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When we submit the template XHTML code to the blogger it is stored in the blogger database. Database 2016 When the blog is requested via a browser, the Blogger Parser parses the code and sends back the HTML output of the parsed XML code which will be displayed in the browser. Blogger template is fully coded in XHTML and Blogger Elements. Key value database In the above code we have defined a set of xmlns (XML Namespace) which are defined by Google for use with blogger.

Database mirroring Namespace such as xmlns:b, xmlns:data, xmlns:expr lets us design our blogger web page and also to get data from the blogger database. Before moving along, have a brief layout of how your blog should look. Data recovery techniques Sketch a layout of your blog’s structure. Data recovery using linux Take a piece of paper, start drawing the layout or you could use apps like lucidchart and wire-frame the design that you want your blog to be. Data recovery apple Identify elements like, The Blogger template layout is designed with Sections. Data recovery google store Sections are the one’s which makes the layout of the web page(like header, footer, sidebar etc.). Database works It is like the sections in HTML5. The syntax to create a section in blogger is shown below. Data recovery cheap There can be any HTML code around the section code, but there can’t be any HTML inside the section code. Database of state incentives for renewables and efficiency To define the contents of the section we must use the Widget element in blogger, which will be discussed shortly. Each section tag has the following syntax, which is similar to an HTML element with attributes. Data recovery usb stick • class(Optional) – Common class names are ‘navbar,’ ‘header,’ ‘main,’ ‘sidebar,’ and ‘footer.’ If you switch templates later, these names help Blogger determine how best to transfer over your content. Database companies However, you can use different names, if you like. • showaddelement(Optional) – Can be ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ with ‘yes’ as the default. Database application This determines whether the Page Elements tab will show the ‘Add a Page Element’ link in this section. Database online Have a look at the image shown below, Section – “showaddelement” attribute • growth(Optional) – Can be ‘horizontal’ or ‘vertical,’ with ‘vertical’ as the default. Database high availability This determines whether widgets within this section are arranged side-by-side or stacked. A section can contain widgets. Database utility It can not contain other sections or any other code. Data recovery zagreb If there is a need to add a code around or inside a section, the section must be separated into two different sections. Sections are made mainly using widgets. Database javascript Sections are just layout elements, widget is with which the real data is displayed. Database administrator jobs A widget at its simplest form, is just a single tag, which is a placeholder for what should appear in the page element. Data recovery for iphone There are some default widgets available in blogger and a custom widget can also be created. Data recovery victoria bc The data for the widget is stored in the blogger database and is accessed only when the widget is to be displayed. • id(Required) – May contain letters and numbers only, and each widget ID in your template should be unique. 10k database A widget’s ID cannot be changed without deleting the widget and creating a new one. • type(Required) – Indicates what kind of a widget it is, and should be one of the valid widget types listed below.The various widgets types are,BlogArchiveBlogFeedHeaderHTMLSingleImageLinkListListLogoBlogProfileNavbarVideoBarNewsBar • locked(Optional) – Can be ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ with ‘no’ as the default. Data recovery software mac A locked widget cannot be moved or deleted from the Page Elements tab. Cost of data recovery from hard drive Page Element – Widget ‘locked’ attribute • pageType(Optional) – Can be ‘all,’ ‘archive,’ ‘main,’ or ‘item,’ with ‘all’ as the default. S cerevisiae database The widget will display only on the designated pages of your blog. Snl database (All widgets display on the Page Elements tab, regardless of thier pageType.) • mobile(Optional) – Can be ‘yes’, ‘no,’ or ‘only’ with ‘default’ as the default. Database 4500 This decides if the widget will be displayed on mobile or not. Data recovery miami fl Only Header, Blog, Profile, PageList, AdSense, Attribution will be displayed on mobile when the mobile attribute is ‘default.’