How to migrate a site from desktopserver to flywheel local

Pressmatic has been bought by Flywheel. Database record definition And they’ve gone and made it free! They’ve changed the name to Flywheel Local. I’ve updated the article below to take into account the acquisition.

Out of nowhere, Pressmatic (now Flywheel Local – see the update notice above) has arrived on the scene and delivered pretty much everything that ServerPress have been promising for DesktopServer 4.0.

Historically, DesktopServer updates have been known to trash a local dev environment.

Database glossary And because all sites run on the same Apache/MySQL instance (and you can’t change the PHP version) if one site breaks, they all break.

Flywheel Local’s updates are untested as it’s still new. Data recovery druid However, because each site is containerised, and you can hot-swap the server software and the PHP version (although not the MySQL version as far as I know) the risk of all sites going down is minimal. Data recovery houston tx Other notes

Flywheel Local’s UI is much cleaner, with a great notification system that uses MacOS’s in-built notifications. Database 2010 It also handles permissions in a much saner way than DesktopServer. Dayz database map Starting DesktopServer, only to have to immediately restart it has always driven me bonkers!

Flywheel Local feels quicker. Database website template No doubt a lot of that is due to PHP7, but I haven’t experienced any of the random, temporary slowdowns you sometimes get with DesktopServer. 7 data recovery registration code The virtualised containers should also work in Flywheel Local’s favour here.

Flywheel Local takes up more HD space than DesktopServer. 7 databases in 7 weeks pdf This is mainly due to VirtualBox being installed too. If you already have VirtualBox, that won’t be so much of an issue.

However, each site in Flywheel Local seems to be about 100mb bigger than the equivalent site in DesktopServer. Database key definition If you have a hundred local sites, that adds up.

One last thing to note: Flywheel Local and DesktopServer can run side-by-side. Database hierarchy As long as your development URLs don’t clash between the two apps, they will happily run at the same time. Data recovery on mac If you went through the pain of moving from XAMPP/MAMP to DesktopServer, you will appreciate what a boon this is. Data recovery kali linux It’s another benefit of the virtualisation technology that powers Flywheel Local. I card data recovery Should you switch to Flywheel Local?

Let’s get one assumption out of the way. Database name If you’re a DesktopServer user and are considering Flywheel Local, I’m assuming you have no interest in Vagrant / VVV (and the configuration headaches that come with it). Database quiz In that case, there is one overriding reason you should choose Flywheel Local: PHP7.

PHP7 will almost certainly become the de-facto PHP version for serving WordPress in the near future. Database url There are plenty of hosts offering it at the time of writing and more will follow. Os x data recovery free PHP7 gives a significant performance boost to most WordPress sites and compatibility issues are becoming fewer by the day.

Flywheel Local gives you the ability to quickly and easily test your site locally in a PHP7 environment. Fda 510 k database If things don’t quite work just yet, simply swap the environment back to 5.x and carry on working on the site until it does.

ServerPress have mentioned that DesktopServer will support PHP7 in v4 (although nobody knows when that will be). Database research But unless they move away from a XAMPP setup (which is possible) it will be an all or nothing affair – no hot-swapping of PHP versions. Graph database If you’re a loyal DesktopServer user, you may be happy to wait and see.

OK. Data recovery android free So you’ve taken the plunge and installed a copy of Flywheel Local. Database software You’ve discovered how easy it is to add a new site. Database software definition But what if you want to move a site from DesktopServer to Flywheel Local?

Fire up Flywheel Local and add a new site. Database error 7719 at exe Don’t give it the same domain name as the site you’re intending to migrate from DesktopServer. Data recovery nj If you do, there will be a clash when you run Flywheel Local and DesktopServer at the same time. Iphone 6 data recovery mac DesktopServer tends to prefix domains with ‘www.’. Database design tool Flywheel Local doesn’t use a subdomain by default, so you should be safe to use the automatically generated domain name. H data recovery software 2. 1 care data recovery software Back-up wp-config.php

Copy the Flywheel Local version of the wp-config.php into a folder outside of the new site’s directory structure. Note that in Flywheel Local the WordPress directory is at /your-local-folder/site-name/app/public. Database user interface 3. Clear out the new site files

We need to copy the site files from the old site to the new site, but first, it’s safest to clear out the existing WordPress directory. Data recovery jaipur Remember the WordPress directory lives in /site-name/app/public. Database platforms Delete everything in this directory. Data recovery group 4. Copy site files from the old site to the new site

If you’re using Git for version control you’ll want to copy the .git directory. Database xls Most development sites built with modern development tools will include a number of other .dotfiles (.bowerrc etc.). C database library Most sites utilise a .htaccess file too. 510 k database These .dotfiles and folders are typically hidden by your OS and won’t be copied using the OS’s GUI interface. How to become a database administrator If you’re on a *nix system (including MacOS) you can use the following command at a terminal to copy everything across: cp -rf ~/websites/ ~/Local\ Sites/site-name/app/public

At this point, you should be able to navigate to /wp-admin on the new domain and activate the correct theme (you may also get a database upgrade notification – do it). Database xml Check the front-end to make sure the site is functioning. Database terminology If you get a White Screen of Death (WSOD), open wp-config.php in your text editor and enable debug mode. This should give you an indication of why the site isn’t functioning. Database theory Fix it! 7. Populate the database

If the site you’re moving locally is also running remotely in staging/production and you’re using a tool like WP Migrate DB Pro then you can simply pull the database down to populate your new local copy with up-to-date content.

If not, you can use a tool like WP Migrate DB Pro or DesktopServer itself to create a SQL file you can import into your new site on Flywheel Local. Database 1 to 1 relationship With WP Migrate DB Pro

Just remember that DesktopServer tends to put “www” at the front of its domains whereas Flywheel Local doesn’t (although you may have overridden this in either app).

Also, DesktopServer tends to use the whole domain name as the folder name whereas Flywheel Local just uses the site name (but again, you may have overridden this in either app).

Back in the Flywheel Local app, select your new site and open the “Database” tab. Database testing Click the “Adminer” button to open Adminer (used to directly edit the database associated with your Flywheel Local site).

To get a SQL file out of DesktopServer we need to create a “BluePrint”. Database graph This will export the entire site, codebase and all. Database naming conventions The SQL file is created in the root of the Blueprint. Database entity We can use it to import into the Flywheel Local database via Adminer just as we did above.

The app will analyze the database for a while before presenting you with similar options for find and replace as we saw with WP Migrate DB Pro above. Database developer Here’s an example of the settings to enter, but make sure you adjust for your setup: Find

As above, select your new site in Flywheel Local, choose the “Database” tab and open Adminer. Data recovery plan Click “Import” in the column on the left and select the SQL file from the Blueprint. Data recovery kansas city Hit execute and your database should populate with the content from your DesktopServer site. N k database Job done

Whew… that feels like a lot, but it’s really not that tricky to migrate from DesktopServer to Flywheel Local once you understand the process. Data recovery 2016 Especially if you can simply pull down the database content from a live server with WP Migrate DB Pro.

Apparently, importing directly from a .zip (like a DesktopServer Blueprint) is on the roadmap for Flywheel Local. 510 k database fda Until then, the above process works well.

Funny that I should stumble on this post a few weeks after having complained whiningly to Dave about how his brilliant Musket Theme’s setup relies on Desktop Server, and I had to manually copy stuff to get it to work in Pressmatic 🙂

Anyway: while I still like Pressmatic a lot, I’ve just today copied all my WP dev sites over into Laravel Valet. Database programmer While it’s nowhere as professional as Pressmatic, of course, with no containers and no GUI, and an environment that’s really very different to anything the finished themes and plugins will ever find on any live server, it’s amazingly, blazingingly, searingly fast, and uses a _lot_ less resources.

Also, I did have quite a few hiccups with Pressmatic over time – exporting and importing sites based on a Template are a weak point, sometimes I get the strangest error messages in the browser when going into WP backend, and I had Pressmatic not being able to shut down instances and then doing weird things when starting up again after closing.