Important announcements about modulus mongodb hosting plans

The database you choose is critical to getting your world-class applications up and running quickly. Yorku database At Progress, we know that having a reliable, scalable database can mean the difference between success and failure, which is why we’ve been happy to provide solid, scalable Modulus MongoDB hosting from the start.

When we started hosting MongoDB back in 2012, we knew that many were still new to “NoSQL” or “Document-style” databases.

O o data recovery That’s why we wanted to make it as simple as possible for developers to get started with MongoDB, kick the tires and move forward knowing that with Modulus, they’d made the right choice of database host. Data recovery illustrator New Plan Structure for Under 64MB

Customers have created tens of thousands of MongoDB databases of various shapes as sizes over the last four years, and we’ve traditionally provided the first 64MB of MongoDB database storage for free on our servers. Database management software As you can imagine, this has been quite a hit!

MongoDB has since matured and our support has enhanced. Database normalization example As our customers have come to rely on the system more as a part of the Modulus offering, we’ll be introducing a change designed to bring the benefits of cloud-based database hosting in line with our growing costs.

Starting on November 1, 2016, the minimum price for every MongoDB instance will be $5 USD per month, up to 1GB, with additional storage available at $.005 per 1MB, per month —or $5 USD per 1GB per month.

For those customers currently using a free tier database under 64MB, this change means that you’ll be charged $5 USD per month starting on November 1, 2016. Database virtualization Of course, we recognize that some of these databases may no longer be in use by you, or are no longer needed. Data recovery machine You’re free to delete them between now and November 1, 2016, with no penalty. Data recovery cell phone Any databases still associated with your account starting on November 1, 2016 will become paid instances. Data recovery wizard free No Plan Change for Paid Plans

For those of you currently paying $5 USD or more for databases over 64MB, up to 1GB or more, this change does not affect your current pricing, at all, and your current databases will be unaffected. Pokemon x database This change only affects pricing for free databases currently under 64MB in size, and there’s no further action needed by you at this time.

For those customers new to the platform, this change does not affect the initial credit of $15 USD that we provide so you can put our platform through its paces. Data recovery chicago You’ll still have everything you need to try Modulus out for your app. R studio data recovery full version New Added Support

As a part of this change, we also want to make sure our database hosting continues to evolve to support the unique needs of your business and apps. Database wiki To that end, I’m happy to announce that we’ll also be rolling out support for MongoDB version 3.2. Data recovery freeware This change will take effect in the coming months, so keep an eye out for additional information at that time.