How to fix youtube black screen error_

For some reason, most of the Youtube videos show up in a black screen. Data recovery news I can hear the sounds, but no view displayed. Data recovery austin This problem started happening out of nowhere as I did not execute any system changes nor installed additional software. Data recovery micro sd card Please tell me why this is happening?

Created in 2005, YouTube is a video sharing site, which contains millions of free videos and attracts billions of netizens every day. Database relationship diagram It has been counted that a regular number of visitors watch approximately 6 billion hours of videos a month.

Data recovery services near me Isn’t these numbers outstanding? Probably none of us could imagine the Internet without YouTube or if the access to YouTube would be blocked for some reason, we would be left behind the other netizens. Database worksheet The sad truth is that there is a countless number of YouTube errors, including the one that we are going to describe now.

A couple of days ago, one YouTube enthusiasts asked us why he is continuously seeing YouTube videos in a black screen. Database constraints The soundtrack of all videos is prominent, but there is no video signal. Database vault There are several reasons for the YouTube black screen and these are the following:

Having the most frequent causes of YouTube black screen, you should check your network connection in the first place. Qmobile data recovery software If the connection is poor, videos cannot be loaded properly, which is why you may hear the sounds only without zero video signal. Tally erp 9 data recovery software If there are no problems with the connection, then try these steps: Method 1. 7 databases in 7 weeks Uninstall Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player is one of the inbuilt tools of Windows 10 and older versions. 3 database models Unfortunately, but often it becomes the culprit of various bugs, so YouTube error should not be excluded from this list as well. Database programmer salary Adobe Flash Player often becomes a target of virus infections, so if the system is infected with malware, the application may be malfunctioning and, thus, leading to black screened videos on YouTube. Database developer salary Therefore, our recommendation would be to perform a system scan with antivirus, for example, Reimage and then uninstall Adobe Flash Player from the system. Data recovery agent After that, go to the official Adobe’s website and download the latest version of the tool. Data recovery usb flash drive In addition to that, enable JavaScript on the browser and disable Hardware Acceleration. Data recovery windows Method 2. Database definition Remove web browser cache clogs

While the names of the options are slightly different, similar steps apply for other web browsers as well, so make sure that you delete browsing data from Firefox, IE, Edge or another browser that you are using. Data recovery definition Method 3. Database or database Sign in/sign out your YouTube account

If you have a YouTube account then check if you are signed into it. Data recovery software windows If you are, then try to sign out and check for YouTube videos. Cost of data recovery If the black screen vanished and now you can see videos as usually, then the culprit might have been an internal YouTube bug, which might have occurred due to the prolonged login to the account. Database first entity framework In case you do not have the account, try to create one and log into it.