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I’m bound for dayton, ohio, this morning to cover radford in the first four of the NCAA tournament, which puts my presence at the hokies pro day on wednesday in limbo if the highlanders win and advance to pittsburgh.

Alas, these are the problems with a short-staffed sports section. If you’re interested in my story on the long road it took highlanders coach mike jones to get here, you can go give that a read here.

If you’re just here for the hokies news, I understand. Here’s my potpourri story from monday following virginia tech’s pre-spring press conference. It’s got info on positions changes ( caleb farley is a DB again, devon hunter will work at whip), some on the QB situation and who’s sitting out this spring with injuries.This spring

Head coach justin fuente noted that virginia tech has a good idea of what josh jackson has to bring to the position, adding: "I make no bones about it: I like josh’s competitiveness and look forward to getting them out there and going and getting after it."

That said, he wants a full evaluation of all the quarterbacks on the roster, which is why hooker and willis will get a good complement of reps in what still sounds like an open competition.

Hooker redshirted last year after a star turn in the spring game. Willis had to sit out under NCAA rules after transferring from kansas, where he played as a true freshman.

"Willis has some natural ability throwing the football," fuente said. "He’s fit in with the football team really well.Cornelsen said he works hard. He’s got some game experience. I’m excited to watch him go compete.

"Hendon doesn’t have game experience but has some talent. And the one thing that he did do during fall when we would practice on thursdays, even though he got very few reps throughout the week, he seemed to get in there and things seemed to move smoothly. And that was a good sign that he could kind of process and communicate in our game simulations on thursday, hendon was able to, in the few reps that he got, he was kind of able to get int here and calm things down and operate things smoothly. So I’m anxious to see him anxious to see them just like they’re anxious just to get out there."

Cornelsen said

"Ryan’s a kid that got a lot of time early, as a true freshman and a true sophomore at kansas, so he’s been in the fire," cornelsen said. "Had a chance to step back for a year and see it from that angle which I think is always good for those guys. He’s matured. He’s bigger, stronger, faster, hopefully understands the game another year seeing it from a different angle. So he’s got a lot of talent, a lot of arm talent, smart, knows the game.

"Hendon’s a guy we’ve been excited about since he’s been here. Really came in as an early grad high school kid and pushed for the job and showed us that he’s got the talent that he did have.This spring he’s still learning the game, learning what to do, fine-tuning his game, but he’s going to be in the mix. It’s going to be a fun spring.”

Receiver samuel denmark is focusing on running track for the hokies now and won’t participate in football. Denmark was a 2016 signee out of south carolina who was recruited by frank beamer’s staff and part of the class that signed in fuente’s first couple months on the job.

Offensive lineman demetri moore took a medical disqualification after struggling to stay healthy the last couple seasons. He was a transfer from mississippi delta community college who signed in fuente’s first month in blacksburg but was hurt and didn’t find much traction on the depth chart.Cornelsen said he redshirted in 2016 and played in garbage time against east carolina and old dominion last year.

Ball state transfer damon hazelton, who had to sit out last fall, is out this spring with an undisclosed injury. Both eric kumah, who came on strong at the end of last year, and early enrollee tre turner, one of the top-ranked signees in the 2018 class, will be limited throughout spring.

"There’s not much I can do about it," fuente said. "We’ll put the guys out there that we put out there and go get them. We have to continue to bring those guys along. I like the way that sean [ savoy] and hezekiah [ grimsley] have worked in the offseason so far.Cornelsen said we need some of those guys to grow up and mature and be there every single day.

"And that’s part of your value that you can add to this football team is being here every single day. And we’ve got to get to that point to give ourselves a chance. We’ve got to get guys healthy and get them knowing what to do and get them ready to play."

Add the news that caleb farley will be moving back to defense this spring and that’s a lot of potential play-makers the hokies won’t have for much of the spring. It means tech won’t have any definitive answers to its seemingly never-ending issue lately of trying to find receiver depth in the post- isaiah ford, bucky hodges, cam phillips era.Last year

"It’s getting closer," cornelsen said. "It was weird how you step into the situation with older guys. And so it feels like, a year into it, now you’re kind of starting from scratch so, we’re getting close to where we need to be.”

Left tackle yosuah nijman has a steady hold on his job, while braxton pfaff started every game at right guard last year. Kyle chung got a sixth year of eligibility, though the hokies might try him at center this spring rather than right tackle, where he started every game last fall.

Still, that’s two open spots on the line that need to be filled. Who are the contenders? D’andre plantin and tyrell smith are near the top of the list.Cornelsen said

"It’s time for them to step up," cornelsen said. "Plantin came on toward the end of the year, last couple games, really showed us that he’s taken a step and it’s time for him to do move into one of those spots and be a guy we can count on each week. And tyrell, same thing. I go back to last spring, he was guy who took a lot of reps with the ones last spring, last fall camp. He knows what we’re doing. It’s time for him to step into that spot too."

"We’ve got some guys where it’s kind of put up or shut up time now," he said. "Guys that have been in the program for a handful of years that need to grow up and be productive.This spring and we’ll see if they can do that."

With bud foster’s blessing, scott added the title earlier this year as a sweetener after he had an opportunity to be a defensive coordinator elsewhere. He got asked point blank about it monday. Before the reporter could even get out the question about what it changes, scott responded with, "nothing."

"For me, right, wrong or indifferent, I kind of thought in my mind that I’m kind of on that thought process anyway," scott said. "I’m the head coach at my position. In our room, we all throw ideas out there. We’re all kind of co-dcs in that room anyway.

"Nothing changes in my mind.Last year bud’s going to do his deal. He’s going to call everything. But we’re going to give ideas. We’re going to be the best we can be. And I’m going to constantly try to learn and keep doing what I’ve been doing."