerevisiae database Palmer (2015) stated that use of virus and worm not only provide the hackers with opportunity of stealing information at low cost, but it also increases flexibility of modifying availablesoftware according to requirements. Mode s database Although viruses are extensively used for hacking, high availability of antivirus software limits effectiveness of viruses (Saleh et al.2013).

Denial of service (DoS) attacks preventsthe authorized usersfrom usinga system by generating flowof unimportantdata into a network (Vacca, 2013).Hacker often uses Trojan horses for generating huge traffic within a network. Sybase database Min et al. Database types (2013) states thatDoS attacks are not directlyinvolved withstealing data but theabilityof interrupting data access process of authorized users make these attacksequally risky as other data stealing methods. Database testing However, analysis of current hacking trends indicatesthat hackers are now showing preference to use DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. Database tutorial As stated by Kumar and Surisetty (2012) DDoS attacks makes the process of data access almost impossible for being executed as inthis case, unwanted traffic comes from multiple computers to the target system.DoS attacks not only interrupts data access for a short time , but its impacts can harm system for long time also if the internet services are terminated due to presence of huge traffic in network (Palmer,2015). Database transaction Social Engineering:

Social engineering is one of the most used hacking techniques. Database triggers Implementation of hacking through social engineering can be done by using human based and computer based methods (Seo et al., 2013). Database tools In case of Human based social engineering techniques for hacking, one person can pretend as an important user of a network and can collect personal information from other users of the system (Kizza,2014).However, Held (2013) states that chances of successful hacking increases due to use of computer based social engineering techniques. Database technology Machinebased social engineering techniques which are used in most cases includephishing,baiting and online scams. Database terminology Comparative analysis on all three techniquesindicates that chances of being victims of phishing and baiting canbe controlled by applying safe practices of e-mail handling while using internet. Database training On other hand, one can be easily affected by baiting as baiting techniques can be implemented while downloading movie or music from internet(Sun et al.2014). Database theory Sniffing and spoofing:

Sniffing and spoofing are two emerging techniques of hacking. Database usa However, both the techniques are highly advanced and the incidents of data security loss are increasing due to use of these techniques. Database url The act of sniffing is not used for stealing data from a single computer, but this technique is capable of providing access to the data transmitted over the whole network to an unauthorized user. Database uml However, sniffing often is used by legitimate users for data monitoring. Database uses Although sniffing is used for monitoring data, it can be harmful when being used by black hat hackers and cracker as the data can be manipulated by them.

Spoofing is another technique which uses e-mail services for getting unauthorized information. Database union E-mails which are sent by hackers appear as the e-mails sent by legitimate senders. Database update Whenever, a user tries to open or read such e-mail, important information regarding the user is accessed by hackers. Database utility As the victim does not identify the incidentsof information stealing, damages caused by such techniques increases (Saleh et al.2013).

Although the incidentsof hacking are increasing rapidly, the chances of being victim of any such incidents can be reduced significantlyby applying several simple techniques while using a system. Database unit testing Grossman (2015) states that most of the attempts of hackers become successfulas thecommon users lack updated knowledge on internet use. Database user interface However, themethods which can be used for preventing hackers include – getting information on theoperating system (OS) of a computer, developingsafe habits of internet use, implementing defensive tools while using internet etc. Database usa reviews one requires updating knowledge on internet to increases system security (Dondyk et al.2013). Hollywood u database Importance of getting sufficientinformation on OS:

Analysis on the hacking techniques indicates that the chances of being hacked depend on OS in a system. Uottawa database However all operating systems contain some features for increasing security of the machine. Yorku database A user requires utilizing all these security measures provided by OS to prevent hacking.Coleman (2013) states that security techniques of OS can effectively prevent a system from being used byunauthorized people. Database view Onother hand, Chung (2012) suggests that only utilization of OS features is not enough for enhancing security of data. Database vs spreadsheet As the number of on line hacking is increasing, system users also require to apply defensive tools for prevention of online scams (Vacca, 2013). Database version control Implementation of defensive tools while using internet: Using firewall, antivirus and applying safe surfing practices

As most of the hacking techniques including socialengineering, sniffing, spoofingand so on are being applied using internet users requireunderstanding and implementing defensivetechniques to prevent hacking. Database viewer According to Bosworth et al. Database visualization (2014) use of firewalls is one of the basic techniques which increase network security. Database vault Although firewall prevents unauthorized users from accessing a system, using only firewall does not ensure system security (Vacca, 2013). Database virtualization Firewalls can be disabledeasily and once it is the system security reduces.

Andhare (2012) stated that developmentof safe internetpractices is the most effective forpreventing hacking attacks. Database vs server The activities like downloading filesfrom internet require to be controlled for increasing system security.As most of the internet hacking techniques areimplemented using e-mails by following some guidelines such as reading only those e-mails which are coming from known sources can keep the system secured (Kizza, 2014).However Al-Saleh et al.(2013) considers that lack of knowledge of e-mail users are responsible for increasing risk of a system. Database versioning Baloch (2014) also suggests that prevention of hacking by applying safe surfing techniques is one of the most useful defensive techniques as one does not need technological knowledge for following these practices.

After maintaining safe internet surfing guidelines properly, the chances of being hacked does not reduces completely as the hackers alwaysinnovate known techniques. Database vendors Use of antivirus software makes the system secured even if any malicious software enters into machine (Fu-Hau Hsu et al. V database in oracle 2012).However the level of security provided by antivirus can vary according to design of the software. Database website The current analysis on defending systems indicatesthat noneof theavailable techniques is sufficient for protecting asystemif it is used alone.Users require implementingdifferent technique together to increase security of a system. Database wiki Conclusion:

Discussion on hacking methods reflects that the number of hacking is increasing due to availability of internet. Database workbench Current trend of hacking indicates that availability of internet enabled hackers to develop new ways of information stealing. Database website template However, the conventional methods of hacking are also being innovated and this increasing the risk of confidential dataloss. Database works As the incidents of hacking are increasing, new tools for preventing unauthorized access are also being developed. Database web application However, level of security increases if these tools are used efficiently.