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Per a recent John Hancock survey, investors ranked face-to-face meetings as their preferred method of interaction with financial advisors; followed by phone calls and then e-mail.

We’ve added a new report, FiduciaryOptimizer to Planisphere to help our advisors generate new face-to-face meetings and resurrect previous attempts to meet with sponsors of 401(k) and other qualified plans.

Larkspur Data has formed a strategic partnership with RiXtrema (Press Release), a leading provider of risk-management tools to the financial services community.

Data recovery youtube RiXtrema’s tools are currently fueling significant AUM growth for advisors in the qualified plan market.

Through our alliance, Larkspur Data’s advisors can take advantage of the three primary elements that comprise the FiduciaryOptimizer tool kit:

• Provide plan sponsors with specific amounts of hidden management fees that can be saved by switching to lower-cost investment alternatives.

• Provide plan sponsors with diversification ratings that measure the otherwise obscured overlap that exists within their plan’s investment portfolio.

• Enable you to demonstrate how fee management & portfolio diversification will reduce sponsor exposure to liability and provide added compliance with DOL’s new Fiduciary Rules.

What sponsor would turn down a discussion of management fee savings with an increase in employee benefits, appropriate diversification and a reduction in exposure to personal liability? You can also point out the added compliance you’ll be providing with new ERISA regulations.

Without a doubt, FiduciaryOptimizer will generate more face-to-face meetings and fuel asset growth. It is well recognized that fee inefficiency is pervasive in the 401(k) market. 911 database This report is an attention-grabbing sales tool; a door-opener that will enable advisors to speak directly with plan sponsors about cost savings, diversification and reduced exposure to fiduciary liability.

Call one of our marketing specialists and ask them to show you how you can use this tool to generate new face-to-face meetings with plan sponsors. Data recovery download 800-282-4567.

Consider the impact of telling an employer that his company’s 401(k) plan is projected to replace only 25% of his employees’ pre-retirement income? This is definitely not good news, but it will certainly gain their attention.

The Planisphere product now includes a designated Search Tab for Prime Targets. Data recovery after factory reset This Tab will lead you directly to problem plans that require assistance with any of the following issues:

We’re ready to discuss the application of any of these tools to your marketing program for 2017. Database schema design All of these tools/reports will set you ahead of the pack in 2017.