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Abstract: The IBM z System Growth Team “Wildfire” hands-on workshops are a proven way of introducing Mainframe Systems technology to your customers. Database report Each workshop delivers a series of lecture and labs that shows customers how IBM’s leading technology works on Mainframe Systems. Data recovery specialist The workshops are “no charge” to qualified customers. Data recovery iphone 6 Details about the workshops we offer are outlined below, along with information about how to enroll your customers.

• Raleigh, NC – Feb 15 – 16, 2017 • Phoenix, AZ – Mar 28 – 29, 2017• Southfield, MI – Apr 19 – 20, 2017 (TBA)• Sacramento, CA – May 16 – 17, 2017 (TBD)• Chicago, IL – June 20 – 21, 2017 (TBD)• Minneapolis, MN – July 11 – 12, 2017 (TBD)•

Note: Only IBMers and Business Partners are allowed to invite and enroll students in Wildfire Workshops. Database building An IBM Sales Connect opportunity number is required .

• Click on the down arrow from the “Select One” box. Data recovery top 10 Select the Workshop to enroll your customer and click Continue: • Click on the location and date for the workshop of your choice. Database hosting • Complete all enrollee information. Data recovery best • Provide a valid Sales Connect Opportunity Number…Note: without this information, the student will not be confirmed for attendance. Data recovery program • Click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the panel when all information has been provided.

This two and three-quarter day workshop will cover the CICS connectivity options to address today’s modern-interface needs. 7 data recovery 94fbr These connectivity options include web services, REST interface (for mobile phone or web browser interactions), ATOM Feeds, Servlets and JavaServer Pages, the CICS Transaction Gateway and the CICS Explorer. Database languages CICS’s Event processing will allow you to send events when certain business or system conditions occur within your application. Database ranking This workshop will use a combination of lectures and labs to survey the various CICS connectivity options, with an emphasis on the connectivity options available in CICS TS V4 and V5. Data recovery youtube This workshop will help you better understand options for integrating CICS applications and their technical implications relative to configuration, transactionality and security. 911 database This workshop will benefit Application Programmers, Systems Programmers and Application Architects. Data recovery download Upon completion of this workshop, you should have a better understanding of how these technologies can fit into your current environment and the steps needed to implement these technologies.

This 2.5 day Wildfire workshop details CICS’s Java support, including development, debugging, dianostic and tuning information. Data recovery after factory reset Recently, many changes have been made to the Java support in CICS including support of the most recent z System Java environments, greater concurrency and support for more Java specifications. Database schema design This workshop is a combination of lectures and lab exercises that allow you to not only find out about CICS’s Java support, but also gain experience working with CICS’s Java support. Database uml This workshop will benefit Application Programmers, Systems Programmers and Enterprise Architects. Data recovery ntfs Upon completion of this workshop, you should have a better understanding of how to use Java in your CICS environment.

With the complexity of today’s information ecosystems, organizations must improve the level of trust users have in information, ensure consistency of data and establish safeguards over information. Database error When information is trusted, business can optimize outcomes.

This workshop provides the opportunity to meet with experts to understand business and IT implications of Data Governance, Real Time Analytics and Operational Data Warehousing, as well as, learn how the IBM z System platform can help meet, simplify and reduce the cost of meeting data governance requirements.

With the complexity of today’s information ecosystems, organizations must improve the level of trust users have in information, ensure consistency of data and establish safeguards over information. Database functions When information is trusted, business can optimize outcomes.

Join us for one day at the IBM Data Governance for z System Workshop. Top 10 data recovery Meet with experts to understand business and IT implications of Data Governance, Real Time Analytics and Operational Data Warehousing, and learn how the IBM z System platform can help meet, simplify and reduce the cost of meeting data governance requirements.

interface. Database job titles In this workshop we will explain what z/OS Connect EE V2.0 is, how it fits within a broader architecture, and provide an environment

Prerequisite: This workshop is an intermediate workshop. Data recovery linux live cd It involves topics and hands-on that is best performed by people with some knowledge

This workshop gives a guided hands-on experience with IBM’s premier connectivity product for z/OS, IBM MQ V9. S pombe database It begins with implementation and administration of the products on z/OS that will help you plan your implementation migration. Database usa The emphasis is on the new z/OS capabilities – bufferpools above the bar, channel initiator statistics SMF data, and channel accounting SMF data.

This one day seminar brings a zGrowth IMQ for z/OS expert to your city. Data recovery pro license key The session is highly interactive, while it starts from our presentation material, we are happy to discuss the customer(s) environment and application requirements. Data recovery on android The single account seminar is brought to the customer site directly. Icare data recovery 94fbr The multi-account seminar is held at an IBM site location or IBM TEC facility. Image database Note: A day of migration help “or” infrastructure design assistance can be set up for the day following the seminar (for single account events).

This three day workshop will be of interest to attendees who are responsible for optimizing the performance of CICS and DB2 workloads on z System. Database web application The workshop is designed for z/OS, CICS and DB2 specialists, working together in teams, to optimize transactional application performance on IBM z System. Database graphic This workshop will focus on the interpretation of batch reports generated from z/OS, DB2, and CICS SMF data to identify optimization opportunities. In databases a category of data is called a A starting point for this analysis will be the creation of performance reports from this instrumentation data. Database wordpress Presentations and lab exercises will allow the attendees to produce these reports that will be the basis of the interpretation discussions using RMF spreadsheet reporter, CICS Performance Analyzer and Omegamon for DB2. Note 2 data recovery Attendees are required to provide one hour of SMF data from their systems to increase the relevance of the performance interpretation discussions. Tally erp 9 data recovery The primary focus of the performance report interpretation will be to identify opportunities to optimize resource consumption per transaction and improve the performance of transactions executing on IBM z System.

NOTE: Please note enrollment requirements differ for this workshop. Database erd Please see the following two items that are specific to the zCICSDB2 workshop only:

This workshop enables customers to gain an understanding of both the cloud and mobile environments in relation to DB2 for z/OS. Database google docs For cloud, fully understand the basics of z/OSMF and workflows. Database 5500 In addition, attendees will use z/OSMF to verify that the proper DB2 maintenance is applied before installing/migrating and provisioning a new DB2 subsystem. Data recovery kit Attendees will then use DB2 and z/OSMF to install a new DB2 subsystem and then provision another new DB2 subsystem based on the first install. Database meaning For mobile, gain an understanding of DB2 Adapter for z/OS Connect. Gale database Attendees will be provided with a hands-on experience to learn how easily and quickly REST APIs can be created using the DB2 Adapter.

This one day hands-on lab introduces and shows how IMS resources are easily accessed from a variety of distributed environments. Data recovery pc Depending on what IMS resources you are trying to access, there are actually two solutions that will be part of the exercises: 1) Mobil access to TRANSACTIONS using RESTful services and 2) Open DB access to IMS DATABASES from distributed environments.

As technologies continues to advance, Enterprise systems have an on-going need to ensure that their IMS assets not only continue to pay dividends, but also are well-positioned as key players in relation to emerging strategies. Data recovery easeus The IMS Family of products (IMS, IMS Tools, IMS Enterprise Suite) have delivered products and functionality that help these systems continue to derive business value from their significant IMS assets. Top 10 data recovery software The integrated solutions offered by the IMS Family of products make timely version-to-version upgrades the right choice for clients. Database oracle These integrated solutions are designed to dramatically lower the cost of information availability on System z.

In this workshop we discuss the basis for Real-time Analytics on z Systems and the data analytics life cycle is provided. Data recovery services reviews An overview of the C&DS server illustrates the services it provides for an Enterprise to support the exploration of data and the full life cycle of developing, testing and deploying models. Database 12c new features An overview of the Modeler client and models sets the stage for a demonstration of the Modeler client to show how tthe user can produce a model without coding, train the model with data, and deploy it to DB2 for z/OS. Database lyrics An examination of the Real-time Scoring adapter provides an understanding of how it is installed and integrated with DB2 for z/OS. Database 360 The demonstration shows how existing transactions can be augmented to exploit the Real-time Scoring adapter, providing real-time predictions of transaction outcomes. Database architect salary A discussion of the IDAA architecture and integration with DB2 for z/OS provides an understanding of how existing database transactions can be accelerated, and how DB2 and the IDAA can provide solutions for addressing some of your big data needs with other types of data. Database administrator job description Additionally, a comparison of the IDAA and DB2 BLU for Linux on z Systems provides guidance for which technology to use to satisfy your query acceleration needs.

This no charge two day pilot workshop is designed for Linux and Oracle IT professionals and decision makers who are considering the Linux on z platform for Oracle database deployment. Data recovery app This includes those seeking a more cost effective platform for Oracle that provides higher reliability, availability and security, while reducing overall IT costs – especially with hardware and software licensing. R database connection The event will be of interest to attendees who are considering a move of Oracle databases to Linux on z Sysems, or the installation of new Oracle database instances on Linux on z Systems. Database weak entity Oracle DBAs and administrators long with z Sysems personnel are encouraged to attend to learn aout the combined IBM Oracle solution on Linux on z. Data recovery vancouver Presentations, demonstrations and labs will showcase the installation of Linux and Oracle 12c database software. Level 3 data recovery The workshop will also includes lectures on database migration, tuning and performance, monitoring tools and data collection. Database blob Next steps, POC recommendations and a discussion of technical support and implementation services available to assist customers to achieve a successful installation will conclude the workshop.