Illinois ancestors civil war veterans tabulated in special 1890 census note 3 data recovery

Professional genealogist amy johnson crow has written an informative article about the special census for union veterans of the civil war that was conducted in 1890. Her article can be read at tinyurl.Com/y93letzh.

Although the U.S. Federal population census of 1890 was mostly destroyed in a fire, this special veterans’ census "mostly survived. … Schedules survive for about half of kentucky through wyoming, plus the district of columbia. There are also a handful of pages for california, connecticut, delaware, florida, idaho and kansas." (note that illinois is not included.)

The data on this census is on one page but in two parts. "The top half of the page includes the veteran’s name (and the name of his widow, if applicable), his regiment or ship and the dates he served.Family tree

the bottom half lists his post office, disability incurred in the service and remarks."

FamilySearch offers a search of this database at tinyurl.Com/ydz6mm24. One can also view an image of an actual page. It should be noted that this database also includes US naval vessels and navy yards.

Crow concludes, "with the destruction of the 1890 population schedule, we need to examine every record we can to fill the gap between 1880 and 1900. These schedules put our ancestors in a specific place at a specific time. Plus, they give us great leads for further research." further civil war activities

Genealogist nancy hendrickson has written a thought-provoking article, "5 things to do after you find your civil war soldier," found online at tinyurl.Com/y8vlko4b.This database step no. 5 is especially meaningful. It advises, "fly to the battlefield." this can be done by viewing/visiting that veteran’s battlefield locations on google earth! What a significant way to honor that veteran! (her article provides complete instructions. Readers’ comments are also interesting.) illinois vets of mexican war listed online

On the 11th day of may 1843, congress passed an act declaring that "by the act of the republic of mexico, a state of war exists between that government and the united states."

A searchable database of illinois in the mexican war, compiled by the volunteer-driven ilgenweb project, at tinyurl.Com/y9npd5za, lists each soldier’s name, rank, enlistment date/place, state, regiment, company, discharge date/cause, date mustered out, muster remarks and general remarks.This database the database includes almost 5,600 illinois men who enlisted as volunteers for the mexican war (1846-1848). U.S.-mexican war soldiers database

In december 2016, the federation of genealogical societies (FGS) and the national park service’s palo alto battlefield national historic park began to compile a free searchable database of all the 130,000 soldiers of the U.S.-mexican war. Research and indexing of the database are continuing and, meanwhile, the state rosters are being made available on a continuing basis. At tinyurl.Com/yatun6sp, one can click on a state to search that state’s alphabetical list. (the compiled data for illinois soldiers appears to be the same as mentioned in the ilgenweb list; however, the FGS list has a total of 5,883 soldiers — more than in the ilgenweb data.) in either case, all genealogists are appreciative of the indexing that has been completed.Searchable database

To learn more about FGS and its projects, visit fgs.Org. For example, the society publishes an extensive series of society strategy series papers, "covering topics about effectively organizing and operating a genealogical society." free family trees and charts

The website familytreetemplates.Net has added several new family tree and ancestry designs to its collection of printable blank genealogy charts. These charts are in two versions: the free chart is in PDF format and the $4 versions are microsoft word DOC files that can be edited.

The most popular family tree templates include the blank family tree (an actual tree with stylized leaves) and the extended family tree (includes aunts, uncles, cousins).Searchable database the newest additions to these charts include vintage-look (parchment background) ancestry charts. One need only "click any family tree template to see a larger version and download it."

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